5 Spells to Get Someone to Fall Deeply in Love with You

5 Spells to Get Someone to Fall Deeply in Love with You

Most people on earth want to love and want to love deeply. We are created to connect intimately and we tend to feel at a deep loss when we don’t have it.

It is a particularly painful situation when you have strong, passionate feelings for someone but are not reciprocated. There is a way out of this predicament because there are five spells you can use to get someone to fall deeply, passionately, in love with you.

A Word of Caution

While looking at spells can be fun and reaping the benefits of them are enjoyable, casting spells has downsides. Eventually, the person targeted will figure out it was a spell that pointed them to your direction. Once they discover you have cast a spell, the spell loses its power. That means they will likely leave and the ending may not be pretty.

A spell to get someone to look your way is quite different from one that causes them to fall in love with you. With the latter spell, you are overriding instincts because that person currently isn’t interested. You are also attempting to override free will and really to control their mind. This can have an impact on both you and your love target as it sets a bad precedent for a long-term relationship.

A question to ask is do you want to force someone to love you? You are a valuable person in your own right and shouldn’t need to use a spell to get someone to notice it. Some would love you as you are without such a battle to get noticed.

Nevertheless, if you are determined to force the issue, here are five spells worth trying.

  1. The Deep Love Spell.

This spell aims at people already in a relationship and works to make the other person more aware of their feelings for you and want to build the relationship.

You will need a red and a pink candle, a toothpick, cinnamon oil, a pencil, a box of matches and paper.

First, you must cleanse yourself by taking a bath and wearing clean clothes. Next, write your name on the red candle and your lover’s on the pink candle. Then, light both and watch the flames as you visualize the two of you in love. You must do this for 30 minutes.

When that is done, use the pencil and paper to draw two hearts and put both names in each. Now, drop the wax on them and cover it.

This ritual must be done each day for seven days. You must bury the paper after all the candles burn out the last day.

  1. Quick Love Spell to Capture a Heart

This spell is white magic that works fast but won’t provide a result immediately. After all, love can’t be rushed. One rule to remember is a complicated spell will take longer to take effect than a simple one.

In this spell, you will need to make a voodoo doll using wheat flour. You will need the doll, a picture of your love target, their hair, or a used piece of red cloth. pins and mustard seeds.

To make the doll, prepare the dough, then rub the dough with your palm and start fashioning the doll with the head first. Move on to create the body with a cylindrical shape then make the arms and legs. Be sure to create the proper genitalia on it for man or woman.

For the spell, but the picture and any belonging of your love target on the doll. Prick yourself with pins so that the tips have some of your blood. Now, stick the pins near the doll’s heart area.

With that done, place mustard seeds in the red cloth and cover the doll with it. Start tying knots and do as many as possible while chanting “Let it be the night of no moon, no one should be with me. Let your heart be mine forever and ever.”

Now comes the tricky part. You have to place the doll near a four intersection road where your love target will find it and bring it home. If they open the knots, they will fall deeply in love with you.

Of course, there is some risk here. They may not open the knots and may not find the doll at all! A stranger could find it and open the knots, in which case nothing may happen since the doll was fashioned after your love target but you never know!

  1. A Spell to Prevent Love Stealing

Just as there are spells to get someone to fall in love with you, there are those that prevent someone else from stealing your love. This easy spell doesn’t require any ingredients and only requires that you chant.

You must chant loudly “You are not gonna steal my boyfriend, you’re not gonna snatch my boyfriend away from me, and that’s the final verdict.” You must do this twice a month.

The additional benefit of this spell is that your boyfriend will fall hard for you once the magic takes hold. After he does, no one will be able to take him from you.

  1. Soul Mate Spell

This spell isn’t so much for targeting someone you already are interested in but is one to draw your soul mate into your life. You must be ready for a commitment before you perform it because it is intended to bring someone to you for a forever relationship.

You will need authentic parchment paper, a heart-shaped box, moon charcoal, moon incense, and a special tool for ritual writing. That would be something like a calligraphy marker or quill pen.

First, you must clean your aura. For this, seek some meditation time. Then, use a pen to write powerful words on the parchment paper aiming at calling your soul mate. It is important not to think about a specific person. You must be open to all possibilities or the result will be affected. Now chant, “If there is a perfect match, this work tonight will for sure catch. The perfect one who is meant to be will find a way to me. In perfect trust and perfect love, I am sending this out and not with lust. This love spell is our guide tonight, free will remains with us tonight.”

Continue in meditation and eventually light the ritual charcoal. Now, read the words you wrote down on the paper three times and sprinkle a tablespoon of moon incense over the fire each time. Fold the paper and put it in the heart-shaped box. Hide the box somewhere safe where no one will find it and wait for your wish to come true.

You must keep the faith and maintain positivity from the beginning of the ritual throughout your wait time. This is the secret for these spells to work well.

  1. Simple Love Spell

This is a pretty simple spell that gets a love interest to fall hard for you. Even though it is simple, it does require someone to adequately prepare because it does involve several ingredients.

For this spell you will need, a one-meter red silk cord, a picture of your love target and one of you, the dried petals of six red roses, your perform, and a big glass jar.

Began by removing all the petals from the roses and put them in the jar. Now chant, “Listen to my words and listen to my heart, please let me in and never forget me.” You can also express your feelings if you don’t want to use ready words.

Now, spray the perfume inside the jar and wrap the cord around the two pictures while you continue to chant. Finally, place the wrapped photos inside the jar, close the lid, and place it on your altar. Leave it there for seven days and open it on the eighth day, allowing the fragrance of the perfume to fill the area.

To complete the ritual, you should either bury the jar or set it in freshwater. If correctly done, your love target will fall for you immediately. This spell works best if done on the Friday of a full moon. You can also get good results on any full moon.