Love Magic

Love Magic

Love magic and love spells are for people that believe, and they can help you to get in touch with who you are. Love magic is something that many people talk about and many believe that casting a spell is not a good thing and they wonder if ethics should play a role in it.

It is important that you understand that love starts in your heart and you do not need someone to show you love in order to know that you are worthy of love and that you are important. Do not let someone come and put you in a toxic relationship, and if this happens, move on without them.

Spells are about love, but these spells should be about loving yourself and not forcing someone else to love you.

Love Magic

Love magic can help you to attract love. This will not make someone love you, it only works if someone is already interested in you and has the same feelings that you have. This can make the energy between the two of you stronger and be like a magnet pulling you together.

Instead of trying to make someone love you or fall in love with you, love magic is to make the love that is already there stronger. This magic can come in different forms, but you must have an open mind and heart.

If you want to be successful in love spells, you have to have strong and good intentions. You have to write a letter to the person you are attracting to your life and make your intentions understood. This is something you should write and then put in a safe place or burn the letter so that it can go into the universe.

Writing your letter should happen before you even begin a spell because it is important that the universe knows what you are wanting and that you are trying to attract the right person and energy.

When Does it Not Work?

Spells sometimes do not work because we cast them for the wrong reasons. You cannot make someone fall in love with you and the relationship must already be mutual or the spell will not work.

Magic only works when you put yourself in the situation to meet someone. If you are home and you are not talking to anyone or going out into the world, you will not find your true love. You have to give to get.

Spells might also fail if there is not enough information given or if you are not honest about your intentions. This can also fail if someone is in it just for lust and not for love.

It is important not to do love magic on one person but to open the world and your relationships to love magic so you can find your perfect love.


Love magic can backfire, and this is because you have a path that you are on that the spirit guides have led you on. When you do a spell, this changes that path and makes you to go somewhere that you are not being led.

If you understand your energy when you cast a spell, then you will be more successful. You should meditate before you cast a spell so that your energies and your mind are calm.

Always be positive and make sure that you are using the right spell. Do not ever try to trap or tick someone to love you because your spell will not work, and it can come back to you.

Magic Spells for Beginners

All love magic should be done on Venus’s Day which is Friday. Since Venus is the goddess of love, this is the perfect day. Write your letter of intention and meditate. If Valentines day falls on this day you might even be luckier.


Start each day by saying positive affirmations. Look in the mirror and talk about how much love you have. Doing this can bring you love, and the universe knows you are deserving of the love.


Use a salt bath with Epsom or Himalayan salt and then add some honey, rose petals or cinnamon to your bath. Bath with your heart open and do this for about fifteen minutes while you meditate. You can even play romantic music to get you in the mood.


Using candles such as a pink candle with your name carved in it can help you to put a spell on your crush. You can add different essential oils such as ginger, jasmine, gardenia and more. Use glitter to add to your candle and make this for Venus.


Write the name of your crush on a piece of paper and then put their name in the jar of honey. This can make them sweet on you within a couple of weeks.


Make a sage or rose petal sachet and put it under your pillow for a couple of weeks. You might dream of your perfect lover when you do this.


Remember, always have good intentions when you do your love spells and let love find its way to your heart.