Use Telepathy to Talk to Your Pets

Use Telepathy to Talk to Your Pets

Pet owners are bound to wonder what their pets are thinking at one time or another. Sometimes, they look at their pet and think they know. It’s a bond like no other.

While pets can achieve some type of verbal communication with humans to understand certain words, tones, and actions, that isn’t the only way they communicate. Animals can also communicate on a vibrational level and you can communicate with them telepathically.

It’s in Their Eyes

Everyone with pets has had that moment where their pets stare into their ideas as if they are trying to tell them something. Looking deep into their eyes can lead you to understand their needs.

Animals just seem to know things without being told. They know when people are sick and some even know when people are going to die. Years ago, there was a story about a cat that lived in a nursing home. It would go sleep with certain people and that person died within hours.

The idea is that the dying person was giving off heat or vibrations that drew the cat to them to comfort them in their final moments.

Animals are masters at telepathy. They can send thoughts, images, and feelings. How many times have you felt intense love when your pet looks at you? You can also determine they are sick or in pain by looking at their face too.

Improving Your Pet Telepathy

Like anything else, communicating with your pet using telepathy takes practice. You must be sure your visual thoughts and spoken word thoughts match so your pet understands what you are asking. This can take some time to develop since some of our visual thoughts are involuntary.

Communicating telepathically can resolve some issues with problem pets. Some have used it to find their pets who have wandered off or to encourage their pets to behave, take their medicine, and do other things.

How It Can Resolve Problems

Some “pet whisperers” can identify why pets are acting badly so you can resolve the root cause. Anything you can do to understand your pet will help you create a deeper bond with them.

That is what using telepathy is all about, building a greater bond with your pet. You’ll find it isn’t as difficult as it seems. You probably have already done it without realizing it.

A key factor is to spend time with your pet. Time always brings knowledge about them and them about you. That bond can’t be broken and will last well past their eventual passing.