Magic love spells that makes him crazy about you


Sometimes we meet someone that we like so much and we would do anything to make them fall in love with us. I have a friend who taught me some love spells that worked great for me several times, and I’m pretty sure it will work for you too. Let’s see how the spell you cast over him will make your man go crazy in love for you.

This spell will serve to attract him like a magnet

Cristal who is a solitary witch  taught me this love spell which will make someone go crazy in love with you, and the more you trust your witchcraft powers, the more effective your spell will be.

  • The best time to Perform this ritual is Friday on a full moon.
  • For the ritual you need 3 feet of red silk string, a photo for you, a photo for him, your perfume, a large glass jar, 6 red roses and before you start, make sure the petals are completely dry
  • Remove the petals from the red roses, then throw the petals into the jar, and say: “You want my love, now you should listen, open your heart until we are kissing.”
  • Spray some of the perfume on the jar with the petals.
  • Take the silk string and while you roll it around the photographs, pronounce again: “You want my love, now you should listen, open your heart until we are kissing.”
  • Put the photos in the jar and place it on your altar.
  • Cover the jar for 7 days and on the eighth day uncover it, to let the odor come out freely.
  • On the ninth day, the person whom you have cast the spell over will start to love you deeply.
  • Now, get rid of the jar and bury it with the spell underground.

I recommend that you think carefully before taking any step. Because a great responsibility comes with this power. Personally, I tried this spell over a man and I ended up regretting it.

A magic love spell that makes your crush obsessed with you

  • You will need 2 red candles, 2 red roses, a stone or crystal, and thread
  • Place the 2 candles and the 2 roses in four corners (East, South, West, North) to form a square, and put the stone or crystal in the center.
  • Cast your ritual circle and touch all the elements
  • Now, you can light the candles and invoke the four directions.
  • Sit in the center and call the spirits by saying: “Spirits from here, and spirits from there, spirits from all over, come to help, come into the mind of (name of the person you love) and let him/her just think of me, make him obsess with me, every thought is now me around him/her.”
  • Wrap the thread around your fingers, play with it while thinking about your loved one and pronounce: “Let your mind wrap around my fingers, let me enter your deepest thoughts, let me play with you, this is my will. So mote it be.”
  • Thank the spirits and close the circle.

An amulet of extreme obsession

  • This spell works best at midnight on a full moon or a new moon
  • You will become irresistible, after casting this spell and to cast this spell, you will need 5 black rose petals, 5 rosemary flowers, 5 mint leaves, 5 strawberry seeds, 5 vanilla seeds, a small cloth bag, a necklace, a black candle, a red candle, a pink candle, a dark red candle.
  • Throw all the herbs and seeds in the bag. Place it under your pillow and go to sleep. When you wake up, link the bag and the necklace.
  • Go to a room where you are at peace and quiet, now cast a pentagram on the floor, place the black candle on the top, the red candle on the left, the pink candle on the right and the dark red candle on the lower left . You must sit at the bottom right corner, and put the necklace or amulet in the center. Light the candles in the same order you placed them.
  • After you finish, say: “Daughters and goddesses of love, lust, obsession, and perfection, I invite you to bless this symbol of my life, please hear my cry, let this symbol give perfection to anyone who wears it, to make men shiver, please hear my cry, let this symbol of my life be blessed with your powers now.”
  • Then wear it, and let the magic work.
  • It won’t work unless you put it on, but after a while, its power will begin to grow inside you, until you no longer need to wear it.

Love spells are very powerful. Many people begin by trying easy spells like this one, but it’s recommended to learn a little more about Wicca before casting a spell at home. You do not need to be an expert to cast simple magic love spells, but some research and knowledge will help you make your spells more effective!


  1. The described spells are certainly intricate and well detailed. But, one must wonder about the long-term consequences. Can it truly be ethical to manipulate someone’s emotions in this manner?

    • Indeed, the ethical dimension is crucial to consider. While the spells might offer a temporary solution, the foundational principles of a relationship should be built on mutual respect and genuine affection.

  2. The notion of using spells to influence love dynamics is intriguing yet problematic. The reliance on external magical interventions could detract from the genuine effort required to foster a healthy relationship organically.

  3. While the rituals might be appealing to those inclined towards mysticism, it is essential to question their effectiveness and the potential psychological impact on both the caster and the target. Further scientific inquiry could provide clarity.

  4. This artical presents a fascinating perspective on the use of magic in personal relationships. However, it is important to approach such practices with caution. The ethical implications of influencing someone’s free will should not be underestimated.

  5. The methodology for casting these spells seems quite comprehensive. However the dependency on ritualistic items and precise steps might make it challenging for beginners. Is there a simpler approach to achieve similar outcomes?

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