Understanding the Spiritual Gap

Understanding the Spiritual Gap

Mediums enjoy helping people make contact with deceased loved one to get much needed direction or closure.  Even though they are not able to meet up in physical form, the person can still “feel” the love of the deceased.  The person walks away knowing that also as they have an open mind, they can find unique ways to connect.

If you think about it, reaching out to spirits is a lot like navigating a Zoom call (a ubiquitous act in the Covid era).  Technology like Zoom or Skype helps families that live far away share in special moments like trading recipes, stories or even playing games together.  Sure, its not the same as sharing the same physical room, but the important things still remain the same, experience love and memories in real time.

Deceased beings are comprised of celestial energy that mediums can tap into to relay important messages.  This is a powerful act of enduring love.  To reach a spirit all that is needed is a truly receptive person that can process unique connections to your deceased loved ones.

Tips for contacting spirits

  • Proactively ask for divine signs: Begin your day by having a silent conversation to your loved one and ask them to send you a sign.  Feel empowered to get specific about asking for something specific to the both of you. Then pay attention and notices what happens!
  • Invite the spirit to join you for an activity you both enjoy: It’s ok to be either simple or complicated.  You could watch a television show, listen to music, or take a walk.  As you partake in the activity, focus on your loved one.  Begin a dialogue with them in your mind, and notice the thoughts and answers that come through.
  • Create sacred space: Allocate a section of your home to your loved one.  Include a photo of them and anything that reminds you of them.  Whenever you see it, greet your special spirit and notice how you feel more connected to them.
  • Discuss your loved one: Sharing special stories and memories help you feel close to them and helps to heal any lingering pains.
  • Reflect on memories: Say a prayer that was special for you both.  Write about them in your journal.  Tell them through these moments how grateful you are to them and the lessons they imparted in your life.

Just as the pandemic taught us, we need to connect with our living loved ones in new ways, so too can we get creative in sensing the presence of deceased loved ones.  The love you all share is eternal.  Even in death you both can connect, just in a different style.