Love Spells for Beginners

Love Spells

There are tons of people that do witchcraft but then there are also a large number that see witchcraft as something bad and evil. This has been portrayed in a negative light since the beginning of times but now has become something that more people believe and like. There are different kinds of magic that has been put into movies like “Harry Potter,” and it has made witchcraft seem more exciting.

Witches are seen differently throughout the world, but they have changed for the better over the last few years. This is something that has grown in the United States and different countries with people practicing witchcraft in England, United States, UK, and other places around the world. This is now considered a traditional religion in some places.

The practices that witches do is one thing that helps to decide of they are popular or not and much of it has to do with love spells.

Understanding Love Spells

Love spells are a kind of magic that is used to bring love to someone. The spells can be used with potions, sayings, written words, dolls, or other things. Love spells are a practice that isn’t really new but has become new to many people in the past few years.

Even since the 15th century, witchcraft was something that was known. People would go to witches to get problems solved and the witches would use potions of herbs and other things and would use the phases of the moon to grant their desires.

Relationships and finding the right person is one thing that has sparred the idea of having love spells. Love spells can help people to find love or to even get their ex back into their lives.

Doing Love Spells

There are so many love spells that you would never be able to use them all. You cannot make someone to love you though and you should never try to use a spell for that. In order for a spell to work, you need to have that person that you want to love you in your mind, and you need to get them to see you differently.

A love spell is meant to make your connection with that person stronger and it is meant to raise your energies and your vibrations so that you can find love that will bring you peace and happiness.

Some spells will use the phases of the moon and here are some of the most known love spells:

  • Candle Spells

You can put two candles, red specifically, in front of you and one can represent yourself and the other represent the love that you want in your life. Put oils such as rose petals, patchouli oil, frangipani, dragon’s blood, and chamomile together and then mix them.

Anoint your candles and then light them while you imagine that love of your life coming to you. Move the candles together closer in the evening and keep doing this until they burn out.

  • Poppet Magic Spells

You can put the picture of the person that you want to be with on a doll and a picture of yourself on another doll. Put rose petals and crystal quartz next to the dolls so that they can have energy to get what you want and then wrap them together with ribbon or string.

By combining the dolls with the roses and the crystals, you can make energies happen and this is what brings your love together.

Final Thoughts

Love spells have been around for years and years and if you want to do your own love spell, you can or you can always talk to a spell caster to help you make your spell work better.