Return a Love Santeria Spell

Love Santeria Spell

Santeria is a kind of magic that is earth based and works with nature. It has roots to Nigeria. Using a return, a lover spell can work with your faith, but this is not just any kind of spell. In the past, it was done by priests and priestesses but now it can be done by anyone. You can do this to bring good changes to your life and the lives of others.

To have a lover come back to you, you might want to use a spell. This spell is meant to bring your ex back. You can use this spell when you want someone to come back to you that has left you such as a friend or a lover.

This kind of spell doesn’t use black magic and therefore it doesn’t use manipulation or take away free will and so it is safe to do. There won’t be any harm that comes to you if you use this spell. This spell works by getting rid of negative energies and replace them with positive things in your relationship.

Ingredients for a Return a Love Santeria Spell

  • 9 red candles.
  • Vanilla oil.
  • Small metal tray.
  • Dash of yellow or orange rosebuds.
  • Picture of yourself.
  • Picture of your partner that is lost.
  • Construction pink heart.
  • Small brown paper bag.
  • Fireproof dish.
  • Call up on Oshun.
  • The best time to do the spell is Saturday or Friday.

Casting a Return, a Love Santeria Spell

Start by cleansing your candle and then anoint the candle with the vanilla oil. Put the 9 candles in the form of a triangle. Burn the rose leaves on the metal, try and then wave both of the pictures through the smoke.

Write what you want the spell to do for you and the goals on the heart that is cut out of construction paper. Be detailed. Put the heart in front of the candles and then put your picture on the left and their picture on the right.

Light all the candles and honor Oshun as you do. Start lighting at the point and then go clockwise.

Focus on the pictures in front of you and ask Oshun to help you. Be as honest as you can and make sure that you are sending good things into the universe. Say the wishes and goals out loud so that Oshun can hear you. Bring as much energy as you can.

Take the top candle and drip 5 drops of wax on the heart and then do this in a clockwise fashion with all the candles and focus on what you want the spell to do. Once you do this, take the heart, and put it in the bag. Add both pictures but put them face to face first. Throw them into the fireproof dish and burn them.

Snuff out the candles and thank the universe and Oshun for helping you and put the ashes into the wind.

Using This Spell

This spell works on earth magic. It works by taking energies from the gods and goddesses and sending them to the person that you are trying to get back to you. Sometimes they might not acknowledge this, and you might have to do the spell again later.

This Santeria magic works by taking the desires of your lover that are hidden and bringing them to light. They can let their emotions come free. This spell will not manipulate your lover to try and force them to come back but will entice their feelings.

Tips for This Spell

You don’t have to let the candles all burn out on their own for this spell to work, but you can do this. You also can light them the next couple of days to offer a gift to Oshun until they burn out. Don’t throw them out though and use them for other spells or burn them to Oshun.


  1. The writer mentions that these spell work with energies from gods and goddesses. Yet, there is no explaination on how to connect or communicate with such entities. It would be beneficial if more guidance was provided on this aspect.

  2. This type of earth-based magic seems to offer a positive and non-manipulative way to work on relationships. However, it might be helpful to include more information on preparing oneself mentally and emotionally before attempting these rituals.

  3. This is facsinating stuff. However, I’m curious about the psychological impact of these rituals. Is there any scientific evidence or studies that support the effectiveness of such spells?

  4. While the article is detailed, the instructions could be clarified more, especially for beginners. For example, the step about ‘waving the pictures through smoke’ could use more context on its significance.

  5. The article provides an interesting perspective on Santeria, particularly its roots and how it can be adapted by anyone. However, it lacks a proper discussion on the ethical considerations of using such practices.


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