How to Use Obeah Love Spells

Love Spells

When it comes to love, you might find that it is one of the most important things in the world. Obeah spell casters are very powerful, and they are able to do spells that work. It is not smart for people to cast these spells if they don’t know how to cast spells and they can always ask a professional spell caster to help.

Getting What You Want

Think about the situation that you are in with love. Obeah religion says that love is something that has all good and that it is a source of energy that is important. It can be hard to imagine real love when your life is in a situation where the love isn’t healthy or honest.

A person that does Obeah magic will bind another person to you even if it takes higher steps to make that happen. Once you do an Obeah magic spell, it is hard to break and so you need to make sure that you are committed to what will happen when you do this spell.

Darkness and Love Problems

Look at the commitment that you have in love. Do you have things in your life that are holding you back from being happy? Do you feel obligated to stay in a certain relationship? If so, an Obeah love spell might make you have to be free of a different love before you can get the love that you really want.

Getting darkness out of your life can be hard but you have to focus on having love that is true and love that is a blessing for you. You might be surprised at what this ends up meaning in your life.

What Spirits will Help You?

You can ask different spirits to help you with this. You can talk to Orishas or Obeah to help you in a love situation. You will need one that will work with you. You have to give something in order to get their help.

Orisha, for example, will want to have some energy as payment for helping you. This can be a dance that is dedicated to Orisha, or it can mean sacrificing an animal or burning some kind of candle.

If you are working on something that is difficult, you will need to ask Obeah to help you. This will stop offenses that can be caused when you aren’t prepared with the spirits on your side. Even telling your desires will be harder without questions when you aren’t sure of what spirits you need to get the help from.

Each time that you are attracted to a new person, you will feel that this person is who your true love is. If the other person in the relationship doesn’t feel the same though, you might feel that nothing will get rid of the things that will bring you happiness that you want.

When you feel that this is happening, you might need to talk to Obeah to help you. Spending time with an Obeah priest might help you to figure out what you can do in this tradition to get what you want.

Ancestral Situations

Ancestral spirits can help you because they have your highest good in their care. The problem is that if you break up with people over and over, it can have hidden things, and this can be hard to deal with. Some people will have problems in their relationships, and they find that this happens because of the ancestral energies around them.

An Obeah priest can find out what is causing harm and why your energies are being affected. No matter what your ancestors are doing or stopping, no matter if it is because of racial reasons, religious reasons or some other reason, an Obeah priest can help to figure this out and resolve it.

How Long Will You Be Committed?

After having been through multiple relationships, you might finally want to be in a relationship that lasts forever. Going through breakups can make that happen. Relationships are hard and finding the perfect partner can be even harder. You can ask an Obeah love spell caster to cast a spell but once you do this, you won’t be able to undo it. If you doubt the spell, it won’t work, and you should avoid even trying it.

As you figure out what love spells are, you will see that magic can get rid of challenges in your relationship and can give you power. The priest can make questions to your ancestors and once you understand the ancestors, you will see that they can be understood. It is easier to have love, energy and to know where to go once you understand these things.

If you haven’t gotten lucky with past love spell casting, you might want to focus on your ancestors and talk to someone that specializes in Obeah spells.

Casting Obeah Spells

Even great relationships will have their ups and downs. Sometimes when this happens, doing a love spell can help. The spells are hard to do but since they are linked to Voodoo, they can work. This is a less known kind of spell casting, but it comes from Africa and doesn’t have the same negativity tied to it as Voodoo does.

Obeah is considered black and white magic and since it was formed in Africa, it is considered a folk magic. This is a name, Obeah, that is referred to as a spirit and so there are often charms and other things that are used by people that cast Obeah spells.

What Can the Spells Do?

When you are good at casting spells, the Obeah spells can be powerful, and they should never be scoffed at for their power. You should only call on Obeah love spells when you need to see something happen and you have done everything else that you can to make it work. This is a powerful spell.

Obeah love spells work to bring back lost loves, to heal relationships that are strained and to restore the bond that you had with a previous love connection. It will get rid of negative things that are tied to your relationship such as divorce and separation.

The good thing about these spells is that it can cause love to come back into your relationship. It can mend relationships that are broken, and it can even be stronger than someone’s free will. This can take old emotions that someone felt for someone else and fix them, without having the problems connected.

These kinds of love spells will last forever and so you need to make sure that it is what you want. If you decide later that you didn’t want that, you will have to do a spell to break this one and it will break the love spell and the person will leave you.

Why Are These Spells Powerful?

These spells are powerful because they are magic that derived from Jamaica, Trinidad, and other places. It is considered a form of Voodoo and is a very powerful kind of magic. Obeah love spells have changed over the years and became even more powerful, and they are great at binding people.

If you feel that there is no hope in happiness for you, the spells are there to help you. Obeah has a strength that can help you to be able to call on certain spirits such as Orisha or other gods or goddesses and you can use their power directly.

No one should do this kind of magic if you aren’t familiar with the names of the spirits and what they value and stand for. Not using these spells, the right way can make the spell not work correctly.

This kind of spell will get power from nature, and this is why the love spell won’t be the same for one person as it is for another. There are different spells for different things that you are going for in your life.

Finding a soulmate isn’t going to be the same as getting your ex back and so the magic spells will be different. You will use this magic to get the spells and the spirits to work for whatever you need. Some people that practice Obeah magic will call upon their dead ancestors, especially the ones that cared for them in the past, and the ancestors will help them in the now.

Obeah Easy Love Spells

One kind of spell will work when you take a shower without soup, and you wash your face 7 different times. Make sure that your chin and the back of your head are totally dried. Wear clothing that is white and remove all of your jewelry.

Think about the one that you want to love you and the future that you want to have with this person. Don’t let your phone be on because it can be a distraction.

Ingredients for an Obeah Easy Love Spell

  • 7 of your hairs.
  • 7 drops of rose oil.
  • 7 rose petals.
  • 7 kernel seeds.
  • Stone from a house or garden.
  • Silver or non-gold metal ring.
  • Plant leaf.
  • Rope of thread.
  • Paper or cloth bag.
  • Flower pot.
  • Soil.
  • Picture of the person.
  • Item the person has touched.

Take the hairs and roll them on the leaf and then tie it with the string. Put this in the bag and then put 7 rose petals on top and the picture of the person in the bag. On top of that, put the item the person has touched and the stone.

Close the bag so nothing can roll out and put the bag into the flower pot and cover it with the soil. Put rose oil in the soil and put the pot in sunlight. 7 times a week water the flower and when the plant starts to grow, your lover will come to you.

Make Someone Fall in Love Obeah Spell

You can cast a spell to make someone fall in love with you. This is one of the most known spells around. It has strong energies that will be released when you do the spell and then they will desire you. Once you walk into the room that they are in, they will look at you.

This is a magic that was practiced in Central and West Africa. Obeah is a powerful spirit that uses magic. The magic is even used in the Caribbeans today where it has been a big thing since it started.

Ingredients for a Make Someone Fall in Love Obeah Spell

  • Picture of your lover.
  • Something your lover touched.
  • Picture of you.
  • Parchment paper.
  • Black yarn.
  • Pink candle.
  • Toothpick.

This is a spell that has been passed down from generation o generation and is considered one of the most potent love spells to make someone fall in love with you.

Casting a Make Someone Fall in Love Obeah Spell

Take the toothpick and engrave your name and your lovers name into the candle. Light the candle and hold your hand over the flame and say 3 times, “Stepitali Melutasi Rabubo Ro Ro (name of lover). Stepitali Melutasi Rabubo Ro Ro (your name). Hambuta Salika Te Te.”

Write the name of your lover on the parchment paper with a pencil and drop wax on the names until they are both covered in wax. Tie them up with the yarn and let the candle burn until it goes out on its own.

Put this under the bed until your lover falls in love with you and then burn the package.

Finding True Love Obeah Spell

This is a spell that can help you to find real love. It will bring the person that is meant to love you into your life, and it will get rid of anything that is stopping this love from coming to you. These can be spells that are hard but don’t be afraid of it. Even though they have different charms, chants, tools, and other things, you can do the spells successfully.

If you know that your love is out in the world, but you can’t find it, you can do this spell on your own or you can have a professional spell caster help you. Most of the time the person doing the spell needs to be confident and so that is up to what you feel. Finding real love isn’t luck but it is something that can happen at the right time.

Preparing for the Spell

In this spell, you need to take a shower and not use soap. Wash your face 7 times and then dry your chin and the back of your head till completely dry. Put on white clothes and don’t wear any jewelry.

Ingredients for Finding True Love Obeah Spell

  • A raw egg.
  • 13 hairs out of your head.
  • A fly.
  • 13 white dove feathers.
  • Syringe.
  • Green candle.
  • 10 Tsp. green ink.
  • 1 Tsp. rose oil.
  • 1 Tsp. Jasmine oil.
  • Mint leaf.

Casting a Finding True Love Obeah Spell

In order to cast this spell, you have to light the green candle and tear the mint into 7 different pieces. Take the raw egg and put a needle in the top and bottom of the egg and blow out the egg. Then, seal one end of the egg with the wax from the candle. Mix the mint, green ink, rose and jasmine oil together.

Take the syringe and inject the mixture into the hole of the egg and seal up the other hole with wax. Bury the egg at an address that has a 3, 13 or 33 in the number. Dig the hole 4 inches deep and bury 3 feathers and a fly. Cover the hole and walk 7 steps and dig another hole.

Put the 10 feathers in the whole, the egg on top and 13 of the hairs. Close up the hole and step back 6 steps, jump over the first hole and keep walking without turning around. Forget about what you have done and don’t tell anyone.

You should see your true love come to you soon and this will bring you happiness.

Controlling the Love Spells

The best kind of spell casters are able to understand what Obeah is and that it is good magic. They have spent years studying the occult and they know the power of magic and the dedication it takes.

Spell casters who understand magic can use it to balance the spiritual world around them. There are different kinds of magic, both black and white, that use Obeah love spells and you can use it to bring back love that is lost, bring back passion, clear paths so that you can find a special someone and call upon the gods.

Keep Pushing Forward

Once you decide to do Obeah love spells then it means that you have tried everything else. These spells are powerful, and you should never use them if you aren’t sure what you want. Once you cast this kind of spell you are not going to be able to reverse it.

The love spells will bind someone to you, and you should have a new love in your life or new kind of love within a few weeks after casting the spell. Be prepared for the love to come and to be swept away by the passion that is connected to it.

Obeah love magic uses nature and earth elements and powerful words that are often secret. Preparing for these love spells is important and make sure that you are doing this before you ever try to perform a spell. Those that are experienced will know that the magic is powerful and that it has been around for thousands of years. They know that the gods are powerful and can give you what you desire in your heart.

If everything else that you have done for love has failed, Obeah might be the kind of thing that you want to do. These spells have been used in the Caribbean, West Indies, United States and other places and they have incredible results.


  1. Well, the concept of exchanging energy or sacrifices for spiritual help is not new, but the specific practices of Obeah were new to me. It’s enlightening, though some parts were hard to follow.

  2. I found the notion of ancestral spirits intriguing, though im skeptical of the methodologies suggested. The commitment aspect is definitely important to consider.

    • Indeed, Bub. The ancestral angle adds a depth that many modern approaches to love and relationships might overlook. It’s a complex topic that warrants further study.

  3. It’s worth noting that Obeah spells, according to the article, are not a quick fix for love problems. It’s seems like a serious commitment that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

  4. The article provides an interesting perspective on Obeah spell casting, but it’s essential to be cautious when dealing with such powerful practices. Professional guidance seems to be crucial.

  5. Obeah’s connection to African traditions brings a rich cultural heritage into the conversation. However, readers should be aware of the ethical and moral implications and it may not be suitable for everyone’s belief system.


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