What is a Witch, Wizard, and a Warlock?


If you are someone that is new to Wicca then you might not know that there is a difference between a witch, wizard, and a warlock. Some will look at these things as gender specific such as a warlock being a male and a witch being a female.  But this isn’t necessarily true.

What is a Witch?

A witch is a person that practices what is called witchcraft. This can be anyone that is male or female and has the power that is naturally inborn inside of them.

Being a witch can be hereditary and this means that if you are a witch then chances are that someone in your family was a witch and had the natural abilities to do magic and spells.

What is a Wizard?

A wizard is someone that is male and female and has gifts that have special skills. This can be something that mixes both science and magic, and some will even use a lab to mix things up. They love to make potions and to try out their skills by doing experiments.

Wizards will use nature and science in order to do their magic and their spells.

What is a Warlock?

A warlock is not someone that is a male witch, and this is one myth that has been around for years. Many of the male witches that do magic will only do white magic and so this isn’t a name that they want to be associated with.

A warlock is a male that practices black magic. They do evil magic and are considered to be liars and traitors. They will go to anyone that will form a bond with them in their magic. Warlocks want to have power and they don’t care about wicca or nature.

What is a Sorcerer and Sorceress?

Sorcerers or sorceresses are the most powerful magic practitioners that there are. They are hard to find because becoming a sorcerer is not easy and you have to have this in your blood line to even be considered one.

The genes of the magic in a sorcerer are already there when you are born and so in order to even take on this title, you need to make sure that it is in your blood line.

A sorcerer is someone that can move to the dark side and become someone that practices only black magic, but this isn’t something that is natural for them and most of them will use their magic for good.

If you want to be a sorcerer, you can actually train for this, but you just won’t be one that is natural or that is tied into the blood line of a sorcerer.