What Are Egyptian Love Spells?

Egyptian Love Spells

When it comes to magic, there are different traditions and beliefs. This happens because each region and each culture is different, and the magic is unique to these areas.

Magic is something that can ground you and when it is practiced, it can change people. This is why Egyptian magic came to be. Egyptian magic is a witchcraft that is used by people all over the world.

Understanding Egyptian Magic

Egyptian magic often works with mythology. It was created as a magic that had many forces that would be called Heka. This magic was part of ancient Egyptian life, and it was the way that many of the people lived.

Magic was a way that you could look deeper at nature and at god. It was powerful to each man, and it was supernatural. In ancient times, the Egyptians would work with nature and became one with them. They would use nature to help meet their needs and they would do this as a way of survival.

Magic would seem like random spells and rituals to the Egyptians, but they would use strong rules and conditions to do the spells. Some would only do the spells at dawn because it was considered the best time for spells to work.

The one performing the magical rituals had to be having no sex and were not able to be around women that were menstruating or impure things. They could not touch a dead body. Once they followed these rules, they could cast spells. This was done by the priests and was called Pharaonic Egyptian magic.

No matter where you visit or where you go, there will be some kind of magic for that area. There are people that love spells for things like fertility, love, and other things. They use magic and they raise the generation after them to use it to help them survive.

During Ancient Egyptian times, love was as important then as it is now. You can find Egyptian love magic spells that can help you to find love, even today.

Why Use Egyptian Love Magic?

People look at love and sometimes they forget that love and drama aren’t the same. They will pay attention to things like media and writing and will not appreciate what real love is. With Ancient Egyptian love magic, it shows the importance of love, and it shows that attracting the right person, and not just anyone, can make a difference in raising children and having families.

The more you understand Ancient Egyptian witchcraft, the more you will see that there are spells that can bring people together and bring security into the home.

Can You Use Egyptian Magic Today?

You can find many different Egyptian spells that you can use today where it comes to love matters. Unless you are fully committed to the spell and what it will bring though, you should never try it. There are too many people that use Egyptian love spells and get asked on a date or they cause other people to breakup without even realizing what they have done. This kind of magic should never be used for entertainment purposes or to just see if it can work.

Is Egyptian Love Magic Safe?

You have to be responsible when you do any kind of love magic. Egyptian love magic is meant to make your life better and it means that you have to have discernment. Casting a love spell for someone that you can tell is not a committed kind of person will leave you with someone that will cause you problems in your life.

Before you ever do this kind of magic, make sure that you know what could come from the spell that you are casting and that you are being safe and smart.

How to Get Egyptian Love Magic Rituals

When you are learning to cast spells, you can use Egyptian love magic. You can even ask a spell caster to cast the spell for you if you aren’t sure. This person can do this on your behalf and give you a talisman or symbol to tell you when the outcome happens.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to find someone from a coven that can help you to do the spell and guide you through it. This is a form of magic that you are committed to when you do it.

Being attracted and finding love is important and it can bring about strong feelings. It can make things hard though when you are dealing with those feelings. This is one of the reasons that you need to make sure that you are cautious when you are doing magic and that you understand what you are asking in the spell.

How Can an Egyptian Love Spell Help You?

People look at Egyptian magic and they relate it to love. This means that a love spell can help you to find the love that you want and desire in your life so that you can create a love story of your own. Egyptian love spells can help you to reach into the ancient magic and use the gods and goddesses to help you find love.

With the right intentions, you can have peace and happiness in your life, and you can bring positive love to you.

What Exactly Is Egyptian Love Magic?

Egyptian love magic is a spiritual practice that uses deities and gods. It works with nature such as the sun and moon and it can change the life by energies and by using nature.

When you ask the gods to help you and guide you, you can be spiritual and realize that you need help to make your beliefs stronger.

Goddesses and Gods of Ancient Egyptian Magic

One of the most important parts of Egyptian magic is the gods and goddesses that you call on. This energy can come from Isis or Cleopatra, and it can make your spell stronger. You need to choose a god or goddess that has the characteristics that you would want from your own partner. Or you can find one that can give you strength to do the right thing and to stay silent while you wait for the spell to work. You can tap into the power of these deities with Egyptian magic.

Egyptian love spells work with different gods and goddesses such as:

  • Osiris, the god of magic.
  • Isis, the goddess of magic, motherhood, and fertility.
  • Others.

The spells can do different rituals where you call on these deities to help to bring you love and good intentions. The effects of these love spells normally happens in a couple of days, and they are considered to be very strong and potent.

Symbols of Egyptian Love Magic

There are a number of symbols that people will use when using Egyptian love magic. These are symbols such as:

  • Eye of Horus for protection.
  • Ankh for guidance.
  • Hieroglyphics.
  • Colors.
  • Images.

There are a number of symbols and signs that can come to you during this magic, and they can bring different things into your life.

How Does Egyptian Magic Bring Love?

Heka lets you connect with divine power and bring love and the feelings of love into your life. No matter if you are single or you have someone in your life, the love spells can make you feel good about your love.

You can find new partners when you are single with this spell, and you can find them everywhere that you search. The right people will also find you and you will have true love and not just someone that is there for a small amount of time.

When you are in a relationship an Egyptian love spell can help to make your love strong and it can help you to have more excitement like you had when you first met each other.

Casting Egyptian Spells

Egyptian love spells should be done when it is a full moon so that the energy of the moon can help the spell to work more effectively. Egyptians believe like Wiccans that the spells have a threefold rule and if there is harm done during a spell it can come back to you three times stronger. Many of the spells are secret and are passed on secretly.

The Egyptian love spells are very sensitive, and they work. This is a kind of magic that can help to bring lovers back together or to make relationships better. The love spells can use the nature forces around you and make the spell stronger. This is white magic only and it will not harm you.

You might wonder if this kind of love spell can work against a person that doesn’t have the same will, and you need to know that these spells will not work against free will and they will not manipulate someone to get what you want.

If the spell seems too hard for you, you can find someone that can perform the spell for you. Find a professional spell caster to perform the spell. The love spells need to have positive energies and not to force people to do things they don’t want to do.

Are Egyptian Love Spells Effective?

The Egyptian love spell is very effective, and you need to be careful when performing them. Make sure that they are what you want and that you know this is the spell for you. They can make your connection with a lost person stronger and once reconnected with them, you can have a beautiful life together.

Don’t give up easily when your love life seems to be falling apart. Do things right and try a love spell and you will see that it can bring back happiness in your life.

Falling in Love Egyptian Love Spell

You should never feel alone when you do these spells. You can call your soulmate to your life, and you will see that you have love that can offer good things. You won’t have to always see other people have love, but you can have love around you.

The spell might go beyond anything that you ever imagined and if you do it during the right moon phase then you will see that this kind of magic can be strong and make someone fall in love with you.

Ingredients for Falling in Love Egyptian Love Spell

  • Pink candle.
  • 7 hairs.
  • 3×3 piece of gauze.
  • Parchment paper.
  • Safran.
  • 4 tablespoons of water in a bowl.
  • Toothpick.
  • Water.
  • Your name.
  • Your loved ones name.
  • Do this during the waxing moon phase.

Casting an Egyptian Fall in Love Spell

Make sure you start by cleaning your candles. Light the candle but be aware of how important fire is in the spiritual world.

Dissolve the Safran in the water till the water is yellow. Dip the toothpick in water and write your name and your loved ones name on the parchment paper. Put the 7 hairs on top of the name and fold the paper twice so that it is 1.5 x 1.5 inches (start with a 3×3). Wrap it in the gauze and drop wax on it to seal it.

When you wrap the parchment paper, focus on what you want and how much you want your loved one to fall for you. Build up your energy as big as you can. Thank the gods and goddesses for helping you and blow out the candle. Hide the paper in your bedroom until you get what you want.

When you get your wish, thank the gods and the universe, and return the paper into nature by burying it, burning it, or throwing it in water.

Egyptian Love Isis Goddess Spell

The Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility and love is Isis. You can use this spell and call on her to help you find your true love. You will feel good when they love you back and the desires that you have to be with someone special in your life can be complete.

We can all find love but sometimes we need help to make it happen and to find our soulmate. There is nothing wrong with getting the help that you need to find love. This means that you want to be happy and that you are on the right track.

You can do this spell on your own or you can find a professional spell caster to help you.

Ingredients for Egyptian Love Isis Goddess Spell

  • Red candle.
  • White candle.
  • Black candle.
  • Myrrh incense.
  • Vervain oil.
  • Bloodstone.
  • Silver bowl.
  • Milk.
  • Honey.
  • White flowers.
  • Red flowers.
  • 3×3 piece of gauze.
  • 3×3 piece of parchment paper.
  • Safran.
  • 4 tablespoons of water in a bowl.
  • Toothpick.
  • Water.

Do this spell on a full moon. Set up an altar and add Vervain oil and anoint all three of the candles that you have. Put them on the altar and light each of them and burn the Myrrh incense. Add the Bloodstone next to it and pour milk into the silver bowl. Add hone. Put everything nice on the altar including flowers.

Sit down and put the Safran in the bowl of water and wait until the water turns yellow. Dip the toothpick and write your name and the three love wishes that you have on the parchment paper. Drop 7 drops of wax on the paper with the white candle. Drip 7 drops of wax using the red candle and then 13 drops of wax with the black candle.

Create Isis

Fold the parchment paper twice and make it 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Wrap the gauze around it and add wax pieces to fold the paper. Use the white candle to drop wax on it to seal it. As you wrap the gauze around the paper, think of how you wish to find your true love and build up your energy as big as you can.

Ask Isis to help you and be honest. Be3 clear with what you want. When you are done, snuff out all the candles. Relight the candles for the next 2 days, a total of 3 days and talk to Isis again. ON the 3rd day, let all the candles burn all the way out and give the candles and the flowers to a body of water such as a creek or river.

Offer Isis fresh milk with honey on each day of the ritual.

Love Potion

People from different cultures use love potions to get what they want and to attract love in their life. You can use this to make your sexual life better or to get new love. The potions can be used to bring in romance and to make it powerful.

Egyptian love potions have natural ingredients, and they can make the body and the hormones feel good. You can use this as part of a ritual.

Ingredients for Love Potion

  • 5 ounces of Ethanol.
  • 2 Tbsp. distilled water.
  • .5 ounces of Almond oil.
  • Glass bottle.
  • Perfume bottle.
  • 1 coffee filter.
  • 24 drops of musk oil, rose oil, lotus oil.

Creating a Love Potion

Make this love potion on a full moon. Add the almond oil to the bottle and add the essential oils followed by the ethanol. Shake the bottle for 3 minutes and then put it on the altar.

During each Wednesday, say, “Iset Meret, let the winds of love come.”

Turn to the east and say, “Awake the love, passion and desire I have.”

Turn to the South and say, “Let warmth of love consume you.”

Turn to the West and say, “Let the flow of love bring me in.”

Turn to the North and say, “Let love become a reality.”

Then, on the next full moon, add the 2 tbsp. of distilled water to the potion and shake it for 3 minutes. Filter it through the coffee filter and pour it into its final bottle. It is now ready to be used.

Things to Remember with Egyptian Love Spells

When you use Egyptian love spells, you never want to manipulate someone. You should use these with love and goodness in your heart. You never want to do a spell that is going to bring harm to someone because it can come back to you.

These spells are popular to help bring you love, heal a broken heart, get your lover to propose, bring love back into your life and more. No matter what kind of love you want, try these spells.

Manifesting Spells

Love spells need to have time to manifest so remember that and don’t become impatient. Believe that nth relationship will work and be patient and have faith. You will see the spell work as time allows and you will see that it has power to manifest and to work. Use your inner power to meditate and stay positive so that the spells can be successful.