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Spiritual Safety

Spiritual SafetyMany feel that autumn is a sensitive time of year and between the Equinox and Halloween has opened the earthly world to the spirit world where spirits can easily pass through.  With this openness, hauntings can come, and shadows are often lurking.  This is a time to make sure that you are protected and that there is light in your soul.


A spell is something that you can make to send to the universe and then get something in return.  Most spells are positive and help to create a different form of reality than what you have.  A spell is similar to calling out a prayer into the universe, but with a prayer, you just ask and do not have to take any kind of action.  As with a prayer or a spell, you have to believe that the universe loves you and make sure that you have intentions that are pure.

Many spells use different items to help the spells become powerful.  Some spells use candles, crystals, cards, oils and more.  This allows there to be a substance with your spell that can bring a force behind it.  The substances are in tuned with the spell and can help you to have fun and to be respectful to the spirit world.  Using these different items can help the spell be fun and amazing.

Using Crystals for Protection

Psychics use crystals for all sorts of purposes such as protection, healing and to keep the aura strong.  Using the crystal labradorite is one that many psychics use to protect themselves because the crystal is strong at increasing the awareness and protected the spiritual part of the body.  This crystal is also easy to find in shops.

Crystals are powerful and you need to make sure that you are making a personal choice when you choose a crystal and not ordering it online.  When you do your spell, you need to start by going to a crystal shop and listening and feeling the power behind the crystal that you are going to call on because the crystal will feel what you are feeling and will choose you.

Labradorite is a cheaper costing crystal but it is very powerful.  When you make your choice of which one you want to buy, always cleanse it and make sure that you say a prayer over it.  You can cleanse your crystal by putting it under running water and speaking to it.  Always bless your crystal.

Next, you want to make sure that your crystal has the power it needs to work.  Put the crystal on the table with a candle beside of it and light a joss sticks of lavender or a sage smudge stick and let the smoke fill the area that you are around.  Tell the negative feelings, thoughts and spirits to go away.  Imagine that there is a white light surrounding you and face the crystal.

Imagine that the crystal is putting protection around you and that it is forming a circle around the room.  This circle is going to protect you.  Imagine that the circle gets bigger and bigger until it is completely around you and the room that you are in.  Know that in this circle that you will always be protected and have power.  Imagine that you are inside of the crystal and that you have peace.

When you are ready to leave the crystal, put your hands on the floor and touch your palms to the floor, picking up the power of the crystal.  Blow out the candle and put the crystal in a protective pouch.  Always carry this crystal with you when you go anywhere you need protected.


When you grow your own herbs, it gives you special power to keep you safe.  Use basil for each room in your home and mint.  Growing your own herbs can give you extra protection in your home.  If you grow your own, you create a light in your home that is strong and powerful.  Use a white candle and put your crystal touching the candle and pile the herbs by it.

Think of the vibrational frequency in the plant and all the good smells and colors that the herbs and plants give you.  Imagine yourself in a meadow of herbs and flowers and breathe in the smell of nature.  The herbs are a gift from the spiritual world to protect you and make you happy.

Allow your crystal to enter into the herbs and let the herbs absorb all of the protection from the crystal.  Let the herbs activate their power so that they can keep you and your home safe.

Put basil in each room and hang bay over all of your doorways.  If you need extra protection, sprinkle mint and get acorns for your home.  Make a star with your fingers over the windows and thank the sky, earth and stars for their protection.

Evil Spirits

There are many things about demons that people say but most of the problem is the fear that they cause you.  They can cause you to feel negative or unfriendly and this can cause you to have lower vibrations.  You need to raise the vibrations to get these feelings to go away.

The best way to do this is to get some bells and take a deep breath.  Imagine a white light covering you and your bells.  Hear the sounds of the bells and as it gets stronger, imagine your vibrational frequencies getting stronger too.  Imagine any unwanted demons to leave and to be driven out of your home.  Let them see the light and go towards it.

Keep making the sounds with the bells and dance around your home, singing if you would like.  Purify the room by calling in the light and making it a happy and positive place.

Hang wind chimes around your house after you are finished to keep the music playing.

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