What Color Candle Should I Use for a Certain Spell?


If you are looking to have an effective spell and you plan to use a candle, it is imperative you select the proper color.  Each color conveys a unique vibrational frequency (measured in terahertz) and wavelength (measured in nanometers) that will resonate best with a particular type of spell.  Colors that you are able to perceive fall between a wavelength ranging from 390-700 nanometers, or 430-770 terahertz.  Items we are unable to naturally perceives is considered ultraviolet (higher frequency) or infrared (lower frequency).  Wavelengths are tied to the speed the energy manifest in the physical world, with lower frequencies traveling faster.  Beyond the colors of the rainbow, humans have deemed two shades “white” and “black.”  White is a mixture of all the colors in the visual spectrum and possesses the highest possible vibrational frequencies.  Black meanwhile is the absence of light and thus hold the lowest possible vibrational frequency.

Candle colors in spell casting

  • Black: This color has such a low vibrational pattern it is not a part of the visual spectrum.  This absence of light absorbs everything around it, including energy.  Black candles are best use when you are looking to “pull in” or “attract” something into your life.  Select the color black when you are working with issues involving karma, divination, stability, binding, or natural cycles.
  • Red: Measuring 700-635nm and 430-480THz, it is the lowest vibrating color in the visible spectrum.  Red is a wonderful option when you are looking to manifest a goal and can hasten along results.  If you are working with issues involving health, love, passion, lust, action, courage, life and good fortune, a red candle is a true asset.
  • Orange: Measuring 635-590nm and 480-510THz this color blends the properties of primary colors red and yellow.  Orange candles are excellent when you are looking to improve creativity, luck, opportunities, career grow, selling an item, alertness, overcoming obstacles or legal challenges or sealing any spell.
  • Yellow: Measuring 590-560nm and 510-540THz this primary color is considered to a be positive shade.  Choose a yellow candle when working with spells of concentration, knowledge, and bolstering joy in your life.
  • Green: This midpoint in the visual spectrum resonates at 560-520nm and 510-540THz.  It unites the properties of yellow and blue.  Green candles are a popular option since it connects with spells involving money, prosperity, healing and nature.  You may also select a green candle when looking to manifest positive strides in your life involving luck, fertility, creativity, art, beauty and luxury.
  • Blue: Resonating at 490-450nm and 610-670THz this is a calming shade. People typically find success using blue candles for spells concerning intuition, wisdom, mental health, healing, peace, and divine wisdom.
  • Purple: The highest vibrational visible color measures 450-400nm and 670-750THz.  Ensure you select a purple candle when spell casting for spirituality, religion, improving psychic gifts, divination, meditation, and intuition.  This color is also helpful when trying to process terminal illness, but make sure you consider to work with any licensed medical professionals.
  • White: This blend of all the visible colors possesses the highest possible vibrations.  Since it contains all known colors, white is an all-purpose option that you can use in any situation or as a substitute.  It is most used for blessing a marriage, baby or new beginning, but can also be the optimal solution for spells involving in divinity, enlightenment or purification.

Although this is a guide for candle, use this article as a reference with working with colors on bags, cords, fabrics, clothing, or object.  It is important that you never limit yourself as you continue your exploration into magick and divination.