Candle Magic Love Spells

Candle Magic Love Spells

People that have been doing witchcraft for a long time or those that are new will often turn to candle magic. There are some things that you will need for some of these spells and here are some of the things to have to hand in case you want to try your own candle magic.

  • Roses

Roses are one of the biggest used ingredients when it comes to magic love spells. This has dated back since ancient times and since the goddess of love, Aphrodite loved roses and the smell of them, this is used to bring back those feeling in a spell.

  • Candles

Some will use white or red candles and others will use pink. This can mean lust, passion, and love.

  • Essential Oils

Some essential oils are used like vanilla or rosemary. This can promote feelings of love, kindness and can make you feel warm and cozy.

  • Timing the Spell

It is important that you time the spell right. Some will require the spell to be done on Friday’s, but others want you to do it when the moon is in a certain phase. Here are some steps to doing a spell:

  • Gather the Ingredients

Start by getting the ingredients and all the things that you need to do the spell. Find a place where you’re going to do your spell or build an altar. If you have an altar put on the roses and the candles and the essential oils. Always cast a circle of protection before you start.

  • Get the Candle Ready

Anoint your candle with the oil and make sure that you pick a candle color that represents your intention.

  • Adorn the Altar

Get the altar ready by putting your ingredients on it and making it nice.

  • Light the Candle

Light the candle as you think about what kind of spell that you want to do and what you want. Manifest your intention by thinking about what you want deeply. If you are looking for love, make sure that you are very detailed in what you want.

Tell the universe just what you want and what you need and tell the universe that you are ready to find the love of your life.

Finishing the Spell

After you do everything, you need to do, snuff out the candle and then close the circle. Leave the roses in your home in a hidden place. As the moon cycles, you can do the spell again and you can even use the same roses until you get the results that you want.

Manifesting Love with a Spell

You can manifest love with love spells, and you will be able to find the love that you want and get the romance that you have been looking for.