Understanding Everyday Spells

Understanding Everyday Spells

There is a natural fear of spells. Fear is mostly rooted in what’s displayed in movies and television but spells aren’t necessarily just something done by witches. Spells are, in their basic form, a product of manifestation or intention.

Part of understanding spells is understanding the good and bad of them.

It’s Intention

Most people know there are good spells and bad ones. People have always heard of black or dark magic versus white magic. However, spells aren’t always classified under magic. Magic implies a ritual. Spells aren’t always ritualistic. In truth, they are anything that involves intention.

What Is a Spell?

A spell can be any action done with intention, even if it’s a thoughtless intention. One of the key ways people cast a spell is with their mouths. This is also how manifestation works. The Bible even warns about how we use our mouths. It states we can either speak life or death. Jesus spoke to an olive tree and made it die to prove his point.

We all can speak into our lives or someone else’s. However, speaking ill into life has its consequences because the intention is either revenge, jealousy, or some other negative emotion. Also, you aren’t to speak into a life that is to overcome someone’s free will. In other words, anything spoken is to benefit others.

Some people can set intentions on objects to be used by another person. This is a cautious action because it could also be an attempt to overcome someone’s free will and could be used as a curse as well as a blessing.

Knowing the Good from the Bad

Spells can be looked at two ways and the category they fall into depends on the spirits behind the spell. Those who use spells to heal and benefit others are under the instruction of positive spirits with good energy. These people tend to use things like candles and flowers to move or transfer energy.

Dark spells are those that stem from demons or even Satan and use death as their primary conduit. This can include blood sacrifices.

Spells, in all forms, are about moving energy. Energy can be placed to guide someone or add to their viewpoints, to help them open their eyes to new possibilities or opportunities. That is a positive use.

Keeping Spells Off You

Just as you can speak a spell into someone’s life or hand a gift that will open up opportunities or a new mindset, others can do the same to you. While this may be beneficial, it’s important to note that those who want to harm you can also cast negative energy your way.

It is helpful to identify when there could be a spell on you. You may notice an energy shift. There could be some tension in your family or people may suddenly start arguing with you. You may feel under attack either in your finances, your business, or your relationships. Things may suddenly start breaking or opportunities suddenly dry up.

You will need to pray for discernment on how someone is putting a spell on you and identify whether it’s through ritual, spoken word, or an object. Once you identify the source and the way through your intuition, you can make a move to stop it.

Objects should be cleansed and destroyed or at least out of the house. You can defeat spoken spells by speaking life into the other person casting the spell and issuing forgiveness. This will help you gain peace in your mind and life. Ritual spells can be counteracted by rituals or through heavy prayer and scripture.

People who are vulnerable or who are in a tense situation can protect themselves daily with spoken blessings on their lives, smoke clearing themselves and their spaces, or using holy oil or salt to protect themselves and their spaces. Wearing certain crystals helps too.

You Have the True Power

The one thing to understand about spells, in all forms, is that the power of them comes from within you. You give them power with your intention and can give them power when one is put on you by giving in to them.

In other words, you have more power within you than the spells have on you. Angels and ancestors can help you ward off bad spells and identify which positive energies to associate with throughout your life. Keeping your life cleared of negative energy and feelings is a sure way to bring blessings into your life and protect you in all things.


  1. The disticntion between spells and magic here is intriguing. Though, it could benefit from a more scientific approach to the concept of energy transfer.

  2. This article offers a balanced view on spells, not typically found in mainstream media. However, it lacks a detailed explanation of ritualistic aspects.

  3. Interesting take on how words can act as spells, but the article would be more robust if it included a section on psychological perspectives regarding intentions and manifestations.

  4. While the piece touches on the ethical implications of spells, it might be useful to include more empirical evidence or historical anecdotes to support the claims.

  5. Clarifying that spells can be both benificial and harmul is essential. Yet, there’s a need for more rigorous definitions and examples of ‘dark’ and ‘positive’ spirits.


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