Using the Full Moon to Release Things

Full Moon to Release Things

Having things in your life that you are holding on to can be unhealthy. There needs to be a place where you can let go of these things. One way that you can do this is to use the moon to help you. Lunar abundance is when you use the moon phases to set your intentions and you use it as a time to release things.

The sun will be reflective, and the full moon will help your inner world to work with your life in order to reveal things to you that you need to let go of, or you need to change. Pay attention to the things that aren’t helping you and that are only hurting you and learn to let them go. You can even meditate during this time to help you through things that are hard.

Why Let Things Go?

When you hold on to things that are negative, it can cause you to miss out on things that can help you to live a better life. With Lunar abundance, you can use the full moon as an action point to help you to take action to make your life better.

As you develop and learn, focus on what you can benefit from if you learn to let go of things that aren’t going to make you better. Once you feel these things and once you let go of these emotions that are attached to it, you will see that you can live a better life.

Some of the things that you need to let go are past traumas, childhood situations or even things that are stuck in your mind that keep you feeling not good enough.

Cleanse It and Get Rid of It

Know what you want to get rid of. Set your intentions and journal it. As you do this, you can feel better about it by just knowing what you need to get rid of. Then, it is time to cleanse yourself and get rid of these things that have held you back for so long.

One way that you can cleanse yourself is to take a bath or a shower. Add some salts and some essential oils to your bath. Soak as long as you need to and think about the things that have hurt you that you have held on to for so long. Take time to cry, scream or to yell at the top of your lungs. Do this until you feel better. Crying isn’t bad as long as you are using it to let go of things.

After you get out your tears, let the pain go. This will help you to get rid of the things that have kept you down for so long.

Burn It

One way to get rid of things that are holding you back is to burn it. You need to start by writing down things that you need to get rid of. Here are some things you can look for in your life:

  • What is keeping you stuck?
  • What is making you fearful?
  • Who are you mad at?
  • Who has caused you to feel used or mistreated?
  • What makes you angry or frustrated?
  • What is keeping you from setting intentions
  • Who do you need to let go out of your life and forgive? You might even need to add yourself to that picture.

Get out a pen and your paper and write all these things down. Use as much of the paper that you need and make sure that you get it all written down. You can bring other people to this burning ceremony with you, and they can do the same ritual. Share paper and pens if you want to and let them write down their things that they need to let go of as well.

You can decide to do this by a bon fire with other people or you can just get a candle and you can burn your paper in that. Put the list into the flame until it catches fire and turns to dust.

Dance It Out

Dance, dance and dance. Dance and laugh and do whatever makes you feel good. Listen to songs that you love to sing and that you love to listen to. Laugh through this because laughter is like a medicine. Keep dancing until you feel good from head to foot.

What Did You Get Rid of?

Now, take time to reflect on the things that you let go of and released out of your life. This can create a space inside of you for new things to come in that are good for you.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to good things that start happening in your life. This can be changes that start to take place or where things start shifting. If you need to let things go, do it. You can find someone that can guide you and help you through this like a counselor or a psychic. They can help you to let go of things by using the rituals of the moon.