Changing Your Ritual after Casting

Ritual after Casting

Did you cast your spell? Waiting for the right moon phase and having the perfect supplies to make sure that your spell works? Now you find that you are left with the remains of the stuff that you did your work with.

Maybe you have done your spells and you saw them come true or you did them and you don’t see anything happening. There are things that you can do to release or refuse the spells that you did in the past. You can also choose to honor or release your spells and objects the right way.

Releasing Your Spells

Doing a spell is a ritual that gives you desires that you send out to the universe. You will need to release or repurpose your spell and this won’t ruin or mess anything up. There are some things that you might have to do to keep your spell going. There are some things that you will have to do to keep the spell working but you will need to trust your intuition on this one.

Remember, there are methods and options that you can use to repurpose your spells and your objects, and some of these objects will only work with some of the methods and not all of them.

Here is what to do:

  • Burn Them

You can take a tool and you can set it on fire, and you can change things. Doing this goes beyond making a spell. Once the spell comes to an end, it can change, and you can use this method to help you to understand the outcome of your spell.

Remember, fire is a powerful thing, and you can do a burning ritual to get rid of things like your candles, papers and other objects that will burn. Most candles are made with paraffin, and this means that it is not a good thing to bury, and you can’t really reuse it and it’s better to just get a new one. Burning it is the best way to get rid of it.

Get you a large cauldron and a dish that is fireproof. You can do this where your spell was done so that you don’t have to carry everything outside. You don’t want to make a big bunch of fire or smoke either. Trust the energy as your burn these things and see that it can transform your objects.

  • Release Them to the Earth

Another thing that you can do after your spell ends is to release the items back to the earth. You can take the items that you have that will be biodegradable and bury them. As said above, paraffin candles are not a good thing to put back to the earth and neither are things like glass jars.

Herbs, plants, papers, and crystals can be buried and put back to the earth. Here are some things NOT to send back to the earth:

  • Salt: This ingredient can kill plants.
  • Candle wax made out of paraffin.
  • Nothing that isn’t biodegradable.

The things that are biodegradable can be buried in the back yard or put close to a body of water. You can even put these items into the water and the water can carry them away. Another thing you can do is to burn these items. Make sure that you are thankful for the items that you have in front of you and thank Mother Earth for taking them back.

  • Reuse The Items

Some things can be reused for other spells or other things. Crystals, jars, and other things can be cleansed of their energy and then they can be reused. If the energy that you put into the items is super negative, you shouldn’t reuse the item and you should find another way to get rid of them.

If you did a spell to get rid of past relationships, you can use the same tools again. Always cleanse your items and then use them again. Here is how to cleanse them:

  • Put in salt overnight.
  • Cleanse with smoke, smudging. Do this with rosemary, sage, or lavender.
  • Put in water as long as they don’t get ruined in water.
  • Ask your guides to cleanse them.
  • Cleanse in the moonlight.

Final Thoughts

Doing spells is something that some people love to do, and you can do them and then reuse or repurpose your items. Items that you need to get rid of can be burned or buried but always pay attention to how you get rid of your items.