Using a Spell to Break up a Relationship

Using a Spell to Break up a Relationship

In the past people would describe something that looked strong but was not built well as “stands on a nail.” This expression showed us that this can work for buildings or other things, but it can also work when describing relationships.

Some people will look at a relationship and will think that it looks perfect, but the relationship might be hard and seem that it is not together very strongly.

Couples that stay together out of being afraid of being alone or over other fear will be in relationships that are toxic and that they no longer want to be in. These couples are not uncommon, and they really do not have the love that they need.

There are some spells that you can cast that can help you to break up bad relationships. This break up of a relationship is amotion that happens because the relationship is weak, and the spells can be effective if they are done by people that are spellcasters and have experience in casting spells.

Doing home magic will more than likely not break up couples that are strong and love each other, but instead, it can hurt you.

A couple that is strong will be able to push the energy of your spell away and it can come back to you and cause you pain.

Since you are the spellcaster, you won’t be able to protect yourself form the energy coming back to you and this can cause you to be lonely and make it to where you cannot find love or peace.

Spellcasters know that black magic can cause you to be cursed if you are the spellcaster and you have to make sure that you are using good intentions and that you are doing the ritual right.

The best idea is to find a professional spellcaster to do your breakup spell so that you can avoid any risks that come with spellcaster.

Rituals have to be followed by a different love spell and the love spell has to be done right away before the person falls in love with someone else that is bad for them.

Simple Spells to Break a Couple Up

The easiest cast to spell doesn’t need ingredients all it needs is a picture of the couple, rose petals and clothes that they have worn:

  • Cut off a piece of the clothing and put it next to a black candle that is lit.
  • Put the picture of the couple in the middle of the table.
  • Burn the rose petals and put the burnt petal ashes on the faces of the partner.
  • Tear up the picture in pieces but make sure none of the pieces go on the floor or the spell will not work and will come back on you.
  • Put the pieces of the picture on a plate and cut the pieces of the clothes and put them on the plate.
  • Put the scissors that you used on top of the plate and then set the pieces of paper on fire with the candle while saying, “Break this person up. They will never be together because they are going different ways in life. The path that they take will be to opposite ends of the earth and they will never love each other again.”
  • Let this burn until it is gone.
  • Collect the ashes and sprinkle them on their front door.
  • Put a piece of raw meat on the plate and put it by a stray dog and let them eat it.
  • This will cause the dog or cat to take the negative effects of the ritual.
  • This should be a plate that you nor anyone you know used.
  • Don’t bring the plate home.

Ordering a Spell

There are ways to cast spells and you should never do a breakup spell on your own unless you are a professional.

Each time you use black magic, you let scary things come into your life such as diseases, depression and more.

The spirits want you to contact them so that you can be their victim and they will come to you and haunt you because of the negative energy that you put out when you did the spell. Let a professional do the spell for you so that you can stay out of danger.

Spellcasters can use spells to break people up but most of them are against them because the spell can cause there to be bad karma and bad energy. If you decide to do a black magic spell, avoid doing spells that are on websites that are shady so that you do not risk getting hurt or having spirits come to your life.