Reuniting Witchcraft Spells


Some relationships end and when you have lost this love, it might make you feel that your world is over. Crying and letting your heart be broken might sound like the best thing to do at the time, but there are spells that can help to reunite your ex back to you.

You can fall in love with your ex again and you can create a love that is stronger than it was at the beginning. This can be a bond that never ends, and you can bring this love back to your life by trying these love spells. Doing these spells right can help to reunite a love and will never try to take away the free will of someone.

Ingredients for a Reuniting Witchcraft Spell

  • 3 large candles.
  • 3 votive candles in pink, violet and white.
  • Rue.
  • 7 nails.
  • Musk oil.
  • Patchouli incense.
  • Rose Quartz.
  • Moss Agate.
  • Clear Quartz.
  • Lapis Lazuli.
  • Parchment paper.
  • Wood pencil.
  • Wood matches.
  • Athame.
  • Cauldron.
  • Do this spell on a Friday during a Waxing moon or at night of the Full moon. If you do it on a Friday, do it after the sun sets.

Casting a Reuniting Witchcraft Spell

Start by casting your circle and cleansing the candles. Anoint the candles with musk oil from the wick to the end of the candle and then put rue on the candle. Poke nails into the red candle and divide the candle into 7 equal parts from top to bottom. The 7th pin can go to the main bottom of the candle.

Set up the altar by putting the red candle in the center. Put the votive candles with pink, white and violet. On the right side of the candle put a piece of the parchment paper and then surround it with crystals. The clear quartz will go on the top, the rose quartz to the right and the lapis lazuli on the bottom and the moss agate to the left.

Light the incense and the candles and then write down everything you want this spell to do on the parchment paper. Write down everything you want and be super detailed. You will want your ex to do all of these things so make sure that you put all your wishes down.

Turn the paper clockwise, 90 degrees and then write your full name over the wishes 7 times. Seal the wishes by using 7 drops of wax from each of the candles anywhere on the paper. Start with the red, pink, white and then the violet candle.

Say, “With this power of the universe times 3, hear me (say your lover’s name) and come back to me. With the power of the universe times 3, hear me (say your lovers name) and come back to me. With the power of the universe times 3, hear me (say your lovers name) and come back to me. With he power of the universe times 3, hear me (say your lovers name) and come back to me. So, I will transfer my will, the spell has been heard and so mote it be.”

Allow the candles to burn out until the red candle reaches the first nail and then put them all out. Do this for the next nights and light the candles at the same time and do the chant again. Let the candles burn until the next nail.

On the last night, the 7th night, let the candles burn out totally and put the remaining wax in the cauldron and burn it with the parchment paper. Go outside and throw the ashes into the wind.

The spell is done, and the magic is working. Let the spell work.


  1. Casting spell with complex rituals and ingredients may work psychologicaly rather than actually changing any one’s mind. The ethics of influencing someone else’s emotions with spells should be carefully considered.

  2. While witchcraft has historical significance, it’s crucial to approach these practices with a critical mind. The psychological impact might be more substantial than any actual changes in external reality. Human relationships are complex and require mutual effort.

  3. Reuniting spells are a fascinating aspect of folklore and cultural practices. However, one should be cautious about relying on them to solve relational issues. Real world efforts and communication are essential in any relationship.

    • Indeed, spells can be seen as symbolic acts reflecting one’s intentions. Nevertheless, genuine and open communication is key to mending or rekindling relationships.

    • Yes, the symbolic gestures in spells might have a placebo effect, but addressing the underlying issues in the relationship is far more important for lasting reconciliation.

  4. The effectiveness of love spells remains largely anecdotal. One must consider ethical implications when attempting to influence another person’s feelings. It’s important to respect free will and emotional autonomy.

  5. Even if the ingredients & rituals are carefully followed, there’s no guarantee of the outcomes. The idea of manipulating love through spells can be problematic as it might undermine genuine emotional connections.


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