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Negative effects of love spells

Negative effects of love spellsToday we discuss how one can use magic to find their perfect love in a positive way. We also look at some of the mistakes people make with love spells that could cause a lot of trouble and harm to oneself.

What to avoid with love spells,

A lot of people have reached out to me saying they are in love with person A, though they feel different and are ready to settle down with person B. B is not good enough for A. assist me to cast a spell on A to have them spend their entire life with me…

I have come across cases of one-sided love, and I do feel some sympathy for those who approach me with these issues. Let me tell you why this fall in love with me spell isn’t a good idea.

It crushes the idea of free will

Magic, as we all know, can be very powerful and creates a lot of changes.

Power of free will is very critical in our lives and it’s very unethical to take that power away from someone. Try and imagine the feeling of waking up one day only to find out that your thoughts and feelings are under someone else’s control.

There will be other forms of energy to face

Using a spell to make someone fall in love with you, you won’t use higher entities when you are casting it. Just the same way you can’t request a police officer to kill your annoying neighbor, you will have to use hitmen or gangsters.

No entity with high vibration energy will help you take away the will of another individual. You will utilize some low vibration entities like hitmen, entities without ethics.

Negative entities won’t give a second thought to take away your free will, or use you as a punching bag.

It is bad Karma

Depending on the definition of karma that you prefer, forcing someone to fall in love with you sends negative energy. The laws of attraction state that we whatever we input is what we output, and it comes 3 times more, as per the  Wiccan rule of Three.

This could come back in numerous other forms, not necessarily getting three people to fall in love with you

Sometimes it might work

It may work, lead to dates and weddings, but then later turns out to be the unexpected, bringing out the worst in each other.

Then it hits you it was a mistake, you decide to part ways but they won’t leave you since you had used a love spell. Your supposedly true match now lives happily with their spouse while you live with your A in their parent’s basement. Be careful what you wish for.

How Love spells should be:

Make use of meditation and visualization to find a perfect match

This is one of the best ways that involves magick that one can use to find love. It works in that it adds you the energy of love, romance, and attraction instead of putting together your energy on getting someone specific to fall in love with you. Imagine and visualize the characters you would love in a partner, then request the universe to link you up with an exact match. This works perfectly without taking away one’s will.

Exhibit the traits you are searching for

By doing so, you are fine-tuning your vibration and because like attracts like, it will be easier to get attracted to each other. It simply indicates that the best method of getting Mr. right is by being Mr. right yourself.

Cast the right love spell

Proper love spell is where you invite Mr. Right into your life. It focuses on attracting energy rather than an individual. If your energies rhyme, then the universe will take care of the follow-up events for your romantic life.

Seek help from others

First, remember there are scammers out there who just prey on those desperate for love. They will demand lots of cash just to cast a love spell. Please avoid such.

However, you can find an ethical worker of magick to assist you with the love spell. All in all its best if you do it yourself since this will create much more energy. By involving yourself, you will also increase your own vibration, a key aspect of attracting love.

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