What is Candle Magic?

Candle Magic

People often wonder what magic is and if its real. This has been a question that has been around for what seems like a lifetime. Magic is something that people and creatures use, and it is a natural thing that people use to better their life. You might think that you don’t know or use magic but when you make a wish on your birthday candles or you make a wish and blow a flower, this is all magic.

When someone tells you that you can’t do something or that something is impossible to achieve and you keep telling them that you can do it and it works out, you believed and made it happen, this is magic. Have you ever visualized something around you and then you really saw it in real life? This is magic, too.

What is the Difference Between Magic and Magick?

There is a difference between the energies of magic and magick. Magick is a kind of energy that is coined by occultist groups and means that anything you try to get to correspond with your true will such as doing rituals is magick. This is something that can be as easy as blowing your nose or blowing out a candle. There is a difference between your will and your true will.

When you really believe in your higher power and you focus on it, or when you reach your destiny, this is magick. This is something that is often passed on from generation to generation and it shows a state of conformity that you have.

Candle magic is the kind of magic that is used for spells and is the other kind of magic. This is something that can push and pull in energies that are positive and negative. There are different things that you can do to make magic happen and this has to do with the different techniques that you use.

Energy work is a kind of magic that uses spells and that uses both positive and negative energy.

Candle Magic

Candle magic is important because it’s a kind of magic that you can use that uses something other than sage or honey. It can be used without herbs or without having to bless all of your tools. The thing is, fire is a magical tool in its own right and so when you light a candle, you Can focus on the flame, and you can use the flame to bring magic.

Lighting a candle can be a ritual that you can use to set your mindset to do sacred work. When you do magic and you light a candle, you focus on what is going on in front of you instead of the world around you. You are able to use this to make your energy more powerful and to draw in energies that are positive. Lighting a candle can cause there to be a bond or a connection between you and the universe. Some will light a candle before something like talking to the dead or other rituals.

Colors of Candles

The color of the candle can be just as important as anything when doing candle magic. Here is what they mean:

  • Red

This color can be used to represent love, passion, or anger. You can use it to help someone that is tired to have more energy and to bring more luck into y our life. This can also help someone to stand up against someone that is speaking negatively about them.

Red candles can but put on the west side of an altar to represent fire and to be used when doing some kind of spell or ritual. This can also represent destruction and so when you want to get over a job or over a person, light this kind of candle.

Breaking up with a toxic partner or moving past a bad friendship can be hard but you can use a red candle to help you to do that. Write down what you want to stop doing and then burn it in the red candle flame and see how this can be a ritual that releases you. After you finish burning what you need to burn, release the ashes into the wind and allow yourself to quit and to have more strength.

  • Turquois

This color candle can mean to have a clear mind and healing. It can help you to be more aware of your emotions and it can help you to have stability. You can use this candle when you need to learn how to handle your emotions and when you want to grow in your spiritual self. It also helps you to have love and compassion for other people.

This is a great candle to use when you need to learn something, to study or to meditate. Clear your mind and light this candle and let positive energy fill the room. If you’re dealing with hard emotions, you can focus on your breathing and you can focus on good things around your life and let the turquois candle guide you to something better.

  • Purple

Purple candles can give you power and can help you to be a better leader. They can also call wealth into your life. When you need to have more creativity, this is the color candle to burn. Use this to represent magic and surround yourself with this color when doing rituals.

Purple candles can be used in spell work and can be used to help your ritual come to life. You can use this when you are trying to get a raise or become a manager and use the purple candle to bless yourself. It can also help you to become a better leader and it can help you to have resources with money and other things to make yourself richer.

  • Noise Candles

Noise candles such as candles for birthday parties are sometimes used to celebrate things but these are magical except for the fact that they can be magical when a wish is made. These are fun candles to use, and they can be exciting when throwing a party.

Using Candles for Love

If you want to find love you can use candles to help you with this. Candles can help you to find new love or they can help you to have better relationships. When you’re in a relationship that is struggling or one that is hard, lighting a candle and setting an intention can help you with your desires.

Pick a candle that you want to burn and when you burn the new candle, make sure that you don’t hold back as to what you want. This can help you to have a happy relationship. Before the candle burns out, you can manifest everything that you want in your life. Be open to love and make sure that your heart and your mind are open to whatever the universe wants for you. If your candle burns out before you get to say or manifest what you want, light the candle, and say the magic words over and over until you feel your desires taking place.

  • Fixing Love

Candle magic can be used to fix love that has become broken. If you are connected emotionally to someone then the energy of the candle can help to rekindle this broken love. The candle can represent the magic that you need. Write down the persons name on a piece of paper and then you can say out loud, “I call you to come to me. Reunite us to have love together. So be it.”

Since this is a kind of magic that is strong, you can’t force them to love you, but you can send into the universe the connection that you need, and you can ask them to bond with you to rekindle this relationship. Ask the universe to put behind you whatever was negative in the past and bring forth energy that is positive so that they can love you and you can love them.

  • To Find Love That is Passionate

Passionate love is important when you really want to be loved and candle magic can help with this. No matter what kind of love that you want, each time you light the candle, and you blow it out, you can call love to you. You can buy however many candles that you want, and the candles can be scented or not. They can be red or any other color.

Use these kinds of candles to help your sex life to get better. Send your energies into the candle and let the candle absorb them. You can use these candles to light your love over and over.

  • Letting Go of Those That No Longer Serve You

Do you have a past lover that is no longer serving you in your life? This is probably a cord that you have connected to you through the energies of the times that you were together. This is probably someone that has taught you a lesson and showed you something that you needed at the time but now it might be time to let them go.

If you need to get someone out of your life that no longer serves you, you can light a candle and you can put their picture close to the candle and say, “I am using this candle to get rid of the cord that ties me to this bad relationship. I light this candle to help me move forward and to help my heart heal.” You can ask that the relationship doesn’t have a hold on you anymore. Light the candle and let it illuminate your heart. Once you do this, burn the picture, and let it go.

  • Making Your Lover Stay

Do you want to have your lover to stay with you forever and ever? Love can make things last, but the good thing is that you can use candles to make the lover stronger along the way. You can bring your lover closer to you by lighting a candle with two matches. You can light this in representation of you and your lover. Light the candle with the two matches together and say how much you love them and how you want the relationship to last. This might be a start to a marriage celebration.

  • Getting Rid of a Lover

When you don’t want someone in your life anymore and you want to let go of them, the best thing that you can do is to get rid of them. Don’t let them keep coming back to you and you have to learn to tell them no. You need to communicate with this person and tell them that you’re no longer interested in what they want.

One thing that you can do to get rid of the negative feelings that is connected to this breakup is to light a candle. If you feel that you’re in some kind of danger though or that they won’t go away, talk to someone in law enforcement to help you. Tell them that you don’t want them to come around you anymore and stick to your guns.

If you keep telling someone that you’re finished with them, but they won’t go away, light a candle and say, “I told you the answer is no. Now go away and leave me alone! Stay gone and stop coming around.” Then break the candle and bury it outside.

Voodoo Candles

Some people choose to use dark magic or voodoo magic. This is a kind of magic that can come back to hurt you and so you need to be very careful when you decide to use it. This kind of magic uses things like herbs, oils, supplies, and other things. There are voodoo candles that you can buy, and you can buy the other ingredients that you need when using this kind of dark magic.

You will be able to find tools that can carve your candles and you will be able to find things that can help to make your voodoo magic strong. Remember, when you do this kind of magic it can backfire and come back to haunt you.

Easy Candle Magic

There is easy candle magic, and this kind of magic is the kind that you use on your own and in your own way. You can use the candle for anything that you want. You can use candle magic for any purpose in your life from finding love to attracting money to your life.

Figure out what kind of magic that you want and hold the candle in your hand. Tell the candle what you want and then light it. Make sure that you are in a safe place to light your candle and to leave it burning until it burns out completely. Use a fireproof dish to put your candle in so that it can burn safely.

If you want to use a candle that will burn out fast, use a birthday candle. If you want one that will last longer, votive candles can last a little longer. If you can’t keep burning the candle at the moment, snuff it out but don’t ever blow it out. You can light a candle that you snuff out the right way.

Sometimes you need to wait for the wax to get hard again and then you can put the candle away and use it again when you’re ready to continue with your spell. You can pray over and bless your candle or anoint it with some kind of oil depending on what you’re trying to do.

Final Thoughts

Candle magic is a kind of magic that can be both easy and hard depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. There are some candles that you can buy in metaphysical stores so that you can use them specifically for magic, but you can use any kind of candle for your own magic.

Some candles are handmade, and some have a blend of oils or herbs put in them. When you decide to do your own candle magic, you can write down the spell that you want to do and then do it to get the results that you want. If you aren’t sure what you want to say or do with your candle magic, you can look up spells online or you can try your own.

Magic is a big part of the lives of many people and even if you don’t realize it, you’re probably using magic in your life right now. Doing things like candle magic can help you to walk with a purpose and can help you to get the things that you want in your life.

You may have burned a million candles on the altar that you have without getting everything that you desire and that’s okay. There are many other candles that you can get to keep pushing and moving forward in your magic. If you need help doing candle magic, talk to an expert and let them help you with your spells.

Using candle magic can help you to get things in your life that you want from a better job, more energy, love and so much more!


  1. The article provides an interesting perspective on the nature of magic and magick. It is intriguing to consider everyday actions, like making a wish, as forms of magic. However, the distinction between magic and magick could have been more elaborately explained.

  2. I found the part about candle colors particularly engaging. Each color’s significance adds a layer of depth to the rituals. Yet, there were some redundancies in the article that might have been avoided for more clarity.

  3. The idea that lighting a candle can enhance one’s energy and connection with the universe is compelling. The article gave a comprehensive look at different aspects of magic, though the narrative flow could have been smoother.

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    • The redundancy didn’t bother me; it reinforced the points effectively. The section on candle colors and their meanings was enlightening.

  5. The distinction between magic and magick is somewhat nuanced, and it is valuable to differentiate between the two. The author successfully demystifies candle magic, making it accessible to readers. A good read overall.


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