Using Candles for Crafting and Magic

Candles for Crafting and Magic

One form of magic is called candle magic and it is special because it uses the energy of fire to make things happen. When you focus on the energy that is stored in the candles, you can raise your ideas and your intentions, and you can see that you can bring greater energy to your life.

Candle magic can be used for spellcasting, and it can also take our thoughts, emotions, intentions, feelings, wishes and more and cause them to be able to make the candle magic come to life. This is a way that you can set an intention with something that you can see such as the flame or the candle.

Every witch decides what kind of magic is important to them and those that choose candle magic find that they can use the power that is deep inside of themselves in order to shine and in order to make things happen.

Even though we believe in candle magic, this guide is not intended to cause you to use candle magic and it is your own path that you need to follow. This is just a guide to show you a new tool that you can use. Always use your intuition to guide you and to tell you what kind of magic you should use on your journey.

Colors and Meanings of Candles

The interesting thing about candle magic is that the colors of the candles can cause a different outcome in your spellcasting. Each of the rituals and spells that you do can have a special candle that corresponds with it.

White Candles

White candles can get rid of negative energy and will bring life and kindness to your being.  White can mean peace and pureness.

Blue Candles

Blue candles will help you to communicate better and help your heart to forgive. This is a candle color to use when you are meditating if you want to remain calm and if you want to figure out the truth. You can also use the blue candle when working with water.

Orange Candle

The orange candle can mean that you are attractive and that you bring about joy with a positive energy. It can also stimulate your mind and emotions.

Red Candle

Red candles can mean love, being in a relationship, sexual ideas, bravery, and passion.

Yellow Candles

Yellow candles can help you to be more confident and can help you to take action in your life. It can also clear your thoughts and help you to manifest things in your life.

Green Candles

Green can mean fertility and luck and if you use a green candle, it can mean you are bringing success and good health to your life. It is also a way to manifest money to your being.

Purple Candles

Purple candles can mean that you are aware of what is happening around you in the spiritual world and it can bring you peace and wisdom.

Pink Candles

Pink candles mean love, harmony, joy, friendship, and it can help you to love yourself more.

Candle Spells to Use

You might wonder if you can actually do a spell with candles. This is where the magic is and there is no right way to do candle magic.

Magic is something that allows you to use your own power form within and when you do spells, you can do different things and use different tools.

There are some witches that practice magic by using candles, but no witch is the same and there is no real instruction manual for doing witchcraft.

You can make up your own ideas and you can learn along the way. Make sure that you are listening to your intuition and that you are letting your inner self guide you and lead you.

Understanding yourself and your inner being can help you to do spells with candle magic and to see things work out the way that you want them to.

Dressing Candles

You have to choose what candle you want to use for what spell you are doing. You should always feel in your heart what candle is best for you and make sure that you are dressing your own candle in the process.

Steps to Dress a Candle

The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you know what you want. Set your intentions to whatever you want because your intention is what will play the role in what happens next.

The goal is to make sure that your candle is charged with your will power and with your being and that you are clear in what you want and what you desire.

Blessings and Cleansings

Some witches do not feel the need to bless the candle or to cleans it and they will often miss this step. If you want to do that, it is up to you.

Blessing your candle is a way that you can show the spirit world that you are open to what it wants to show you and that you are thankful for the tools that you have at your hand.

You can take a smudge stick and light it and cleanse the candle and the area around it and say a chant that is thankfulness for what the candle means to you. This will help to get rid of any negative energy that is associated with your area or the candle.

Make a Request

You need to then make a request on what you want the universe to do for you. The universe can use the power that you are giving it to work with you.

Some will write the petition down or some will carve it into their candle so that they can see it when they do their spellcasting.

Using Oil

Another great thing that you can do when spell casting with candles is to use oil. This is something that you can add to your candles, and you can add it to your rituals. You can use oil that has a scent to it that you like, and this can hold on to its own energy along the way.

Make sure that you use the right oils that work with your candle to make the spellcasting stronger.


Some witches will add herbs to their candles so that they can bring in more energy of Mother Earth. This is a way that you can reach your desired spell and bring on extra energy along the way.

Charging the Spell Candle

Dressing your candle is the way that you are charging your candle so that it can be ready for you when you are ready to do your spell. This helps you to clear your mind and to have things in front of you that you can touch while you do your spellcasting.

You can hold the candle and add herbs or oils and you can do other things such as put it by crystals. When you charge your candle though, remember that this means that you are transferring the energy from yourself to your candle.

Spell work is a way that you can take your emotions and your feelings and set intentions to make something happen. When you send your emotions into the candle, it can help you to make your spell work.

You can also take your candle and hold it with both hands and focus on what you want to happen. This can cause you to make your mind stronger and make your intentions better.

Always make your own choices when you are charging your candle and do whatever it takes to transfer the energy from your body to the candle and let the intentions manifest what you are trying to do.

This is one way that you can make powerful magic from something that is small.

What Does the Candle Flame Mean?

Make sure that you seal your intention and when you burn the candle, you will see that the meaning is partly in the flame.

When you do candle magic, you will often wonder why the light is burning and why it is so bright and what it means if the candle accidently goes out.

There are some situations that you need to be aware of when doing candle magic.

Burning Clean

When you have a clean burn, the spell worked how you wanted it to. This means that you put enough energy in the spell to make it work and it will happen when the time comes.

Large Flame

A large flame can mean that the spell is working faster than you expected it to. This is a time to be excited and confident about the spell and what will happen next.

Small Flame

A small flame will burn slowly and will burn in an even way. This can mean that your request is being held up and something is against your spell.

Hard Moving Flame

If the flame is having a hard time moving or it seems to be struggling or going out because of its own wax, this means that the candle magic is not working. The spell time might not be right, or you might not have the right amount of energy that you need to make the spell work.

If the flame does go out, you need to make sure that you wait for a while before you do the spell again.

Dancing Flame

A flame that is dancing can mean that the spell will probably happen, but it might be something that you never imagined would happen. The way that the flame is moving might mean that things are going to happen that you never expected.

Flickering Flames

Flickering flames can mean that a spirit is with you when you are doing your spell. This can be a good thing because it means that the spirit has heard your request.

Popping and Snapping Flame

A flame that is snapping or popping is probably talking to you. The spirits are more than likely trying to reach out to you, and they are trying to figure out what your message really is. You need to pay attention and see if you can be clearer in your intentions.

Candle Burns Out

If the candle burns out it doesn’t mean that this is a bad thing, but it can happen for two reasons, the first reason is that the spell is not going to work because the spirit world is against it or because the spell has already worked and is complete.