Commitment and Love Binding Spells

Love Binding Spells

If you are afraid of long-term commitments, you need to try the commitment and love binding spells. These are popular love spells, and they work best when both partners are committed to each other. They should give and take in the relationship and there should be trust and a good balance.

Everyone wants to be in real, honest, and committed relationships with their partners. Because of this, a commitment love spell and binding spell can work to increase the commitment part of the relationship. The respect for you and your partner will increase and the relationship will go to a new level.

How Can Commitment Spells Help?

Commitment spells can help when one of the partners are not sure if they want to make a long-term commitment to someone. You might feel that you have put all of your time into the relationship, and you feel that they need to make a commitment to you. If they have insecurity and doubts, chances are you are arguing over the relationship more than you want to be.

If you want to have a relationship that goes forward and you want them to feel the same, a commitment or a love binding spell can help to have your partner commit more to you. The spells can work on two different levels, one to make them love you more or to help bring back love that is lost and commitment from them at the same time.

Casting Commitment Spells

Casting a commitment and a love binding spell will help to get your partners soul and heart open so that they will bond with you and make a real commitment. You need to decide which one you want to cast before you start so that you can know which one to follow.

Sometimes these spells will use magical ingredients such as:

• Herbs.
• Candles.
• Oils.
• More.

You can use these things to cast the spell and you cannot substitute any of the ingredients or you will make the spell not work right. Also, some want you to cast a spell at a certain time of the day such as during a full moon which can make the spell more effective.

A commitment love spell can take away any evil things that are happening in your relationship and it can get rid of negativity. When this is done right, it can take away negativity and it can put positivity in the relationship instead. This will bring a commitment to you and your partner will be loyal to your relationship.

How Long Do Spells Take?

People sometimes wonder how long it takes a commitment spell to work. Timing is not a fixed thing, and you need to know that all spells work at different times. Sometimes they can take even up to 6 months.

No one can even guarantee how long a love spell will take to work. Some believes that a real spell will not work faster than a month, but others feel that spells will work in a few days or a few weeks. You should not look at magic as how long it will take but how effective it will be. Don’t give up if it isn’t super-fast.

Commitment Spells and Rituals

There are more people that are in your life than partners. These people can be negative, and they can bring negativity into your life. You need to get rid of these people out of your life before you do a love spell or a commitment spell or they can thwart it.

Deep Commitment Santeria Love Spells

No matter if you want to have commitment from your partner or if you want to find someone new that will commit to you, this commitment spell can make your relationship stronger. It can increase the bond and it can connect you with a lover.

Santeria is an ancient spiritual tradition, and it is magical. It has to do with the Yoruba tribe and the spells are passed down from generation to generation. This is similar to Voodoo and is a misunderstood magic. It is sometimes looked at as an evil thing or that it can be dark or fearful, but the truth is that it only uses white magic to bring good changes in people’s lives.

Ingredients for a Deep Commitment Santeria Love Spell

  • Cinnamon incense.
  • 5 golden colored candles.
  • Small pumpkin.
  • Spoon.
  • Honey.
  • 5 fishing hooks.
  • Brown paper.
  • Orange juice.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Pencil.
  • Picture of your partner.
  • White plate.
  • Perform the spell on Venus and Love Day, Friday.
  • Call on the god Oshun.

Casting a Deep Commitment Santeria Love Spell

You need to start by making sure that your area and candles are cleansed. Anoint the candle with honey and then put them on the altar. Light the candle and call on Oshun. Burn the incense next.

Cut the top off of the pumpkin and take the spoon and hollow it out. Put it on the white plate and add it to the altar that you made. Put your partners name on a piece of paper and put it in the pumpkin and add their picture. Add the 5 fishing hooks, orange juice, cinnamon, and honey.

Put the pumpkin top back on the pumpkin and make sure it is secure. It has to be closed and if it isn’t you need to pin it down. Never open it again.

Ask Oshun to come to you and speak so she can hear you. Tell her what you want the spell to do and once you do that, snuff out the candle.

At the same time, the next day, light the candles again and repeat the last step. Make sure that the candle can burn for at least an hour. Do this for a total of 4 days. Let the candle completely burn out on the fifth day and then put the pumpkin in a river.

Thank Oshun for helping you make your spell work.

White Magic Commitment Love Spell

Once you find someone that you love and you want them to commit to you, you can use this magic spell to help you. This can make your love stronger, and it can make you have a stronger bond. White magic takes away negativity and it can put positivity into your relationships. The universe can give you positive energy and when you want to cast this spell, you are embracing this positive energy which can come in the form of love.

If you want to use white magic to make your commitment stronger, you can use the spell to help you. White magic helps people to have a stronger bond by reaching to the higher powers. They will give you the best things that will make your life better. If you want to have a stronger commitment with someone new or you want to find new love or if you want to bring back a lost love, this spell can help you.

White magic is meant to bring goodness into your life and never to bring harm or to manipulate people. The spell should never be used to force someone to commit tot you if they don’t want that. If you do this, the spell will never work.

Ingredients for a White Magic Commitment Love Spell

  • Forget me Not oil.
  • 3 red or pink candles.
  • 2 white candles.
  • Matches.
  • Sterile needle.
  • Red ribbon.

How to Cast a White Magic Commitment Love Spell

Cleanse your candles and anoint them with the Forget me Not oil. Cast your circle. Put the candles in a pentacle shape with three top points with the red or pink candles and 2 bottom points with the white candles. Put the picture of your partner in the middle.

Light the candles with one match and start with the pink candle at the top point and then the other candles in a counter-clockwise fashion. Say, “The power of the fire, please complete my desire. With the power of air, bring eternity to this pair, with the power of earth, let us feel mirth, with the power of water, you love me even harder.”

Prick your finger with the needle and let 3 drops of blood on the picture and then kiss the picture 13 times. Fold the picture 3 times and wrap it with the read ribbon and hide it close to your bed. Let the candle burn out.

Egyptian Love Binding Spell

The power of the moon and lunar energies are stronger than some people know. This kind of magic can be hard to master but you can do it, and it will be worth it in the end.

You can use this spell which is an Egyptian binding love spell to bind your partner to your life. This uses white magic, but it also has dark magic in it because it doesn’t consider what your partner wants.

A love binding spell is not for people that have just fallen in love, and you should really care for this person. You should use this spell only when you want to make this person commit to being with you forever. You will have to give your entire heart and soul to the person. This spell will be sealed with your intentions, and you will have love that lasts forever.

Ingredients for Egyptian Love Binding Spells

  • Red candle.
  • Thread or string from your partners clothing.
  • String from your clothing.
  • Gauze that is 3×3.
  • Picture of you and your partner doing happy things.
  • Yard or string.
  • Call on Isis.

Casting the Egyptian Love Binding Spell

You need to make sure to cleanse and consecrate your candle before starting. Light the candle and remember how powerful fire is in the spiritual world.

Put the picture of you and your partner in front of you and think about what you want to happen in the relationship. Think about the bond that you want to make happen. Let the energy inside of you build and then take the red candle and drip wax on the picture.

While you do that, chant 3 times, “With all the love I have, let the powers form above help you to give your full commitment without hesitating. Love me deep and love me hard no matter if your heart is scarred. I need all your love and I need you to desire me and to let our love be on fire. I need you to need me, so mote it be.”

Take the string that is from your clothes and the string from your partners clothes and put on top of the picture of you and your partner. Fold the picture 3 times and wrap it with string and drip wax on the edges to make it close. Seal it with yarn or string.

Make sure that you are focusing on what you want to happen in your love bond. Ask Isis, the Egyptian love goddess to help you. Tell her what you want the spell to do. Take time and make sure that you are detailed. Once you tell your desires, thank Isis for helping you. Let the candle burn out.

Hide the talisman in your bedroom until you get what you want and then return it to nature by burning it, throwing it in a water such as a river or burying it.


You always need to have the right intention before you ever cast a love spell. These spells are very powerful, and you need to know that you want this before you go forward. This can take your strength and your energy and make it eternal using magic. If you are positive that this is what you want, cast a spell. If you aren’t sure that you are asking for the right intentions, don’t cast the spell or it won’t bring you what you want.