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  1. Rainbowlove is wonderful. She is so practical and very understanding.

  2. Thanks for all the great advice you are wonderful.

  3. Lucas is spot on. Last time , she sensed the problem brewing at home and she was right. I was ready for the issue and it soo totally helped me move through and onward in my life! We also talked about my job, she hit the nail on the head! I was able to glide through the upheaval at work and come out smelling like roses! This time she provided some serious insight on a co-worker that could be trouble. Time for me to tone down a bit on that front, ease back and let serious work face shine through! I had NOT seen this for what it was, but once Ladylight pointed out the issue, it was like boom .. how could I have not seen where Bob was coming from. Her insight may once again, save my behind.

  4. Thank you Jaclyn for the pep talk. Really needed it. Your a great cheerleader.

  5. Thanks so so much

  6. Lucas is very honest. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. I truly enjoy talking to her. She doesn’t sugar-coat, but she tells it like it is. She also showed me the many positive side to my situation as well as some great ways of dealing with it. Overall, I would highly recommend talking to her. Thanks againThulla

  8. Thank you for listening and coming to a great solution.

  9. PschicGem is my go-to when I need a quick (and she’s QUICK) sanity-check on my own intuition or when I think I’m not seeing something clearly about *myself*. She’s helped me avoid some potentially-major missteps in both personal and professional relationships, and her combination of maturity, insight, alacrity, and humor is exactly what I need.

  10. You are POWERFUL and ACCURATE as always! Her readings have always proven right and she truly cares for her clients. Truly gifted and the real deal!

  11. She is amazing!PsychiAva3 you are the best;”’

  12. Harmony1111, sweet kind caring

  13. “Thanks Thulla you see Marco is not talking with wife
    in Ecuador. They are back and forth in the relations.
    Persive he love me dear. But not making a decision
    with me yet you see in the long way he will be with
    me but divorcing will take couple of years. But see
    me with him and slowly will be more attached with
    me. Didn’t see him with no body right now. Like me
    very dear and will get more closer. Thsnk you.”

  14. Thank u!!!So unbelievable, very good.

  15. “Very quick and to the point…. Wanted more
    details but overall the reading was good….thank
    you Portia!!!!”

  16. Thank you, CrytalRose, for helping me out.

  17. thank you Lucas, will keep you update. Ping

  18. “Wow I love talking to her …she know want to say and
    everything she says is true..Will be calling here back …Seer2020”

  19. Hasper thanks again for your excellent psychic reading

  20. Amazing great reading, didn’t need to say any names or anything and she picked up on the situation exactly… wish I could talk for longer !

  21. Thank you, Ladylight, for once again bringing me back to reality when I freak out. I truly appreciate your honesty and how you always have a way to make me see the light.

  22. MissTula is a sensitive and gifted lady with a heart of gold. She was very clear with me on what she picked up, although I think I confused her by throwing two different guys at her at one time. I can tell she is the real deal and I look forward to chatting with her again!

  23. Bella is like a great friend and life line. She is always accurate with the situation and her predictions come true!!

  24. Wow. mentioned something that is a distraction in the life of the person of concern that she could not have known unless she is truly gifted, and Nadia is! I was actually very surprised that it was mentioned at all. brilliant! i do believe everything will unfold as you say. and will come back to let you know as it happens 🙂

  25. TrueWisdom is one of my two go to advisors. She always reads the situation accurately, she is warm and comforting, and I see her as a friend and not just an advisor. Because of TrueWisdom, I am able to stay relaxed and focused and do what I need to do to get where I want to go. She deserves 1,000 stars. Thank you, for keeping me sane!

  26. Nadia OMG you have been great. You are like a best friend, confident, parent and healer all wrapped up into one. You give an honest answer and you tune in to a situation right away. In my opinion, you ARE the BEST on this site. You also have a warm, humorous and loving spirit. With all my love and gratitude! 🙂 xo

  27. MissTula is my go to. She really is the best here. A lot of things I ask her pan out. She doesnt need names or dob and she responds very quickly and accurately. I ask her if me and my bf will be travelling together as everything is booked already she said she see me travelling alone and see us going home together and that he will follow there will be some delays.. and guess what I am on holiday right now left alone and my BF booked a ticket 7 days after… I wont talk to anyone else only her 🙂 the BEST.

  28. Each and every day I am so grateful and truly thankful to have this beautiful angel wrapping around the wings of the princess. You are an inspiration and a blessing to my life. Thank you and I cry with tears of joy for all the beautiful things youve done for me mother Topaz. I love you

  29. Always my favorite and CaloosaWolf is with me every step of the way in my new journey. I am sorry we got cut off of chat…. I always feel such peace after our chats CaloosaWolf, thank you

  30. Thank you very much!! Impressive!! and also, your words very helpful for me. 🙂 MamaSita i didn’t have time to say thank you.)

  31. Starangle is an amazing psychic and healer. I have had countless readings with her at this point and she is always positive and empowering– and gives me a bigger picture perspective, a spiritual point of view of things that can be easy to lose when you’re in the middle of something intense. She genuinely cares and I am grateful to her for always being there.

  32. Had a followup reading with Missj. We were cut off Missj, but thank you for breaking the situation down for me. I finally got it.

  33. Prediction unfolding at the present moment…love you MissTula for giving me hope when i needed it the most xooxoxox

  34. Serenity is a sweet lady.. funny, down to earth, I enjoy her advice and her visions, but her timelines are happening… .. she says alot that I know is right.. and the predictions happened.

  35. Adri, I can’t wait to call you again 🙂 thank you so much and I’ll let you know when he asks me to marry him 🙂 hugs!

  36. Honestly I wish you were my friend in life Robin. Very warm, insightful and funny. I do leave our time feeling encouraged and optimistic, but you never sugar coat, rather tell it like it is (with love). Thank you as always. I will continue coming to you for life guidance. 🙂

  37. Great reading, could have used more detail, but Robin was very nice

  38. LoveMay said she saw something very positive on the 10th. Quick, honest and accurate.

  39. Always grateful for your guidance! 🙂 Hopeful for the future. Thanks Serenity.

  40. Aurora is amazing. She’s the only psychic who could give me clear career direction. Thanks a lot.

  41. Great advisor! I have contacted Seer2020 over the year and his predictions are accurate. Will continue to seek his insight!!! Thanks!

  42. Thanks as always! Sorry I ran out of time, will connect again soon… Serenity is absolutely amazing!!!

  43. GiftedGeorge is a genuine real psychic. No fairy tales. Finance issues have always proven correct in line with predictions in the past.

  44. Robin you were right, again!! Contact came just as you predicted, and we are talking again tomorrow. Thank you for calming my nerves, drying my tears, and setting my mind back to normal after the horrible (and incorrect) message delivered to me earlier.

  45. We connected instantly. I called for my first angel card reading and not only was Aurora a great listener but she picked up that I may need a mix of card readings, not just angel cards. Truly delightful. I will be calling again.

  46. One of my favorite “go-to”s. Lucas, your reassurances were the most appreciated and I can breathe a bit deeper now. Will definitely call again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  47. Zylisaa is genuine, on point, honest and right there with you. She honed in on my situation quickly and spoke with confidence. She has good insights and give you valuable information to think about. A great reading at a time I really needed to hear it.

  48. Five stars is not enough for this phenomenal advisor! Thank you for everything MamaSita!

  49. Great reading with a great advisor. Annmarie is awesome! You’re just like an apple a day 🙂

  50. Melissa’s excellent, very kind and intuitive, fast, and gives you answers.

  51. Heather Martin

    Excellent, very kind and intuitive, fast, and gives you answers. Julia is a real deal.

  52. I feel very nourished and supported through my reading with Hunter. She shared psychic, intuitive, heart-felt wisdom, guidance, and very immediately applicable practical advice with me. I’m grateful!

  53. Jessica Donnelly

    I feel very nourished and supported through my reading with Gigi. She shared psychic, intuitive, heart-felt wisdom, guidance, and very immediately applicable practical advice with me. I’m grateful!

  54. I had to put $ on my card to continue the amazing reading. Exceptional that’s what you are and thank you Dustin. You are a true psychic.

  55. Gracia Kennyta

    CherryLyn is a gifted reader and sticks to what she sees. she was right he and I communicated much more and what she said was true. She helps and guides you to a peaceful place!!

  56. Thank you Robin for once again calming my nerves. I truly appreciate your insight and advice.

  57. Francisco Gunn

    Lucas has become my best friend. He is very sharp and accurate. 10 stars is what I would rate him if possible. My topics ranged from my love life, energy, and past life to my pet. Money well spent.

  58. She put a smile on my face. So far the best reading I had. Thank YOU Hunter 🙂

  59. I LOVE Ginnie, with many good reasons! She is so gifted, and accurate. She always has been right. Most of all, I really like her. Ginnie has been supporting in thick and thin.

  60. Ms. Solutions, I could talk to you for hours if I had the money :-). You are so peaceful and your vision is outstanding. Thank you for remembering me and my guy, that truly means a lot. I promise to keep in touch with you and to keep you posted on our progress. Thank you for being you and for sharing your gift from God. Love you lots!!!!!

  61. It has been a long two months since I have had a reading with Robin–a spiritual in more ways than one. She rights my world with her unique, a cut above blend of Robin reading: accurate, articulate, assured invariably delivered in that music of a voice with heartfelt caring and such loving kindness. From the very start and over the last five years, Robin has never once wavered in her vision of the breadth and depth of the love between my beloved and me nor in the beauty of a future life that (soon) awaits us.

  62. Veronica Sasson

    THANK YOU Charrine!!!!! For that BEAUTIFUL reading! I’m sorry for the crying outburst … You really touched my SOUL! ..To think he saw me & his mother meeting was breathe taking thats been a long time dream of mine To 1 day meet his mother the woman that birth him REALLY WARMS MY SOUL!! LOVE YOU Charrine! ; )

  63. She shocked me by picking up on my dog and what breed it was, and by knowing the person in questions mental disorders and that this person is on medication for it. You are so spot on and have a good advice. Thank you.

  64. Prediction happened within the specific time frame given! Excellent overall experience with Ginnie! Highly recommend!

  65. You are just wonderful, no questions asked. Melissa is very insightful and helpful. Great help and understood things I did not see. Big thanks.

  66. Strangle is a gem and truly gifted. She was so accurate in the feedback she gave me about the person I called her about. She also gave me some excellent suggestions in how to handle navigating the challenging relationship. Thank you!!

  67. Charrine was really friendly and she’s so straight to the point. Very detailed with guidance.

  68. CherryLyn is one of the best. She just knows and will not say what you want to hear.. but what her true guides tell her.. Thank you for being true.

  69. Zylisaa, I’m sorry I was so over the top the other day. You help to give me hope but I’m afraid its fleeting. Please Zylisaa, keep praying for me….keep hoping because I need someone to help me. I’m in line to talk to you and am hoping to get some insight. Thank you for staying with me so far Zylisaa.

  70. Thank you Lilia. I don’t know what brought those to my mind today. Lilia was exceptional, she knew things she could not have known. I really wish I had more time.

  71. Renee asked me if I was getting a new roommate and I said no and was a bit surprised. Last night my niece called and needs a place to stay and is coming here. Wow! But then I say that a lot with Renee.

  72. She lifts my spirits because her readings are always couched in genuine, compassionate, intelligent listening–she gets what one means rather than what one says. I believe Julia has the pulse of the psychic’s spiritual world. I seek her guidance because she is able so elegantly and clearly see and evaluate the events of my love life on a more encompassing canvas, with a wider sweep. Julia brings truth and beauty to my world!

  73. Ginnie is extremely gifted!!! love, love, luv her 🙂 She wont give you false hope, only speaks the truth.

  74. Pleasure to talk to, Sita you’re always right. I’ll stay in touch as soon as I can. Thanks for being there. I really trust your guidance and your advice.

  75. Ginnie is always consistent with her reading and encouragement. She doesn’t lie to make you feel better. The truth all the way.

  76. Joan knew about stuff in my career that no one else could know. She picked it all up in a short time… I’m having a life wrenching block in my career and she was able to identify the cause and now maybe I can try my hardest to resolve it…without her guidance Id be wasting money on things that would get me nowhere. Thank you Joan.

  77. Angelica is good, compassionate and her timing is also accurate. Hope that everything she says happens but then again it’s up to GOD.

  78. Ramona always brings such clarity and depth to any situation you bring before her. Her intelligence and depth add such dimensionality to her metaphysical gifts. It was such a pleasure to share my spiritual experience with her last week. So glad that, after taking a break to drink some water, she decided to log back on because I was able to talk with her and end the day on such an inspiring note!

  79. Dora is a truly special person. I always feel connected and she always makes me feel better no matter how down I am.

  80. I don’t know how I would make it through this rocky journey without my Angelica! Thank you so much!

  81. Looking forward to your time lines… What a blessing!! Thank you!!

  82. Robert, you are so fantastic and gifted. I would give you a 50 star ratings as i always get more than what i asked. Thanks for your honesty and insight in what you see!

  83. Brandy, you are my ultimate psychic. You’re all knowing, honest, trust worthy and very kind. I’ll call you back soon.

  84. Great! Ginnie has been great with me all the time. Accurate and kind 🙂 She deserves a thousand stars.

  85. Angelica, I love talking to you though and I will definitely follow up when I have more funds. Thank you so much! You’re fantastic Angelica.

  86. As many times as I call about the same thing, Sita always helps me and is always nice and compassionate especially since i worry excessively- she’s amazing.

  87. It was a pleasure speaking with you. I can not wait for your predictions to happen again Martha. Thank you again.

  88. Ginnie.. I never get to thank you but know that I am always grateful for your help. You are my angel! Thank you for your patience and kindness, allowing me to ask same questions over and over and yet remain pleasant and compassionate. Thank you, Ginnie. I’ll talk with you again soon…Aloha! 🙂

  89. I love you CherryLyn. She is a very precious angel in my world. Most excellent readings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart CherryLyn.

  90. One of the best. I always cherish my readings with Dimitri, no matter how long or short they are.

  91. I haven’t spoken to Robin in close to 4 years. She has not changed in her abilities. Back then it was easy to reach her! No long call lines! Lol! Thank you dear lady.

  92. Thank you Georgina. It has been a pleasure to talk to you as always. Your kindness, compassion and wisdom help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and guide me in difficult time. You are truly gifted and a beautiful person.

  93. You have been the most accurate. To all who read this for the first time, Alex is gifted beyond words.

  94. Not enough stars to show how great of a reading I had with Ginnie. Thank you so much Ginnie.

  95. Thank you!! it was hard talking to you today because I was in the store trying to get through a check out our first call was interrupted for technical difficulties and the second one I had no privacy thank you for your talk. I will keep you posted Martha.

  96. Bella, they got married… it happened much sooner than I expected…. I’m so emotionally messed up right now… I can’t believe that it happened Bella. I waited and waited and waited… but he gave up… I don’t know if she got pregnant or not.. but he married her… she won Bella. She got him fully now and forever.. I don’t know which way to go anymore….I should have listen to you.. He left me Bella..

  97. Can’t believe Shelly remembered me by my voice after 3 months. Just love reading with Shelly… She is so kind and delivers her message with such compassion as a best friend would …. Thank you again xxxoo.

  98. Very sweet lady… tried to add more money before we got cut off… I could talk with you all day Lola… I will be calling back when I can get free time.

  99. Patricia Whitsett

    Thank you Leona, you are a blessing. You saw exactly what I needed to know with just my birth date. I am looking forward to this new year and transition. Thanks again!! I will keep you updated.

  100. Christine Tuttle

    Your amazing Luke and someone I trust and admire. No one gets time lines right all the time but all you have seen is happening and I know the rest is coming, when it’s suppose to!

  101. Elizabeth Farlow

    I do hope your prediction comes to pass. I hope to hear from him like you said Tara. Tara, you were so on point about him going back and forth and everything else you said is true.

  102. Martha gets better every time I read with her. I have talked to many over the years but her connection is just unreal. Wonderful lady and very very gifted. Once you read with her, there will no longer be a reason to search for someone real. She is an A+ advisor.

  103. Thank you Natalie. I will take your advice and not contact and have faith that he will contact me as you see it. I would love to get a sign to give me hope that he and I will have an opportunity for love. Sorry our time got cut short, Ill be waiting for your word of affirmation that you wanted me to repeat after you. Hope to talk to you soon Natalie and with good news.

  104. Thank you so much Tula and it was wonderful to hear your calming voice again. Thank you for being there through this crazy journey with me on both fronts. You have been grounding and caring and someone to count on always! Thank you for your vision and thoughtfulness and accuracy and making me feel like you are right there in the trenches with me.

  105. This is my first review… I’ve been on this site a year or so. I spoke with Sita today. I’ve been trying to get over broken heart for the last two years. Now a new man has turned my head so to speak. Sita could see how worried I was and made me feel reassured to let myself let someone in again…be brave she said… Sita brought tears to my eyes.

  106. You are the best Sabrina. Sabrina is such a blessing to me. I have been talking to her for a long time now and she is always f.

  107. Thank you Stella for talking to me last night. You helped me tremendously. I just hope that in a week or so. I receive an answer. It’s hard to wait. My gut feeling says I won’t be receiving anything so I am hoping I am wrong and you are right. You are amazing!! Thank You for all you do

  108. Vivian’s reading resonated with my situation precisely. Impressive! [she] is extremely gifted! She quickly and accurately picked up on my situation and the person of inquiry.

  109. Peter Placentino

    Jade is very compassionate. She can read a situation very well without a lot of information. I would call again.

  110. Thanks for always being there for me! Shelly reads with integrity and accuracy.

  111. Sage is always fabulous. She is the type of reader that is compassionate as well as firm with what she sees. if she doesn’t see something, she tells you directly and i appreciate that.

  112. Thanks Robin! It was a very positive reading and I hope things will pan out just as you predicted because I genuinely feel like there is a very special connection me and H have together 🙂

  113. Kristine Stagliano

    You know that feeling you get when something special happens to you? I get that feeling every time I speak with this woman. Sita is light and love in all the true sense.

  114. Serenity, you are so motherly. I felt so calm in our reading. Things have been hard for me but you put it all in perspective.

  115. Robin was very nice to speak too. Very disappointing that my time ran out so quickly, we were just getting into the heart of things when time ran out. She is a very nice and easy to speak too. Will definitely call again.

  116. Oh dear Lord… Noel, there are lots of affirmations/prayers going on now!! It has been a long time in the making as you said… I am just concerned how it will all pan out! Guess it will be as it is meant to be…

  117. Kimberly Turner

    As always, Martha is so pleasant and always accurate. Her projections are all happening. I remembered the first time I called Martha, she told me it will be about almost 4 to 6 weeks before A and I will be back and I said (WHAT) but guess what she is absolutely correct. The most accurate psychic I have ever known along with Ricardo and Luke. Love the 3 of you.

  118. Robin, You have been the most detailed. Great reading! I am looking forward to your prediction coming true! Thanks! I feel better now!

  119. Jenn, you are absolutely correct. Your time frame is so accurate. It is truly indeed going back to normal and even better with A. Love you Jenn and will keep you posted. God bless you and your family. You are really gifted.

  120. Beth was very insightful into my situation and the questions that I had. She helped me to see my situation in a different way and how to deal with it. There were a few things Beth told me that I didn’t want to hear but the most important thing I was hoping to hear she did tell me.

  121. Katherine is always a perfect guide for a reading. Her insights are extremely helpful and she’s been spot on for the last 6 months. Would recommend!

  122. Truly one of the best. Honest and so understanding of my situation. Ricardo has become a trusted friend. He helped guide me through the darkest times and now we can both laugh at the situation how it has all turned out. Thanks Ricardo for everything my friend.

  123. Great as always. Luke, you’re like a brother. I know that you truly care about me and my happiness. Thank you for never wavering on your visions, for keeping me in your heart, and for wanting my happiness more than I do.

  124. Alex was fabulous. He was quick with his feedback, and captured my situation and the direction my life was going to take over the course of the next few months. I look forward to his predictions coming to fruition.

  125. I see why everyone loves Molly. She is great and cares about your situation. I will use her again. Thanks so much Molly.

  126. Debra is always right on for me. I always call her and her timelines have been right on as well. She is amazing.

  127. I have been privileged to speak with Doris on numerous occasions this past 4-6 weeks. Doris is my favorite reader here and is truly gifted in a number of ways. I can’t say enough and remain extremely grateful for her time and readings regardless of the outcome.

  128. Christopher gave me a date for contact from my ex and it happened. You are so accurate dear.

  129. Dee, that’s a great reading. She could pick up on existing matters.

  130. Christopher’s always fantastic! Thank you.

  131. Lupe, I just want you to know that you have enlightened me on ideas that I had not been willing to accept before. Thank you for letting me know that everything will work out and that I am not crazy. Thank you so much and I hope to talk to you again soon.

  132. Thank you Robin, you were very helpful. Will keep you updated. I barely had to say anything. Don’t forget about about me I will call back to give you updates. May things unfold as you have predicted. God Bless!

  133. Thanks. I am sorry it was such a quick chat, I just needed a boost. You are great, Sita.

  134. Robin is truly the best psychic. On top of being the best, she is honest and a great person to talk to. Thank you Robin for putting my mind at ease for the future.

  135. Awesome is the only word for you, Ginnie! ! You were totally accurate with everything-you nailed both people to a T! I will keep you posted. Thank You!

  136. After weeks of trying, I was finally able to talk to the amazing Carol, and it was definitely worth the wait!

  137. Thank you, Luke! You picked up on everything I was feeling.

  138. She’s very accurate with word tracks. Dee literally picked up word for word what was said.

  139. Katherine was wonderful. She was extremely in tune with me and my questions and right on target with her insight. Thank you.

  140. Jessica, thank you for prepping me for yesterday’s surprise. Didn’t even see it coming!

  141. Katherine, you were right about the dad finding out through the brother. Thank you!!

  142. Debra is very sweet. The connection was OK.

  143. Great reading, Robin. You’re very good.

  144. Joy helped me find some much needed clarity in my current relationship. She was also able to pinpoint a few key details that really validated things. She was compassionate and very sensitive to my feelings and has given me some great tips to keep my spirit healthy.

  145. Slow start at first, but Tammy was able to pick up on a deceased loved one whom passed suddenly. It was very comforting to get messages from him, and answers to questions that had gone unanswered for a long time.

  146. Iris answered my question and relaxed me. I’ll definitely be reading with her again.

  147. I love Emma! Her voice is calming, she told me things I found out today but didn’t tell her. She gave me information about my dad that I knew was fact. She is wonderful!!!!

  148. Sage is honest and go straight to the point. Sage is very amazing.

  149. Great! This is the second time I’ve read with Carol and she has been on point both times.

  150. Maya gave me a prediction that she said would happen within 7 days. It happened the next day. Maya knew a whole lot. She knew where I met an ex boyfriend from 10 years ago. Call her!

  151. Sena is always one of my go to. Always accurate and knows what she is talking about. Sometimes it’s hard to understand her so I have to ask her to repeat herself, but that doesn’t stop me from constantly calling her because she is for real in tune with her psychic abilities.

  152. I absolutely loved her! I wasted so much time on fakes. So glad I found, Carol!

  153. Amazing! Jem is concise, fast, insightful and accurate. Love her and you will too! Thank you for your guidance and support.

  154. Jenna Broughton

    I always get a great reading from Tammy. Thank you! Clear concise and accurate.

  155. Had to go, sorry about that. Lot of things said made sense about my POI. Thank you, Troy.

  156. Karen is clear and has details and also will let you know when things are not certain because of free will. She is very honest and authentic. She is my go too advisor. Love Karen!!

  157. Aileen Dickenson

    Give her a minute to get warmed up and she will give you the clarity you need. Tammy is totally spot on.

  158. Sena is amazing as always!!! Gives clarity succinctly and with kindness. Thank you angel.

  159. Cathy is good. She is gifted for real, she told me things that I knew were real about my person in question.

  160. This was a different experience but great! If you want to know how someone feels toward you go for it! I inquired about 4 people and I agree 100%. Call when you have a quiet space, Maya is soft spoken but she is worth it!

  161. Sometimes not what I want to hear but I know it’s the truth and it’s appreciated! Thank you, Will.

  162. Donovan is a clairvoyant meaning he can tell you what’s going in a person’s head at this very moment. He is truly gifted, told me stuff about my guy by just saying his name and they were accurate.

  163. Madeline Barkon

    The true psychic. Always correct. Never has Shana let me down. I call her to gain perspectives on the people around me. Always 100% correct. It is just amazing how fast the information comes out. I like her direct style. When I call a psychic, I want the answers. I don’t want any sugar coating. Give it to me straight up! And she does, every time. Shana, you are a phenomenon.

  164. I was talking to Violet after a long time. She continues to be good – to the point and accurate plus compassionate. I trust Violet.

  165. Marie was quick and to the point, she did not waste any time. I really enjoyed her reading, and look forward to follow-up with her. Thank you for your help!

  166. Martha Naumoski

    I waited to do this review to see if Debra’s timeline was accurate. My last reading she told me that things would work out the way I hoped they would. She stated that the call I was hoping for would happen this past weekend or early in the week. I got the call Sunday. She also told me that although it’ll work out in my favor, she sees a delay. I had no idea what delay she was talking about. Today I had a court appearance and I expected it to be the last one. However, it was adjourned to next week which delays my plans. I immediately thought of Debra’s prediction when I heard that.
    Debra is truly amazing. Calm yourself, ask your questions clearly, and I’m sure you’ll get the clarity you need.

  167. She was very good and accurate. Robin is one of the best.

  168. Dee is caring, kind, non judgmental and I cannot thank her enough for her help in my situation.

  169. Millie Flowers

    Fast an gave a very detailed reading… Violet is someone you can rely on.

  170. I’ve talked to Zoe a few times and she’s always quick and accurate and lots of fun to talk to. I guess accuracy is the most important thing to offer and she offers it!

  171. Excellent Reading. Very detailed. I’m looking forward to everything Kathryn has said. I’d call her back, absolutely! Thank you Kathryn.

  172. Charlene Andrews

    Christina is the best. She knows how to accurately pick up on my situation. Her predictions have been true.

  173. Very good on the accuracy. Would read with Sebastian again. He’s always bus!

  174. Everything Selena said to me is true. She’s outstanding as always!

  175. She’s great! I have spoken with this advisor before in the past. Selena predicted something would happen and it really did. She is my absolute favorite! Thank you for all you do to help others.

  176. I appreciate your patience with my dilemma. Will, you have been a huge help to me.

  177. I always obtain a monthly reading w/ Debra, because her insights from God are always accurate and consistent. Thanks.

  178. Michele is amazing as always. She is so scarily in tune that you won’t want to hang up. Worth every cent!

  179. Michele was so good it was scary! She can hear people and she has a real gift. I asked her a vague question and she got tall the details right. She confirmed what I thought I knew and gave me more. I will call her back.

  180. Thank you again and again and again! You helped a lot, Samara.

  181. Tula is just plain accurate and quick. Will call again.

  182. Enjoy Leon’s style of reading! He’s very entertaining and everything he says is true.

  183. Arkan Abdulsalam

    Second reading with Will and he was amazing. The reading felt like a continuation of my first reading, and you continue to amaze me with your gift.

  184. Thank you again, Richard! Your insight is priceless.

  185. Once again I had a great reading from Melissa. I had a couple questions regarding a new job and she was able to address them!

  186. Donna, I trusted you to tell me the truth and you did. You also helped me to be confident. I could overcome it and defeat it in my life. Thank you.

  187. Nina, thank you for being there for me today. I am feeling very much out of control this week. You gave me some clarity which helped, but thinking I’m possible a year or so away from my POI to start to move forward with me is very difficult to handle after waiting 12+ years for him. I’m not sure exactly where to go from here, Nina.

  188. Thank you for the reading, Ellen! I think you really connected with the situation and gave great advice.

  189. This helped me balance and raise myself up again. I can not recommend her highly enough! Thank you so much, Eva!

  190. I will update next week if predictions happens as Faye stated. Also, even with the hiccup she didn’t change her contact prediction. I’m hoping this works out for the best.

  191. Penny is always kind and sweet! Very accurate as well! Thank you doll!

  192. Seriously, Ashley’s the best. I prefer phone because it’s efficient but she’s been there to give not so good and sadly true predictions but be there for the good!

  193. Kelly, thank you for a wonderful, uplifting and very helpful reading. You were easy to speak with and I enjoyed the connection.

  194. Wonderful reader. I will call again! Thomas gave me the peace of mind I deserve.

  195. Tammy was fantastic, completely accurate and gave me a realistic insight to my situation! I will read with her again. Thank you Tammy!

  196. I had my first reading with Kelly & what she said about my boyfriend was true & on point.

  197. Zylisaa is accurate and on point! Thank you for confirming.

  198. Alice’s readings were amazing. I am really impressed with it.

  199. I could not ask for better. Ronnie is top notch.

  200. Ramona is amazing! Insightful, inspiring and is the real deal. She was able to help me sort out the dynamic of my team in ways I would have never known but only speculated and gave me the tools to overcome the challenge. Thank you!

  201. Thank you for your insight and clarity. I know I need to dig deep and find the strength and words. Will be in touch soon.

  202. Eva has extraordinary insights into all elements. We reviewed relationships, career, health and the future. If I did not have to leave for an appointment I would probably still be talking with Eva. She provides clear, direct no nonsense guidance with compassion and understanding. A treat, a joy, a gift!

  203. Wow! Phenomenal! I really felt a connection. Shana is non-judgmental, open and honest. I will definitely be calling back!

  204. Gabrielle is the real deal folks! Connects quickly and has always been spot on with her readings.

  205. Zen actually used the same words that the individual did. The whole experience was amazing. I keep going back because I feel she is genuine and compassionate.

  206. Sita is amazing and spot on. She is my favorite. Hands down to her, she’s a real one.

  207. I felt that Liliana could really hone in on the questions and use her ability to give good feedback.

  208. Robin is good. This lovely person was extremely on target from the first minute. She was fantastic at sensing and describing and advising me on my situation. I’m very impressed.

  209. Stephanie Malinowski

    Luke, you always calm me down and I will have to practice patience with my situation. God bless you.

  210. Nicole Williamson

    You are amazing. How can you know so much? I will call you back soon. Thank you, Amalia.

  211. Always eloquent and soothing. What a blessing to have met an advisor like Tess! Thank you always.

  212. Excellent as always! You’re God-gifted psychic. Thank you, Donovan.

  213. Tracy asked me if I was getting a new roommate and I said no and was a bit surprised. Last night my niece called and needs a place to stay and is coming here. Wow! But then I say that a lot with Tracy.

  214. Luke is my steady angel. He gave me the truth when I badly needed it and he helped me moved on.

  215. Troy is such an accurate and kind psychic/astrologer. Each reading we had she is so intuitive. Highly advise talking to Troy!

  216. Danielle Hartsell

    Zen is awesome. You amaze me every time we speak!

  217. I really enjoyed my reading with Jasmine. She is very sweet and I felt like she knew me and I was talking to a good friend. She picked up on the situation I was in quickly and also her predictions came to pass. I will be in-touch with her again soon! Thank you Jasmine!

  218. Robin is awesome in a lot of ways. I feel so much in peace every time I talk to her.

  219. Ella is like a warm, fragrant blanket when one is a little cold and uncertain of one’s surroundings. I am ever thankful she is always there to revive my faith in the beautiful path my love life is taking. God bless Ella!”

  220. Felicia Jeffers

    Thank you, Ginnie. I know in my heart your predictions will no doubt come to pass. Thank you for connecting so closely to my heart, you saw much more than other psychics have been able to see.

  221. Sena is a very powerful reader. I highly trust her gifts and I will always call for predictions.

  222. As always, Camille is consistent with her readings. Very accurate and does not waste your money. Love you Camille.

  223. Astra, it was such an honor to speak with you! You are helping so many of us. The synchronicities right after we spoke were breathtaking. I plan to update you. Thank you.

  224. I believe her. Coco was very nice to speak too. Will definitely call again.

  225. Fran is my favorite. I always look forward talking to Fran. She is like a best friend so I will call again sooner.

  226. She is special. I just started talking to her and she was able to answer my questions without me even asking. Thank you so much for all your advice.

  227. Tracy, my heart was hurting. You gave me a wonderful reading and I’m more confident to face everything now. Thank you.

  228. Good reading. I will call Antonia again. She’s the real deal, she knows what she’s doing and has been spot on eversince.

  229. Still confident about timeline and outcome. I am thankful to Olivia for always being there for me.

  230. Thank you, Sandra. Your reading was totally spot on.

  231. Amanda Stephenson

    Ginnie, thank you for all the positive energy that you’re pouring me. Your advice and insights are keeping me motivated. Thank you again.

  232. Thank you for the advice and insights. You helped me so much, Tula.

  233. Kelley Sullivan

    I really like Violet. Your prediction came true and Im so happy about it.

  234. Chelsie Nicholson

    I am so glad you are on most mornings, Tina. Thank you so much for all the readings as it helped me fully understand my situation.

  235. Excellent as always! Expect Alexander to tell you what he see and not just what you want to hear.

  236. Thanks for the chat, Ginnie! I hope you’re right in that there will be some kind of communication between us this month. I sure do miss him.

  237. Ronnie is truly excellent! Thank you so very much!

  238. What I love about Irene is the way she explains the situation. She still sees the same outcome, I will keep her updated.

  239. Tatiana is so pleasant and her sweet. Her sweet genuine kindness and reassurance was greatly appreciated. She always makes me feel better after speaking with her.

  240. You’re more than a trusted advisor, Elizabeth. You’re a best friend I’ve yet to meet. Will keep the faith, thank you for believing!

  241. I love you Trisha! Thank you for everything! You’ve been a friend, a reader and a true divine guidance.

  242. I love you Katerena. Thank you for everything! You’ve been so spot on and I’m so thankful for your honesty.

  243. OMG! You were totally spot on about the travel, Natalie! I didnt even ask you for that but you mentioned it. I will follow your advise about it.

  244. 5 stars. Natalie was absolutely spot on. She gave a detailed reading and good advice.

  245. First time talking to Serenity and she tuned right in. She has also said the same as another advisor on here. Will add her to my favorite list. Can’t wait for the big one.

  246. OMG! You were totally right, Monday worked out! Will call soon… Thanks Luke, you helped calm me down and you are great!

  247. Thank you for the support and for your insight, Fran! Give her a try.

  248. My dear Ronnie, I truly have gotten to love you and care for you as my mentor and a real good friend. Thanks for hearing me out and your advice.

  249. Zylisaa, you still stand on your past and new reading. I know you’ll be right just like before.

  250. The reading was magnificent. Troy helped me heal and feel more alive again.

  251. Jeni, you were right on about not getting that job. Also, my ex still has not contacted me. I like advisors that give you the truth good or bad so thanks a lot for delivering the truth.

  252. Lila always ground me which is a good thing! I needed that! Thank you and I look forward to our next chat.

  253. I had a very good reading with Jeni. She’s very sincere and I always felt like I’m talking to a friend.

  254. It’s good to talk to you again, Summer. It has been awhile since we last talked and I know I will be needing your advice and reassurance.

  255. I could be here all day talk about you. My God, you are the sweetest person that I ever talk with. Thank for your inspiration and reading. I love you.

  256. A month ago, Peter told me that my person M cared for me and he would say if anything or anyone being difficult at my work, let him know, he would deal with it. Guess what?! I had a problem at work training, I told M that I had some difficulty at training. He replied, “ What is it? Tell me. If anything or anyone at work being difficult, let me know. I’ll deal with them.”

  257. Oriana is an amazing psychic! Every piece of information is true and her predictions have unfolded! I follow her guidance and it has proven to be the wiser path. She has helped me to avoid much heartache.

  258. Thank you, April! You’ve been very helpful and accurate.

  259. Donovan is patient and kind. He’s very awesome and spiritual. It feels good to have a reading with him, it’s like talking with a brother.

  260. Stacy is just amazing and I can’t wait for predictions to happen. Thanks.

  261. Ronnie is the most amazingly patient and kind advisor. She has been an angel in my life. Bless you, Ronnie.

  262. Rey practically answered my burning questions without me asking a lot. I hung up lighthearted and encouraged.

  263. I love my readings with Sita. She shares information with me that is always tailor-made just for me and just what I need. The detail of her information astounds every time. I am so grateful to Sita!

  264. Kate is always worth the wait. Her predictions are always consistent but she always has something new to tell me. I love how in depth she is. She’s been helping me through a breakup and is so sweet and patient. I will be forever grateful!

  265. Thank you, Autumn. She reads my POI so well and she always calms my anxiety. I can’t wait to her prediction to come to pass.

  266. First reading and Samara literally zeroed in so accurately on my poi… I literally was almost brought to tears. Samara is legit, I mean seriously the real deal.

  267. Amazing! Ronnie has been correct with many of her predictions and has guided me in the right direction.

  268. Serenity knew things no one knew about and her sweet voice is like talking to an angel. You will not be sorry if you ask for her advice. It was like talking to a sister or best friend. I feel much better now after seeking her advice and wish I could talk to her every day.

  269. Kate is one of the best psychics here. You should give her a try, she’s the real deal.

  270. Thank you for all your guidance, Eva. You’ve been rock and warmth.

  271. Sydney has truly been a godsend for me. I am so grateful to her for she has given me hope for a bright future.

  272. Donovan is one of the best here in PsychicOz. He provides detailed and accurate readings.

  273. Details are deep and spot on, so accurate. No body can beat Gina. She’s amazing.

  274. Eva is the real deal. She was able to pick up on the situation accurately.

  275. Ginnie is incredibly gifted. Her timeline prediction did come to pass and the reasoning for his absence that she gave was later confirmed by him. Thank you, Ginnie.

  276. Farrah never ceases to amaze. She continues to be accurate with all her readings.

  277. I loved what Ginnie had to say, its what I feel in my heart to be true. She was wonderful.

  278. Barbara Lawrence

    Tasha is absolutely amazing. I touch base with her every few weeks and she immediately picks up on situations with little information provided. She reads people like a book! She is direct and concise. I give her a million stars.

  279. All I can say is how this lady is super precise and accurate beyond understanding. She reads clearly with detail and is kind. She speaks of futuristic events complete with time frames. I will be calling her again soon.

  280. Charlie Cavanaugh

    Ivy is an excellent advisor! I talk with her regularly and always have piece of mind and hope after reading. She has been spot on about several things. Well worth the wait!

  281. 5 thousand stars! What an amazing soul! He gave so much clarity in any situation and he gives such great insight. I only wish I could afford to speak to him longer.

  282. Mimi is so detailed. Write down all her predictions, they will start to unfold like she says.

  283. Thanks for another great reading, Ginnie! It’s been a little bit and it was so great being in touch with you again! You always provide so much insight and clarity, which really helps!

  284. I had a very clear reading with Monica. She confirmed things I already felt.

  285. Lila, you amaze me. You are wonderful, sweet, kind and I feel that you don’t hold back the truth even if it hurts. It’s hard to find an advisor like you. They might know what’s going but the reason why we call is to get honest answers to our questions. Sending you love and light.

  286. Thank you, Daisy! I enjoyed speaking with you, I wish we had more time I have so many things to ask you and need answers. You are kind, smart and very good at what you do. Sending you light and love.

  287. Thank you so much, Hannah! I am so appreciative of you and the gift you share!

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