Fast Love Spells that Work

Love Spells

Do you believe in magic and love spells? You might not have ever done a spell before but if you are someone that casts spells, you never stop being someone that can. Don’t worry about casting a spell or being afraid of it, you can make the spell work.

Whenever you think about your crush or about love, know that your thoughts are powerful and that you can set intentions that can help you to be able to cast spells and rituals that will work for you.

Find the ingredients and tools that you have around your home and if you need to use certain things like a full moon, wait for this before you do the spell and you can have the romance that you want in your life. You might be surprised at how fast these spells work.

Sometimes people are nervous about doing love spells because they worry that the spell can be dangerous. Spells are not dangerous if they don’t take away the free will of the people. Love spells aren’t always successful, and they depend on more than just the ingredients. 

Make sure that you have a strong intention and that you are connecting to the right things when you are doing these spells. You might find that casting a spell will help you to find your twin flame or your soulmate or it might even help to get your ex back.

1. Honey Jar Love Spell

This is a spell that can help to make your love even sweeter. When you need a sweet love in your life, the honey jar spell can help you to get that. It can help to make your love sweeter, and it can help you to trust your partner more and to be able to communicate better.


  • Honey in a jar.
  • Pen.
  • Paper.

Casting a Honey Jar Love Spell

Write down the person that you want to sweeten your love for three times. This number is important because it means wholeness. Write down the intentions that you have and make sure that you are clear with what you want.

Fold the paper three times and put it in the honey jar. Don’t close the jar yet until you take out a spoon of honey and add it to your tea. Drink the tea and say, “As I drink this tea, you will be sweeter to me.”

Finish your tea and this will set the spell. Put the lid on the jar of honey and bury it somewhere that it will be safe, best would be by flowers or herbs. If these things are blooming, this will help to make the spell stronger.

2. Full Moon Spell

This is a love spell that can help you to attract the perfect person for you. Doing this spell during a full moon can help you to complete your journey. You will see that this spell can help you if you are tired of dating and trying to find someone.

A full moon can affect your emotions, and this is an intense time for people. This spell can be used to your advantage by using the Law of Attraction to attract strong energy.

You need to have a strong desire of your partner and you need to set your intention on what you want from this spell. Don’t let sadness find its way in but always be positive.


  • Rose petals.
  • Full moon.

Casting a Full Moon Spell

Write down what you want from your perfect partner and be detailed in it. If you are someone that wants some kind of stability, wait for Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus to be part of the full moon, otherwise if you aren’t looking for that, any full moon will work.

A full moon can help you to have strong energy. By combining the full moon with the rose petals, you will see that this spell can be strong.

Fold the paper that you wrote on and hold it by your heart. Go outside and take the rose petals and go around your home three times while you drop a rose petal here and there. Say things like, “Come to me, I am waiting for you.”

3. Candle Love Spell

Choose whatever candle that you want for whatever you hope will happen. You can change this spell up by using a different colored candle. Here is what the colors can mean for the spell:

  • White: Purity and balance.
  • Red: Lust, passion.
  • Blue: Peace, healing, and serenity.
  • Black: Protection.
  • Purple: Self-confidence.
  • Pink: Compassion and self-love.


  • Any colored candle you want.

Casting a Candle Love Spell

Light the candle that you have chosen and say over and over, “Love is full.” Feel the love come to you and let it make you feel peaceful. The love that you want will come to you if you believe in it.

Let the candle burn until it is completely gone, and the spell will be set. 

4. Saffron Love Spell

This spell can make your sex life stronger. It can help you to have passion that you didn’t have before. Since saffron is an aphrodisiac, it can be used to make your love spell stronger. Rather you want to have more sex, or you want to find a lover, make sure that you are passionate about this spell to make it work.


  • Saffron.
  • A bag or sachet.
  • Red candle.
  • Pillow.

Casting a Saffron Love Spell

Do this spell at night and make sure that you have all the lights off. Light the candle and meditate on what kind of sexual encounters you would like to have. If you have a partner now, wish that they would do certain things to you in bed. Let the dreams take over your mind, body, and soul. Feel the sensations that you would have if they were doing these things to you. Embrace the energy of it.

When finished sending out this energy, put the saffron in the bag or sachet and put it in your underwear draw or in your pillow case while you sleep. 

5. Getting Your Ex-Back Love Spell

This spell will help you to get your ex back if you have broken up with them. If you didn’t really know why you broke up with your partner or if you are doing a no contact, the spell can help your ex to think about you.


  • Picture of your ex.
  • Picture of just you.
  • Rose oil.
  • Red candle.

Casting a Getting Your Ex-Back Love Spell

Put oil on the candle, dressing it. Put the picture of you and the picture of your ex together and put them under the candle. 

Imagine the times that you were with your ex, and you were happy together. Try to send a message to your ex’s mind. Let the candle be lit and let it burn all day. At the end of the day, take drops of wax and put them on the picture of your ex. Put your picture over their picture and seal them together with the hot wax. 

Put the pictures in an envelope and hide them until your ex gets in touch with you.