Quick Working Love Spells

Love Spells

Most people are searching for someone to love them, and this can be hard. This is why some people decide to use love spells to try and get love. Love spells can help you to set strong intentions and then help you to be able to manifest love to your life. Not only can these spells help you to love others, but they can also help you to love yourself.

How Can a Love Spell Help?

Having an open heart and an open mind can help you to find love. You can set your intentions but make sure that you are being honest with what you want. Here is what a love spell can do for you:

  • Let the universe know that you are ready to find love.
  • Getting yourself ready for love.
  • Finding your lover.
  • Attracting love into your life.
  • Making love come to you faster.
  • Helping you to understand love signs.

Things to Understand About Love Spells

Here are some things that you need to understand before doing love spells:

  • Love works on its own time. The spirit guides will help to spread the messages, but things will happen when the universe decides it is going to happen.
  • Having worry or fear will cause your spell to not work. Don’t let negativity ruin your spell.
  • You can’t take away the freewill of someone to make them love you. 

Honey Jar Love Spell

Here is how to make a Honey Jar Love Spell work:


  • Glass jar with lid.
  • Paper.
  • Pen.
  • Honey.

How to Do a Honey Jar Love Spell

  • Write down the name of the person that you like so that they can have sweet thoughts about you.
  • Put the paper in the jar and pour in honey so that the whole piece of paper is covered by the honey.
  • Meditate your intentions and concentrate on what you want to happen between you and that person.
  • Say, “Just like the honey in this jar is sweet, let (say their name) think of me. So, mote it be.”
  • Put the lid back on the jar and hide it in a secret spot where no one will bother it.

Picture Love Spell

This is how to do a Picture Love Spell:


  • Picture of who you like.
  • Picture of yourself.
  • Red thread.
  • Pen.

How to do a Picture Love Spell

  • Put the picture of the person that you like and your picture face to face on each other.
  • Use the red thread to tie the pictures together.
  • Write “When (say their name) has thoughts of me, let them like what look at. Make them unable to stop thinking about me. So, mote it be.”
  • Put the pictures in a safe place so no one bothers them.

Candle Love Magic Spell

Here is how to do a Candle Love Magic Spell:


  • Pink candle.
  • White candle.
  • Candle burner or plate.
  • Knife.
  • Matches or a lighter.
  • Rose oil.

How to do a Candle Love Magic Spell

  • Use the rose oil to anoint your pink candle. 
  • Take the knife and carve the name of the person that you like in the candle.
  • Anoint the white candle with rose oil and then carve your name into the white candle with the knife.
  • Have intentions and set them. Be honest of what you want to happen. Say, “Bring me love and let the universe help them and have freewill. May the feelings they have be expressed openly. So, mote it be.”
  • Put the candles on the plate or the candle burner and light them until they die out.
  • Never leave the candles unattended and if you have to leave don’t blow them out but snuff them out.
  • You can do this on a Friday to make the love spell longer.

Love Mirror Spell

Here is how to do a Love Mirror Spell


  • A mirror.
  • Lipstick.

Doing a Love Mirror Spell

  • Buy a mirror that you can hold in your hand and use for this spell.
  • Put on your favorite color of lipstick while looking in the mirror.
  • Say things like, “I love who I am, I am beautify, I have goodness in me.” 
  • Kiss the mirror and repeat anything positive you want to say.
  • This spell can help you to love yourself more.

Final Thoughts

You have to be open to love if you want love to come to you. Love comes in different forms, and you can manifest love with someone that you have in your intentions, or you can let the universe bring you love that is best for you. Use the spells to bring love, romance, and attraction into your life.

Everyone at one point or another wants to have some kind of love and a love spell can help to make this happen. Love spells can even help you to have a specific kind of love that you are seeking.