Repairing Your Relationship with Spells

Relationship with Spells

All relationships, no matter how good, have problems sometimes. When you have been going through hard times in your relationship, you might need to use witchcraft to help fix the situation and get rid of problems that you and your partner are having. You can use this spell even to help out someone that you love that needs help with problems in their own relationship.

All relationships have problems here and there and you can handle these problems in ways that can make your relationship even stronger and better than it was before the problems started. If you are having problems with someone you care about, try this spell to fix them.

Ingredients for Repairing Your Relationship Spell

  • 1 pink candle for each person involved in the problem.
  • Paper.
  • Picture of you when you were happy with your partner.
  • Pen.
  • Do this spell during the Full or Waxing moon phase.

Casting a Repairing Your Relationship Spell

You can start by casting your circle and then put all the candles and the pictures on the altar. Write the name of those that are involved on the paper and then light the candles.

Imagine the people that are involved in the problems coming together and fixing the problems, bringing peace and happiness. Imagine a blue light surrounding the people you are thinking about.

Let go of any bad feelings in your heart and say, “Now that the dust is settled and the heat is gone, help us to be together and to make peace that will last. Fighting is over, let the healing start. Let all involved know that the fighting happened, and no one can win. Help us to put our hurt and anger aside and let pride not hold us, let us mend this fight and let harmony rule this day.”

Close the circles and thank the quarters, let the candles burn out. Take an action step in apologizing to anyone involved and then forgiving them. This can help to make the first step go towards the spell being stronger.

How This Spell Works

This spell is a witchcraft spell, and it will not create feelings or manipulate anyone to have certain thoughts. This spell works to bring peace and to take away any fear or hurt that might have come into the relationship. Anything that is hurting your relationship can be taken away with this spell.

Using witchcraft means that you are doing a spell that brings hope and peace and never to take away free will. You are helping your partner to remember the things that have been ignored such as the love that they have for you.

Witchcraft is similar to the Wiccan spell casting, and this works to bring goodness to all people. Love spells of this sort cannot be used to hurt other people because it uses white magic. The witchcraft works by allowing the spell caster to reach into their higher energy and to do the spell to bring peace with nature, the universe, and other elemental powers to help get rid of problems.