Tuesday , May 31 2022

Samantha Meyers

R elationship Spell Blog Moderator

Secrets In Creating A Love Spell That Works

Love spells are extremely effective and long-lasting, but only if you follow these six secrets of Old World Witchcraft to ensure successful love spells.  You won’t want to miss #6! But before we dive into the magickal considerations, we need to set one very basic matter straight: Exactly how does a love …

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A Spell for a Broken Heart

There’s plenty of love spell to have someone fall in love but what about when you want to fall out of love and forget? Whether you’re broken-hearten after a break-up, or whether you have an unrequited crush, this spell will help you get over the person you’ve been pining over. This spell …

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Signs Your Relationship Needs A Love Spell

No relationship is spared of heartaches, disagreements, spats, screaming, and the like.  Accusations are flung from both sides and resentment sets in.  Red flags do appear to warn you that the problem is there.  It needs to be dealt with quickly by talking about it, reconciling, compromising and whatever else …

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Will He Really Leave His Wife For You?

Nobody wants to be in a relationship that doesn’t prosper. It’s hard to know when a man will leave his wife for you or if he will ever be. If you want things to work out, take a look at these signs. These signals shows he will leave his wife …

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Sure Tips To Recover From A Break Up

Breaking Up is a process. They say that “Time Heals All Wounds”. The fact is that breaking up hurts and not everyone can recover. These tips will help you overcome it. FIRE: Grab a pen and two pieces of paper. On one page, write down everything you will not miss …

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Tips For Letting Go Of Things You Can’t Control

If you feel struggling to control things that are beyond you, you know how it feels to want to control all aspects of your life but you just can’t. We all must learn to relinquish control when things are beyond our power. There are many techniques to learning to surrender …

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Learn How to Cast Love Spell and Casts Them Effectively!

In this article you will learn how to cast love spell and casts them effectively. Spell is a series of incantations and rituals done to create a specific outcome. Spell started with the Ancient Egyptians. It started when they wrote the book called, The Book of The Dead, which tells …

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