Spells to Bring Passion

Bring Passion

When there is no passion in your relationship, it can cause the relationship to strain. When two people have been together for a while, they can lose the spark and things might not be as passionate as they were before. Passion is one of the reason that you fall for someone and if you need to have more passion, you can use this love passion spell to help bring this back into your relationship.

There are different things that can cause problems in your relationship, and this can cause there to be less passion. This causes couples to have less love for each other and can cause stress and other problems. This spell can take your love to a different level and fix things.

Ingredients for Spells to Bring Passion

  • 2 red candles.
  • Jasmine essential oils.
  • Wooden bowl.
  • 2 cups of rose petals.
  • ½ cup dried orange peels.
  • Massage oils, pictures of different couples or passion symbols.
  • Do this spell on a Friday or during a Full or New Moon.

Casting a Spell to Bring Passion

Start by taking a bath and dress in a way that seems sensual. Cast your circle and invite your quarters to come. Anoint the candles with the essential oil from the ends to the center. Put the candles on both sides of the altar and light them.

Put the pictures or the passions of symbols that you brought with you on the altar and put them between the two candles. Mix the orange peel and the rose petals in the bowl and breathe in the scent and imagine what you want in your relationship. Imagine the passion that you want to come and then say the following:

“Magic is what I need. I need sensual energy. I call now to be my own. Meld my mind and my body together. Take time for quietness for us alone. Let us be passionate and dance and take out a moment of life in a fast way. Touching, kissing, glancing with love. Place me in their arms with love and bring intimacy. Bless this desire and bring it from below and above and make us have passionate fire.”

Close the circle and invite the quarters. Let the candles burn out and put it in a safe place. Hide the rose petals under your bed.

How Can White Magic Help You?

Imagine that you have passion, and it fades, and it is causing problems in your relationship. Now you need to get this passion back so that you don’t have problems in your relationship. Cast off anything that is going to stop you from having lust and passion and use this magic spell to help you have power in your relationship.

Never use white magic to manipulate or take the free will away from others. The passion that you have can be for yourself. The passion can help to make a stronger bond in your relationship. Remember, there are different kinds of love spells that you can use in your relationships. If your relationship has problems, figure them out and remove them before you cast a spell.


  1. It’s intriguing how the article combines elements of traditional and mystical practices. While intriguing, it is important ensure that such methods do not replace essential interventions like counseling and open dialogue.

  2. The ritualistic approach detailed in the article might offer comfort and a sense of control for those struggling with intimacy issues. However, practical and continuous efforts in understanding partner’s needs are indispensable

  3. I see the point in using symbolic rituals for personal empowerment, but the claim that it can directly influence a relationship dynamics may be overstated.

  4. The article presents an interesting approach to rekindling passion in relationships. However, it is essential to address underlying issues before resorting to spells. Effective communication and mutual understanding are vital elements for any relationship.

  5. The idea of using a spell seems rather unconventional but if it promotes personal reflection and effort towards improving the relationship, why not. Yet, one should be cautious about attributing the outcomes soley to such practices.

    • I agree with you, Pickles. Rituals like these may serve more as a psychological boost than an actual solution. Communication and action often speak louder.

    • Absolutely, it’s crucial to understand the intent and purpose behind such rituals. They might help individuals focus their thoughts and energies positively.


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