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Revenge Spells

Revenge Spells

If you feel that someone has done you wrong and you want to do a revenge spell on someone, you might feel that this is the justice that you need to take.  How do you go about doing a revenge spell on someone?  You can find revenge spells for free and a free revenge spell means that you do not need expensive things to cast a spell.

Getting Revenge

If you want to get revenge right now because someone has betrayed you or someone has hurt you and you want to make them feel your pain, you can contact a spell caster and they can help you to cast a revenge spell on someone.

A revenge spell can be one of the most powerful kinds of spells and this is a kind of spell that you might not want to try yourself, but you might want to find a spell caster to help you.

What is a Revenge Spell?

A magical spell that makes someone have harm is called a revenge spell.  This is someone that deserves it and it uses black or dark magic in order to affect other people.  The powers of spellcasting can hurt other people and that is why this is considered black magic.  There are different ways to cat a revenge spell.

Hexes and curses are real and some of them can make someone sick or even cause them to die.  They can cause someone to lose their friends, their relationship or even their job.  They can also cause someone to have nightmares and someone to have bodily pain.

One type of revenge spell is voodoo.  This is the most known revenge spell and most people associate voodoo with a doll.  The doll can be a representation of the person that you want to cast the spell on but doing the spell is what is the most important part of a revenge spell.  The problem is that this opens up people to pain and suffering.

Different Revenge Spells

There are many different kinds of revenge spells and you need to decide what you want to cast on someone and what they did to deserve it.

Love Revenge

If you have a spouse or a partner that has cheated on you with someone then you might want to find a spellcaster to cast a love revenge spell on them.  Love revenge spells are very common because there are many people who are going through some kind of heartbreak or sadness over a relationship.  If you are not married to them then they are not breaking the law so how can you get help or revenge on them?  Who is going to defend you?

Don’t be afraid though, there are many people that can cast love spells for you, and this can be used on cheaters all over.  No one deserves to be treated like trash and then allow the other person to go on with a happy life.  Karma has treated you wrongly and has left you in a place where you cannot stand that person and all you can think of is revenge and justice to make things fair.

Enemy Revenge

If you want to have revenge on an enemy then you will want to curse them or put a spell on them.  This is black magic and can cause harm to people and sometimes even death.  There are people in the world that are evil and will want to harm others and black magic is something that is great revenge.

Black Magic Revenge

Black magic is magic that is used to hurt someone so that you can gain something for yourself.  If this is binding them to keep them away from you then you are probably hexing or cursing someone for doing something to you.

There are different kinds of witches that believe that magic doesn’t have a color and one interesting thing about witchcraft is that you can make up the rules as you go and decide what you feel is acceptable in your life.  If you are part of a religious group though, you will have a moral code that you should follow and as long as you are willing to face the consequences, the revenge is on you.

White Magic Revenge

White magic and black magic are two completely different things.  One can be practiced by everyone and you do not have to be a witch or a wiccan in order to do this magic.

The Wiccan rule says that there should be no harm to anyone and this means as long as you are not hurting someone then you can do the spell but if you are trying to hurt someone then this is wrong against the moral code.

The moral code talks about not influencing someone’s free will and so it is against the rule to cast a spell that is going to hurt someone.  If you want to cast a spell that is okay, then cast a love spell because those are meant to be for love and kindness.

Dark Magic Revenge

Using dark magic can cross into the lines of love spells because it takes away from their decisions to decide who they love but this is not a curse or a hex.

Binding someone with love is different than binding someone because they hurt you.  A spell might be paying someone back and giving them the same thing that they gave you.  Some Wiccans believe in the Threefold Law of Return and this means that if you do something it will be returned to you threefold and so there are risks in doing a spell of any kind.

The Law of Threefold Return says that any energy that is put into the world will come back threefold and if you do a dark magic spell and you cause someone to break up with another person and bring heartache then you will get this three times over.  If instead, you send a person love, you will want to get love threefold.

There are different colored areas of spells and you have to know what kind of energy you are sending into the world.  Are you trying to act as a shield and are you prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions if you are wrongly doing a spell?

Any type of witch or witchcraft can include spell writing and spell casting and this can be grey, black or white spells  You can decide where you stand but the best idea is to get advice from a professional spell caster before you decide what you are doing to do so you don’t end up in trouble for the spells that you cast.

Do They Work?

People have always wondered if revenge spells work and many people have heard of voodoo spells and the tradition of them.  They are part of witchcraft and some people estimate that spells are more than 10,000 years old.

If a revenge spell didn’t work, then why would people still be casting them?  Revenge spells and curses can cause people a lot of pain and suffering and there are a lot of people that have learned to break curses and remove hexes, so it is important to know how real they are.

Who Can Cast Spells?

A revenge spell can be cast by anyone, but they are both dangerous and common.  Whenever you send energy into, he universe there is always a consequence.  A professional spellcaster can look ahead and decide if they want to pay the price for a spell and tell you if it would be worth it to you.

Any person can cast a revenge spell, but a spell is only as strong as the person that is casting it.  The spell casting won’t go very far if you do not know how to do the spell and if you do it wrong chances are you will end up in a big mess.

If doing a revenge spell is important to you then you will want to know how to do it and you should find a professional spellcaster to help you.  You wouldn’t do something like surgery without being a doctor and casting a spell should have the same caution.

Powerful Revenge Spells

Casting your own revenge spell can be dangerous and if you want to try to do it, there are steps that you have to follow in order to do one.  There are millions of revenge spells for people that are just starting to do magic but even a beginner spell is powerful so make sure that you are ready for what you can face with it.

Wait for the moon to get into the waning phase and then you can cast a revenge spell that will work immediately.

Dark Moon Spell

If you want to do a dark moon spell, then you have to have a few items such as:

  • Candle (black)
  • Sharp tool
  • Onyx

When you are ready to cast the spell, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Put your name into the candle with the sharp object.
  • Put the candle into a holder and light it.
  • Imagine the person and what they did to you as you watch the candle burn.
  • Focus on your negative emotions.
  • When the candle melts let the wax drip on the stone.
  • Put the candle back on the holder.
  • While it is soft carve their initials into the wax and let it cool.
  • Imagine the pain they caused you.
  • Let the candle burn all the way out.
  • Put the stone out of sight and wait for the spell to work.
  • After the spell is done bury the stone.

Revenge Curse

There are other spells that are powerful, but you need to know that if you cast the spell on someone, they can break the curse.  If the Law of Threefold happens to you then you will be in trouble threefold times form the curse.

Negative energies are attached to people and will return where they originally started.  Make sure you want to do the spell before you make the choice or go to a professional spell caster to help you.  If you want to increase the spell, play music or drums and add incense.

Here are some materials you need for a revenge curse:

• Voice
• Name of your enemy
• Picture of your enemy
• Fire
• Black Moon
• Saturday

Casting the Spell

When you have all the things you need, you will be ready to cast the spell.  Here is how:

  • Light the candle and let it burn.
  • Imagine your enemy and get mad.
  • Focus your rage on your enemy.
  • Drum or play music.
  • Chant about how angry you are.
  • Put the picture in the fire and burn it.

Reflect Spell

If you want to do another spell you can use a mirror because a mirror can return the energy that someone has given you even if it is positive or negative.  This type of curse is safer than other ones and most Wiccans say that they are legitimate.

Things You Need:

  • Black marker
  • Mirror
  • Black Ribbon
  • Bay Leaf
  • Wood Ash
  • Saturday Night
  • New Moon

Casting the Spell

When you have all the stuff you need here is how you cast the spell:

  • Write the name of your enemy on the mirror.
  • Put the bay leaf by the name.
  • Wrap the mirror with the ribbon.
  • Put a pinch of ash over the leaf.
  • Tie a knot with the ribbon.
  • Focus your energy on how you feel about the person.
  • Hold the mirror and cast the energy back to the person who sent it to you.
  • Put the mirror under the bed until the spell works.
  • After it works take the mirror apart and bury the ash and the bay leaf.

Casting Your Spell

If you have an experienced spell caster than you can do spells safely and have someone do them on your behalf.  Find someone that is a professional and look at the reviews so you can make sure that you find the right person for the job that you want to do.

Make sure you find a spell caster that can show you the things that can happen when you do a revenge spell.  A black magic spell caster needs to be protected so that they do not catch backlash of the spell.  Ask them if they promise you that this will work so that you will know if they are real or not.

Find a well-known and established psychic company to go to and make sure that they are a trusted company with high ratings and a money back guarantee in case the spell does not work.

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