The Magic Behind the Honey Jar

Love Spells

Magic is something that can feel blah, or it can feel supernatural to you. If you love magic, then you might have a strong drive to try out new magic things such as spells or other things. Those that hate magic on the other hand might be fearful of it.

The occult is something that has attracted people for years and it is something that is often talked about in homes. Maybe you have been someone that your family practiced magic with, and you think that it is special and important.

Even those that don’t practice magic might use it without realizing it such as manipulating others, making wishes, using your own ideas and more. If you are this person, then you are a magic practitioner as well.

Doing Spells

You might be someone that wants to do spells and you may have researched Wicca as a place to start. With this kind of magic, you can use candles and make a wish, but this isn’t always the most alluring or powerful magic.

Hoodoo on the other hand is another kind of magic that works with being grounded. Wicca promises to bring the idea of love to you, but Hoodoo has spells that allow you to use items like candles, oils, powders, and other things and promises that you can deal with relationships, love that isn’t given back, cheating, arguing, and getting back together.

Hoodoo might cost more to cast spells but what is more important to you, magic, or money?

Using a Honey Jar Spell

Honey jar spells are a magic that is supposed to make your partner sweeter to you. This can take the feelings that you have and the feelings that your partner has and make them stronger for each other. All you need with this spell is a candle, a jar of honey, paper and a pen, a hair from yourself and your crush. You can do this as a spell that has been around for centuries.

What If You Don’t Have the Ingredients?

If you don’t have the right ingredients to do a spell, here are some things that you can do:

  • Get a brown paper bag.
  • Tear the bag so it is one giant bag that lays flat.
  • Write your name on it 3 times with red ink.
  • Write his name on it 3 times with red ink.
  • Circle your names with one circle.
  • Don’t lift your pen when you are putting the circle. If you do, start over.
  • Take the paper and put the hairs on it (if you have them).
  • Fold the paper towards you and say, “Love me and be sweet to me.”
  • Fold it again and put it on a white plate.
  • Take sugar or molasses syrup or honey and put a ring around the paper.
  • Light a new candle and let it burn on top of the paper until it burns all the way down.
  • Snuff the candle out with your fingers (never blow it out).

Even if you don’t have the hairs, you can still do the spell, but this can make the spell weaker. You can make the spell stronger by putting stronger intentions behind your desire.

Crushing Desire

The object of a crush isn’t the person, it is just the desire that you have. You don’t have to have someone love you, but you need them to be yours. After you do the spell, you might see that you can use the magic to influence someone to come to you. Even if the spell doesn’t work for you, you can still keep trying to win over your crushes and keep doing things that make you feel happy and bring you peace. The universe always knows best.