Using Moon Love Spells

Moon Love Spells

Many people believe in the powers of the moon and people will often use the moon to help them find real love. You can use the energy from the moon to help you to find love or to fix a relationship that is broken. Moon magic is something that has been around for years.

The moon can be powerful, and it can change your life. The moon has been known to have powerful energies that can guide romances. The moon is big on emotions, and it can bring passionate and caring love to your life.

The moon is known to be a female energy and who would better understand this than the Moon goddess? You can use the powers of the Moon goddess to help to turn your heart and the heart of your lover together.

Doing Moon Love Spells

Wiccans often use moon love spells because they are so strong and effective. You sometimes have to wait for a certain phase of the moon before you will ever be able to cast your spell. But this is worth the wait.

The phases of the moon, the ingredients of the spell and your own energies are important to make sure that the spell works out the way that it should. Casting a love spell in the proper phase of the moon can increase the power of the spell and can harness the power of the lunar energies. Never think that the moon isn’t powerful.

Moon Phases for Love

Here are the best moon phases to help you find love:

  • Full Moon: Many love spells are meant to happen during a full moon. The moon sends light into darkness and these love spells can turn into passion and true love. The spells cast here are the most powerful.
  • Waxing Phase: During this phase, the moon can strengthen the bond of a relationship that already exists.
  • Waning Phase: This moon phase can undo spells that you no longer need.
  • Moon in Taurus: This phase is the best time to cast a spell on relationships that are going through hard times.
  • Spells are normally not cast 3 nights before a New Moon. The energies during this time are uncertain.

Casting a Moon Love Spell

If you are choosing to cast a moon love spell, then you need to make sure that you are patient and that you wait for the right time. You will see that the timing is one of the most important aspects of the spell. You might need to wait for a few weeks or more before you start.

The ingredients will come with what you need but you need to make sure that you have some of your own personal things together like pictures of you, clothing, writings, and other things that can channel energy from you. This can make the spell work better. Add the personal items even if they aren’t asked for.

Moon love spells sometimes seem strange because they have ancient pagan traditions. The spells have been around for centuries and are important love spells for anyone. The moon helps to bring peace and harmony and you can let the moon powers help you to have love and happiness.

Fall in Love Moon Magic Spell

Whenever you want to fall in love with someone and feel what that feels like, you might want to use a love spell. It can be great to be in love, especially when someone loves you back. This might not be enough for you to decide to cast a spell but if you are open to love and you have positive feelings about it, this can attract good results for you.

You can use the power of the moon to increase the energies of your spells. To make this spell stronger, do it where you can have a view of the moon.

Ingredients for a Fall in Love Moon Magic Spell

  • Pink candle.
  • Piece of parchment paper.
  • 13 Tbsp. water in a bowl.
  • Rose oil.
  • Jasmine oil.
  • Fire safe bowl.
  • Do this spell during the full moon.

Casting a Fall in Love Moon Magic Spell

First start by cleansing your candles. Anoint the candle with rose oil and then light it. Remember how powerful fire is in the spiritual world. Lay the parchment in front of you and mix the Jasmine and the Rose oil with the water and put it next to the parchment paper in the bowl.

Take the pink candle in your right hand and light it then hold it up. When you hold it up, tell the universe what you want out of love. Build up as much energy as you can. Drop 13 drops of wax on the parchment paper while you focus on what you want.

Put your fingers into the water with the oil mixture and sprinkle some on the parchment paper. Do this 7 times. Once you tell your wishes, thank the moon and the universe. Blow out the candle. Burn the parchment paper and put the ashes into nature right away. This can add energy to the spell.

On the following full moon, light the candles until they totally burn out to increase the power.

Return a Lost Lover Full Moon Spell

The moon can be very powerful and if you need to have a lover come back to you that isn’t new, you can use this spell. No matter what you call this, it is witchcraft or spell casting, and it can help to get your lover back.

This can be easy for you, and you should do this if you feel that you will have regrets in your life. Do this spell only during a full moon.

Ingredients for a Return a Lost Lover Full Moon Spell

  • White candle.
  • Pink candle.
  • Silver candle.
  • Myrtle incense.
  • Moonstone.
  • Rose quartz.
  • Rosemary that is dried.
  • Basil that is dried.
  • Ground cinnamon.
  • A sheet of paper.
  • Pencil with no eraser.
  • Fireproof pot.
  • Matches.

Casting a Return, a Lost Lover Full Moon Spell

Start by cleansing the candle and get all the materials and put in the circle. You can do this outside under the moonlight or in a room that has a window where you can see the moon. This will let the lunar energies be stronger.

Light the candles in this order: first white, pink, and then silver. Remember how important fire is in the spiritual world. Light the incense and lay the paper in front of you. Put the rose quartz and pass it through the flame in the order you lit them. Do the same with the moonstone. Put the rose quartz on the left and the moonstone on the right of the paper.

Write your lovers name down on the paper and add any wishes that you have. Say, while holding the white candle towards the moon, “The power of the moon, light my heart that is pure and that is open.” Say this 7 times and then drop 7 drips of wax on the paper.

Take the pink candle and say, “By the power of the moon light, let your heart to come back to me,” seven times and drop 7 drops of wax on the paper.

Take the last candle and say, “By the power of the light of the moon, my heart will reunite with you for eternity. So, mote it be.” Drop 7 drips of wax on the paper. Fold the paper 3 times and put it in the fireproof pot and burn it.

Throw the ashes towards the moon. Light the candle on the next full moon until it burns out to give the spell more power.

Turn a Friend to a Lover Moon Spell

Do you have a friend that you want to be more in a relationship? Someone that you have loved and laughed together but nothing has ever gone further? Maybe you have even dated them, but nothing has changed. When you do this spell, they will feel what you feel, and they will give you their true intentions.

This moon spell can help to make your friend become your lover. If you feel that you are meant to be with them, doing this spell can touch them and they will see their true feelings for you and they can start a new relationship with you.

Ingredients for a Turn a Friend to a Lover Moon Spell

  • 3 white candles.
  • 2 pink candles.
  • Rose petals.
  • Toothpick.
  • Lavender oil.
  • Do this during a full moon.

Do this spell outside and the moonlight will be so it can be more powerful. You can do it in front of a window that you can see the moon.

Star the ritual by laying rose petals in the shape of a pentagram. Use the toothpick to put a heart in each of the five candles and carve the name of your friend and your name. Anoint the candles with lavender oil.

Put the candles at the five points with the 3 white on top and the 2 pink at the bottom. Light the candles and lift your hands, palm to the moon, and say, “With the power of the moon, come lunar energy. Send this to my friend (say their name). Come to me and let me have love with the power of the moon. Come to me quickly.”

Take the top white candle and show it to the moon and say, “With the power of the moon, come lunar energy. Send this to my friend (say their name). Come to me and let me have love with the power of the moon. Come to me quickly.”

When you are done, talk to the moon and tell it what you want. Keep your mind and spirit open and have as much energy that you have. You will know when to stop doing this and then snuff out the candles. Throw the rose petals towards the moon. On the next full moon, light the candles until they burn out to make the power of the candles stronger.

Why Do Moon Love Spells

You might do a love spell because you want to find new love, or you want a lover to come back to you. Maybe you are tired of waiting for love to come into your life. Doing these love spells can help you to get with the person that you desire. You can use the power of the moon to help you.

Use the Power of the Moon

There are different magical traditions that know how powerful the moon’s power is. You might believe different things, but you can use the moon to make the energy stronger. Think about how much energy the moon has and this can help to make your love spells even stronger.