Spells to Make Sexual Attraction

Sexual Attraction

Black magic is a kind of magic that uses manipulation in order to get what you want. This kind of magic though uses dark energy, and this can be hurtful to you in the end. Before you ever use this black magic spell or another one, you need to make sure that you understand the harm that can come to you.

But, if you feel that you have done everything that you can do to get what you want and it isn’t working out, black magic might be what you feel is the only solution to help you get your desires. Once you do this spell though, there is no going back, and you can end up wishing you chose a different plan.

If you understand the harm that can come from this and you still decide to use this spell, you can use this kind of black magic spell to make your partner have sexual desire for you. Rather you want them to lust after you or rather you are trying to find someone else to lust after you, this spell can help.

Remember though, black magic can fail, and you need to be prepared for any risks that are associated with this before you ever cast this spell or any other black magic spell.

Ingredients for Spells to Make Sexual Attraction Black Magic

  • 2 red candles.
  • 1 black candle.
  • Ginger oil.
  • Sterile needle.
  • 3 drops of your own blood.
  • Semen or vaginal mucus.
  • Yarn, thread, or string.
  • Wood matches.
  • Picture of who you want to cast the spell on.
  • Paper.
  • Pin or needle.

Casting a Spell to Make Sexual Attraction

Start by casting your circle and then use the pin to engrave the Sigil of Demon Bornogo into the black candle. Anoint all of the candles with ginger oil.

Make an altar and put the black candle on it. Put the red on the left of it and the other red on the right of it. Light the black candle with the match and then light the red candle with the black candle flame.

Put the parchment paper in front of the candles and the picture of who you are casting the spell on, on top of the picture. Sprinkle some of the ginger oil on the picture and imagine what you want the spell to do and think upon it. Drip some of the black candle wax on the paper, 3 drops.

Say, “Bebitalo Stakaki Kek Kek Kek” and then do it with both red candles and drop 3 drops of wax with the first and 3 drops of wax with the second red candle. Put a cotton ball that was prepared with your semen or vaginal mucus on the picture.

Use the sterile needle and prick your finger and add the blood. Take the black candle and drip 3 more drops of wax on the paper and say, “Bebitalo Stakaki Kek Kek Kek.”

Use the red candle and do it again, chanting and dripping the wax and then do it with the other red candle. Wrap all the stuff up in the parchment paper and tie it closed with the string. Put the package in front of the candles until they totally burn down and then bury the package in front of a tree.