Understanding White Magic

White Magic

Magic is something that is there, and it is a universal energy. Magic is energy that is there until it is given a purpose and it is always there. When a spell caster uses an intention and a purpose, they can use magic. White magic is when a spell caster raises and works with positive intentions to do something good for themselves or others.

White magic is magic, and it is used to help the person to reach a goal. If there are things that are holding someone back, white magic spells are there to help open up these blockages. White magic uses spells that don’t bring harm to someone or take away their free will.

You can find in research that some people only use white magic since it is used to get positive results. Even people that do white magic though might be seen as doing magic that isn’t wanted. This is why you need to understand what is behind the ritual.


White magic has the value of making sure that you reach a specific goal or outcome. People that do white magic will not use demons or things that will hurt others. This is used only by people that are being honorable to others.

White Magic Findings

There are different kinds of rituals and tools that people that do white magic use. This will depend on what kind of spell caster that they are. Some will use tarot cards, pendulums, rune casting and more.

White magic has a rule of ethics that means includes not doing animal sacrifices or not doing magic that is going to bring harm to other people. These kinds of witches will not cast curses but will help remove them.

What White Magic Isn’t

White magic will not take away the free will of another person. Even if you are upset or angry, this kind of magic is not going to be used to hurt others. The spells and rituals that are done are there to stop harm from happening and to focus on outcomes that are helpful. You will never find someone casting white magic to use animal sacrifices.

White Magic Situations

There are different situations that people go through, and they don’t want to lash out in a harmful way or use black magic. When this happens, white magic can work to help make things better. The spell caster will set a positive intention and they will see that the spell can bring goodness in their life.

People that practice magic will often do it because they feel that a situation is hopeless. They will have emotions that are sometimes upsetting but they will only create a spell that will bring positivity in the end.

No matter how much a person wants to cast a curse or bind someone to another person, white magic can undo these things. Reaching a certain goal can be done when you are trying to show love and wellness to others. White magic that doesn’t show love or care is not the kind of magic that white magic is.

Principles of White Magic

Everyone goes through hard things in their life and sometimes you might feel like casting a curse on someone or wishing someone harm. You can also find that when you do this kind of dark magic that it makes you someone that is hurtful, as well.

When you use black magic, things can go worse for you than they were. This is why you have to understand magic that you use. The principles behind white magic is that you can reach a goal in a positive way.

Respectful Code of Conduct

There is a spiritual and a physical world. Magic can be used to force people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. If you want to have some kind of control in your own life, you have to respect others and not try to make people do what you want them to do.

When it comes to white magic, you need to be respectful and never cast a spell to try to hurt someone or make someone do something without them knowing it.

Highest Good

Some people believe that black magic is there to help meet the needs of the person even if this is because of selfishness. White magic is meant to reach a higher good and when you use white magic, you can cast a spell and get something you want in y our space.

If this doesn’t come to you, then it isn’t the highest good that will give you what you need. This can be frustrating to some people and make them want to use other forms of magic, but looking at your life and seeing if you really want to do that is important because other magic might take you down the wrong path.

You might find that you need to make changes in your life to get what you want. Once you go in the right direction and you use white magic, you can get what you want and have your energies align with good things and your life in the right direction.

Spiritual Evolution

Being stuck in different problems and challenges such as romantic situations or financial problems might prevent you from reaching your spiritual goals. There are so many problems that can’t be really seen, and this can be a time that you want to make positive changes in your life.

This can be important when you are doing white magic because you are going to be wanting to evolve and change. You want to make sure that you are dealing with your problems in the physical and spiritual arena and that you are setting good goals for yourself.

People always have a choice to help or to harm others. When it comes to magic, you will have a choice to use white or black magic. Before using black magic though, make sure that you understand the harm that it can bring. Also, try your hand at white magic first and you might see that it can give you what you need.

History of White Magic

People use the terms white and black magic because they know that one is safe and the other his harmful. Even though they believe this, neither kind of magic is meant to be evil. You need to understand where white magic comes from and then you will understand that this magic can be used for the highest good.

White Magic Roots

White magic has rules that come from Western and European areas. It was found in the Greek, Roman and Mesopotamia traditions. People in different cultures would create love and abundance talismans and use white magic. They considered this magic words and rituals that would use different elements that would work in the physical and energetic world.

Pre 20th Century White Magic

Churches and science now don’t agree with magic. There were scientists that were from ancient times that believed in magic such as Albertus Magnus and other scientists. They would try and use magic to find things such as gold and other things. They also would use magic to reach their goals. Some would use it in relation to biology, chemistry, physics, and other sciences.

Magical practices would use different charms and other things such as bones of saints that would practice sorcery and other kinds of ideas. These ideas often came from the ideas of angels and demons and different ideas behind it.

Witch trials and science and religion all borrowed from the different systems to figure out the practices that they would do. This has evolved over time and there is still a lot of information that people believe is false in regards to magic.

White Magic Now

People that want to practice magic will find that this is agreed on with some religion but not others. There were once laws against witchcraft and local people started getting information and traditions about it.

The laws against witchcraft were changed in 1951 by Gerald Gardner and Aleister Crowly and others that used magic and information about magic to bring it back to life. People now will often use spells and rituals based on history from China, Egypt, and other areas in the world.

No matter if you believe in Wicca, folk medicine, or others, you will find white magic in these things. The more experience and information that you get from the magical world, the more you will see that different cultures have practiced these things for years. White magic is done with an intent to not bring harm to others, and it uses different elements of the mind and other things.

Casting Spells with White Magic

White magic love spells are a tool that can benefit people to get good actions and outcomes. No matter what is going on in your life, you might need to boost your energies and make them more positive. Even if you don’t believe in magic, you can see that you can set your intentions to be positive and you can get rid of negative thinking. This is all part of magic.

Then, casting spells on yourself and others can help you to realize that white magic is meant to bring positive energies to yourself and others around you.

Love Spells

Most love spells use white magic, and they are there to bring love and peace together. This can use the Law of Attraction to bring love to you or to get a lost lover back. If you feel stressed or upset about your love life, you can use white magic.

It is important to learn to deal with the situation and clear your mind of negativity before you ever use a white magic spell. You need to focus on the spell in a good mental state and then you can use the power to change your life. This can bring positive energy to you and can be rewarding in the end.

Fertility White Magic Spells

Besides being able to help you find a soulmate, white magic can help you with fertility issues. You can use this and see that you can get pregnant and have a safe pregnancy. The spells can increase the chances of you having a baby that is healthy.

Abundance White Magic Spells

Abundance spells can help you to attract money. If you need a new house, you can cast a spell to get a new house. This can also be used to get rid of debt that is stopping you from having enough money. Abundance spells are very powerful, and they take time to do. Don’t ever use them just to be greedy.

Health and Happiness White Magic Spells

These spells can help you to have good health and to be stronger in your mental and spiritual self. If you are struggling with things like ethics, you can use these spells to make better decisions. You should use these spells when you need to get rid of pain or grief.

Protection White Magic Spells

You might not ever want to do anything to hurt anyone else but that doesn’t mean that someone doesn’t want to hurt you. If you need to protect yourself from a certain situation such as gossip or lies, you can use these spells for that. These spells can protect you and can stop people from being able to hurt you.

White magic spells are used to bring positive things into your life or to send harmful things out of your life. Before you do these spells make sure that you understand how they are going to affect you and other people.

You might not see the harm of asking for something but make sure that you are seeing things from every point of view before you ever cast a spell. This can help you to get things back into your life that are good and not to bring harm to yourself or others.

Easy White Magic Spells

White magic can be done through chanting or praying, and it can be done by calling upon gods and goddesses to help you. Here are some easy spells that you can do:

Nature Spells

If you want to bless a seed or a plant, you can say these things 3 times, “Gentle goddess of the might earth. Take this offer from me. This plant I am sending you represents the blessings I send to the earth. Use it to heal the world around me.”

Happy Home Spells

Say these things while you hold half of an onion in your hand. Imagine the negativity going into the onion, “I am giving you power to absorb any negativity from this home.” Throw the onion away and say, “Be gone.”

You can also do a spell by using carpet cleaner and putting it on the carpets and saying, “I am giving you power to suck up negative energies out of this home.” Then go and vacuum the carpet and empty it into an outside trash can or bag.

Healing White Magic Spells

If there is someone that is sick or injured in your home, rub oil on a blue candle such as eucalyptus or lavender oil. Light the candle. Put paper with the persons name on it and take out a fireproof dish. Get an amethyst stone. After you light the candle, pick up the stone and say, “Amethyst, healing stone, amethyst, light. Please heal (say their name) in the speed of the light. This is my will. So, mote it be.”

After you do this, the spell is done, and you can give the amethyst to the person. If you need the help, carry the stone with you until you are healed and then bury it in your back yard. Burn the paper with the name of the person and imagine the sickness leaving them.

White Witches

There are differences between white and black witches. A white witch will only use white magic and a black witch will perform witchcraft that is dark. All witches can use their wishes to make sure that they don’t hurt anyone, and this is part of witchcraft. But there are lines between white and black that might not be practiced to only do good.

What Do White Witches Do and Believe?

White witches might do white spells such as protection spells, love spells, luck spells or any spell that won’t bring harm to someone.

They believe that there are gods and goddesses that can help them that are part of the universe. The goddess is normally from the moon or fertility and the god represents hunting and protection and the sun.

They will complete spells and most of the time they will follow the different phases of the moon such as the waxing, waning or full moon phase.

Professional White Witches

There are some witches that are professional white witches, and they know what they are doing when it comes to spells. They will charge money to do the spells and they will do them for other people. They have studied spell casting for many years, and they know just what they are doing.

Most of the witches will use different charms or different herbs or candles to make their magic. They are normally older and more mature than other witches.

White magic casters are often healers and will use herbs and other things to heal illnesses. They will understand the different herbs and what they do, and they know what is needed to cast a spell well.

Some witches will belong to a group of witches, or a coven and they will share their spells and their understanding and information. They sometimes have a head witch, and they will work together. They often celebrate different holidays together and they do different kinds of magic.

When you need spiritual help or you want to reach a goal, you will want to talk to one of these kinds of witches. They can help you to understand your situation and help you to work through it.

Who Does White Magic?

Wiccans use white magic, and you can find white magic in different areas. If you are interested in your spiritual journey, instead of doing magic you might want to try yoga and other things first.

What Will a White Magic Spell Caster Do?

You can talk to one of these people and they can help you to cast different spells depending on what you want and need. They won’t do anything to hurt someone else or to take away the free will of someone. The person that is doing the spell for you will want to make sure that you aren’t doing anything harmful.

Finding a White Magic Spell Caster

It can be hard to find a white magic spell caster if you live in a small area, but you can always look online. You might be surprised at the people close to you that practice magic.

Becoming a White Magic Witch

You might realize that you are interested in casting spells, or you might want to be a witch. You can look at different resources online and find instructions that can help you with this. You might need to find a witch to talk to so that they can give you guidance and find out if there are any covens in your area.

You might love your life and you want to face challenges and do spells. You can learn more about white magic and how it works. Your spell caster can help you to take negative feelings that you are feeling and get rid of them and then they can help you to get the things that you want in your life. You can also use this as a journey and find a way to make a positive path in front of you.