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Love spells anyone can cast

Love spells anyone can castNot everyone believes in the power of love spells, but quite a few people believe in black magic. I’m not sure why that is the case. It seems too much to ask to be able to create the world around us in our favor.  Magic may not be real, but things are much more interesting  when one believes in it.

Love spells come out of folklore. Almost every culture has a traditional medicine or prayer that can bring about love.  There is a Dominican ritual to make a man’s eye turn to you.  First you write his name on a piece of paper Then you fold it several times. Next you put it in your shoe. Finally you stomp up and down on it stating your intention to dominate him.

There are coercive spells, the kind of spell that actually manipulates the feelings of another, these can be found in novelty spell books or in the darkened recesses of metaphysical shops.  There are some good will oriented spells in this vein. One such spell is called a sweetening spell. It purports to draw love to you by emphasizing your own qualities so that others may see it.  For this spell you need sugar in cube form, brandy, honey, brown paper and a red ribbon.

First you write your intended’s name on the paper and write your intention around the name.  Your intention can be something simple about how you want to be when you are around this one. (If you find that you constantly spill your drink when you are near your intended, you can also ask that your beverage stay in its vessel.)   Then you eat spoonful of the honey. Next you place the paper in the honey, pushing it down until it is all the way in.

Next you soak the sugar in the brandy. Then you set the sugar cubes around the jar. Next, light the cubes like a candle. Then tie the red ribbon around the jar.

More complex spells use candles. Candles are used when you when you want to customize a spell and you would like it to work quickly.  Candle spells require specific colored candles for specific spells. Red candles, for example, can help you cut ties with old loves. Pink candles are used to attract whatever kind of relationship you want next. It doesn’t have to be for a life long love, it can be for a fling, or a casual relationship or anything that you want.

With these spells you also write your intention. If you get seven day candles, you must let them burn until their all the way out.  Don’t worry if you have to blow them out for safety when you have to walk away from them to go to work or go to bed. By lighting the candle , you are casting the spell.  There are even some candles in the shape of genitalia. These candles are different colors for different purposes.  If you are in doubt of which candle to buy, ask for help.

You may also be advised to cleanse you space of negativity energy. It is entirely up to you if you choose to do it.  Remember to keep your sense of humor as you cast these spells.

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