Druid Spells

Druid Spells
Druid Spells

The people from the ancient Celtic society were called Druids.  They were called scientists, poets, astronomers, magicians, researchers and more but they were wiped out by the Romans in 57 AD.  Along with them getting wiped out, their spells also got wiped out.

The word Druid comes from the word deru which means true and this also means oak and drus.  These people were great in nature and they loved to cast magic spells.  Druidism is a way of life that brings magic and other elements of traditions and philosophies.  Spellcasting is one of the things that the Druids would participate in and they did spells that concentrated on the elements of fire, spirit, earth, air, water and followed the Wicca ways.  One thing that the Druids really focused on was the sun and the phases of the moon.

Protecting the earth was one of the jobs that the Druids felt that they were put on earth for.  The spells bring in elements of the sun just like the Wiccan spells do.  There are energies that are put into the world and there is a Rule of Three that is given to different religious practices and they follow the golden rule and karma.

Druid Spells

The teachings of the Druids were destroyed but there are a few things that were left that were handed down and also oral tradition.  The revival of the Druids shows that they united against the industrial Revolution and wanted to keep the earth from being destroyed.

Magic elements of the Druid began to come back in the 19th century and there are many books of Druid spells that were incorporated with modern day practices and many of these things include spellcasting.  There are different elements of magic and wizardry.

Here are some things that you will need to cast Druid spells:

  • Small stones
  • Cauldron
  • Wand
  • Ogham sticks
  • Cards
  • Bag with a hanging necklace part.

An ogham stick is a tool of divination and was used by the Nordic runes and you can buy them and carve letters into them.  Each symbol that they have comes from an ogham stick.  There are 25 in total and many people keep these in a bag.

Circle of Stones

The circle of stones is used by druids and they are there to protect their sacred people with spellcasting.   The stones are exchanged, and each stone represents a different part.  The Wheel of Life has a different color and meaning associated with it.

The stones have to be washed in running water and put in the sun to cleanse them.  Mark each stone with an emblem and keep them in a bag.

Sphere of Protection

The Sphere of Protection is an exercise of a druid spell that has an opening, a middle and a closing and these are called Elemental Cross stones.  This is where they can Call the Elements and the Circulation of Life.

With the Elemental Cross, the Druid will place a balance int eh center of the world and use symbolism and imagination.  This is an imaginary cross and the energies can turn into reality.

Calling of the Elements is a practice that involves the fire, water, spirit, earth and air and is divided into spirit above, spirit below and spirit within.

The final part is the Circulation of Light and they have a voice, imagination and visualization of a sphere of golden light.  The Druid leaves a perfect meditation.


Scrying means seeing and comes from Druid spells.  This is seeing without their eyes and using the psychic eye for visions.

Druids use this in four directions such as light elves, forest elves, dwarves and bwbachod and is a sacred grove where the Druids find the source of magic.


Druids live in harmony with the earth and they want to cleanse the earth.  They cast their Ogham sticks to set their intentions in the right place and use scry to ask the spirits for permission.

Land Cleansing and Restoring Fertility are other spells that are used by the Druid.  They are hard to do, and they are not for beginners.

Casting Druid Spells

Everyone cannot cast a Druid spell because it takes a lot of research and practice in order to do it.  It is not as easy as following a certain recipe and can be a lifelong journey of commitment and being one with the earth.

Do Spells Work?

Druid spells can work if they are cast by a Druid.  They have power that lies with the spell cast like Wicca.  This is a way of life and a philosophy and if it is someone that is not a Druid then the cast will not be as effective.

Druidism is a revival-based assumption and encourages the spellcaster to have their own unique work when casting a spell.  Druids are supported and practices can incorporate things such as candle magic and spellcasting.

Finding a Druid Spellcaster

If you want to find a Druid spellcaster, you should do the following:

  • Look at customer reviews.
  • Find a reputable website.
  • Read about the specials they offer.
  • See if they offer free readings.

Casting Your Own Druid Spells

If you want to cast your own Druid spells, you have to know that there are protection, fertility, healing and other spells that the Druids use.

Most modern Druidism used magical practices form other traditions, so they are flexible on their spell casting.  They use the principle of philosophy to transform witchcraft spells into Druid spells.

There is a life force and a principle of matter that is imagined and manipulated through the universe to make the spells work.


Just like any other spell a Druid spell can backfire if not done right.  You need to find a professional and make sure that you are not going to a person that is a fraud or a scammer.  Use the principles of Druidism to know if someone is real or not.

Remember, Druids use white magic and not black magic so make sure that you know what you are getting into.

A Druid spell can bring healing and protection, can communicate with nature and can be powerful with the elements.

The problem with Druid spells it that they take years of practice and studying, they require serious concentration and are complicated.


  1. The historical context about Druids is intriguing, but it’s seems inaccuracies regarding the continuity of their practices post-Roman conquest. There’s mention about spells reviving in the 19th century, but wasn’t it more part of a broader neo-pagan movement?

    • Indeed, the revival in the 19th century was largely influenced by romantic and neo-pagan movements. However, it’s noteworthy how cultural elements can resurface in different forms over time.

  2. The process of scrying as described seems quite mystical. I’m curious about the historical validity and cultural significance of ‘seeing’ without eyes among the Druids. How much of this is verifiable?

  3. The emphasis on cleansing rituals and land fertility is interesting, yet there’s no clear correlation between ancient and modern practices. Are there documented sources or manuscripts that bridge this temporal gap? Some clarifications on this would be helpful.

  4. While the article discusses various tools and practices, it doesn’t clearly elaborate on the specific methodologies employed in Druids spellcasting. A more detailed exploration would be beneficial for understanding these traditions.

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