Understanding Magic Spells

Magic Spells

Magic is something that many people don’t believe in, but it is real. It is something that is around you all the time and you don’t even realize it. When you are manifesting the things that you desire, you are using magic.

If you want to manifest things better, you have to look at the powers that you have within yourself and the more you desire something, the stronger the spell can be. The energy of a spell is the energy that goes by what you are wanting.

Having an intent or a wish or even a desires is what goes out to the universe. The universe will then decide if the energies that you have should be guided to you by your spirit guides, angels, ancestors, goddesses, gods, or something else.


As you decide what is in your heart and once you desire something, you can see that this is part of your life destiny. The desire that you have will then turn into you taking some kind of action. The actions that you take will then make your desires come true. Without taking any kind of action, you are not going to have your desires come true.

Spells and Misunderstandings

Spells are not always understood because people think that a spell is just saying something or doing something of power. The truth is that even a wish that is bad is one that will come back for some kind of sacrifice by the wisher.

If you wish for something that is part of your life path or destiny though, it won’t require a sacrifice like a bad wish will. The sacrifice can be some kind of money or something that our love.

Your Life Destiny

The life destiny that you have is within your abilities. You can see how worthy that you are to get what you want and once you believe in yourself, your confidence will help you to get what you desire.

A wish doesn’t have to be something complicated, but it can be something as easy as writing a letter. What gives it power is the confidence that you have in getting what you want. If you have no confidence, your wish will never come true and it’s just a lost cause.

If you have confidence and you try to make your outcome true, you will see it happen for you and this will change your feelings and make you see that your energy is everywhere, and it flows everywhere.

Power of the Spell

The power behind the spell is how much you believe. If you want to see a spell, come true for someone else, you have to find someone that has an open mind. A closed mind will not let a spell work for you or for that person.

The chances that a spell will come true with a closed heart is almost zero. This will block the spell from coming true and you won’t get what you desire. But if you have an open heart and an open mind, you will see that you are welcoming energy and that you are connected to the powers that give you the energy that you want.

You will see that the connection is there, and the communication and energy will give you a desire that is consistent with what is going on in your heart and your feelings.

Everything around you will have the same energy and it will come from love, from the heart, from feelings, from energy from fearlessness. By having these things, you will see that you can have the desired spell. You must be positive and have good intentions so that you don’t lose sight of what you want.

Be confident, have faith and stay connected so that you can get the desires of your heart. Don’t give up if you don’t see things happen right away but keep putting forth an effort and you will see that you can get what you want.

Do Love Spells Really Work?

Love spells can work. You can see that a love spell is part of what your heart desires and the energy that you send out is love. This is a great energy and when you have love, it will pump through your heart and will make all things possible.

Once you put the love with other energies, you will see that the power to connect with this energy is inside of you. Love is more important than anything else and when you want to manifest love, you can. Love is what was there at the beginning and the best way to start a love spell is to look in the mirror at yourself.

Do this each day and see who you are and how your energies are growing. Love yourself, put an effort to align your mind and your emotions with who you are and how wonderful your life is.

Powerful Love Spells

The first thing that you have to do is to get rid of anything that causes you doubt. Be the best that you can be, and you can attract love to your life. Don’t be around people that are negative but get what you want by being positive.

Light a candle, say what you want, put some perfume on and pamper yourself. Let your life have peace and concentrate on how much love you already have in your life. Notice how beautiful that you are and look in the mirror. Call to love to come to you. Ask love to be there for you and don’t demand it.  By doing this, you are calling out into the spiritual world, and you are sharing a place that is sacred with yourself and with others. Do this with an open heart and an open soul and let passion drive you.

The best kind of love spells are powered by the love that you have for yourself.


  1. The article suggests a correlation between self-confidence and achieving desires. This is a well-established psychological concept. However, the framing in terms of ‘spells’ and ‘magic’ might detract from its practical applicability for some readers.

  2. Manifesting your desires seems like a positive approach to life. The idea that action is required to realize your wishes is similar to many motivational philosophies. Yet the notion of ‘spells’ might be too abstract for some readers to grasp fully.

  3. The concept of magic as described in the article is intriguing. It suggests that the power of our desires and intents can shape our reality. However, the article could benefit from a more scientific explanation to bridge the gap between belief and empirical evidence.

  4. Interesting read, but the idea of love spells seems a bit far-fetched. Self-love and positivity are undeniably important, but attributing outcomes to mystical forces might oversimplify the complexity of human emotions and relationships.

  5. While the article present an interesting take on spells and manifestation, it would be helpful to distinguish between metaphorical magic and literal interpretations. Some clarification on the consequences of ‘bad wishes’ and what constitutes a ‘sacrifice’ would improve the overall understanding.


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