The Eight Different Holidays of Witches


There are eight different holidays that witches celebrate worldwide in order to practice their beliefs. These eight holidays are called Sabbats. These are found in the wheel of the year, and this is a type of calendar.

The Wheel of the Year calendar is in eight different divided sections that are equal parts. Each of these sections start the season and also notes their midway point. The sabbats will fall in one of two different categories.

The sabbats that are not as known are called the sun sabbats. This includes Yule, Ostara, Mabon and Lithe. These are the ones that start each season off and are known as the equinoxes or the solstices.

The other sabbats that are more known are the moon sabbats or the earth festivals. They include Samhain, Lammas, Beltane, and Imbolc. These are the sabbats that mark the midway point of the seasons. These fall on one specific day unlike the sun sabbats because they change depending on the year.

The Western European pagan traditions that happened before Christianity are the ones that invented the sabbats. These were festivals and other celebrations that were made in order to honor the earth and the gods and goddesses.


The Yule happens around December 21 and is part of the winter solstice. This is the time where it is the shortest day and the longest night that happens each year. This will be a time of darkness but it will also be the beginning of the light to come back to the earth and so it is a time of happiness.

Many believe that the Yule is a time where the god of the sun is reborn and that he will bring light to the people of the world. This is also a time where a power exchange is celebrated between Holly King and Oak King which is a cycle of the seasons and a point to show that the seasons never come to an end.

Even though it is cold during this time, it is a time to reflect on what life has to bring you and to look back at where you have come from over the past year. Take time to spend with family members and remember those that have died. This is a time to honor those that have passed on but that are still with you in spirit. During the Yule, it is a time to celebrate and have get togethers.

One thing that is important about the Yule is that you can burn a yule log during this time as a reminder that no matter how dark things get, there is always going to be light into the next cycle that the universe gives you.

During the time of Yule, light candles, burn yule logs and enjoy treats that are made of special ingredients such as cinnamon and other spicy herbs. Remember that life is about new beginnings and a brighter future with both change and common things to celebrate.

Celebrating Yule

There are different ways that you can celebrate Yule and make it more meaningful to your life.


Take time to look at your inner being and find out what is blocking you from being the best that you can be. Do you have the personal power that you need to be the best that you can be? Put away things that are holding you back and live a life to work on things that you can improve.


After the winter days are long and dark, know that the Yule will bring you light and will bring you energy of hope and love. The darkness will not last forever, and this is a special time to celebrate the coming of the light.


The goddess and the god of the sun are there to give you newness in your life. Find something new to do and birth something great on your own.


As the world changes, you will also change. Be thankful for the things that are in your life and the changes that will bring you peace and help you to be the best you that you can be.

Symbols of the Yule

There are different symbols that represent the Yule such as:

Yule Log

The Yule log is often burnt as a tradition since as far back as medieval times. This will be lit in order to help you find your way. You can burn a log, spices or herbs and you don’t even have to have a fireplace to make this symbol to the Yule.


Bells are used to help to raise the spirits of those in the home and those that visit. This is a time to get rid of negative energy with positive sounds and to invite the spirit guides to you.


The evergreen tree is brought into the home during the Yule as a symbol of love and hope. Since this is a tree that grows in the winter, it means that you can honor the growth of new life and honor the greenery that comes to you.


Mistletoe is used as a symbol of love and peace. This is an old-time tradition where if two people that were fighting met under the mistletoe plant that they had to stop fighting at least until the next day.

Colors of the Yule

There are different colors that represent the Yule:


Red is used as a celebration and to represent Holly King. Many use holly berries as a representative symbol during this time.


Green is a symbol of the cold days of winter.


Silver is shown to honor the moon and to help you to keep your emotions in check when winter sets in.


White is the hope of things getting lighter and the idea that fresh flowers and plants will be coming soon.

Foods of the Yule

Different foods are often made during the Yule including:

Apple Cider

Apple cider is a drink that is used with apples and with special spices.


Cinnamon is used to honor the Yule season and is used to sweeten things up.

Baked Apples

Baked apples are used in pies and as a tasty snack.

Egg Nog

Many use egg Nog when the nights are cold.


Gingerbread is used to make cookies and the ginger represents warmth and is used during Yule festivities.


Nuts are a reminder of how nature cycles and that there is death and rebirth throughout life and nature.


Pine trees are used as a symbol of life and death and represents the darkness of winter.

Roast Beef

Roast beef is often made and brought to the table and is a reminder to be thankful of all the hard work that was done this year to bring food to the table.


Rosemary is a special spice that is used to decorate and to make meals.

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is made with spices and will mark the season to remember family and friends during this time.

Things to Do During the Yule

The Yule is a time of celebration and a time of retrospection.

Burning the Log

The biggest tradition of the Yule is to burn the log. This is a tradition that has been around since medieval times. This is a symbol of calling forth the sun. You can make your own yule log, or you can buy one and burn it in the fireplace.

Tree Decorating

Some people will decorate pine trees and will show nature that there is life.


Many people choose to go caroling and to sing with family and friends.

Story Telling

This is a time to tell stories of what tomorrow brings.

Spells for the Yule

There are different spells that work the best during the Yule and can be part of your everyday life.

Happy Spell

The Yule is a happy time and will be a time to celebrate with family and friends. The happy spell can be done during the Yule season.

Hope Spell

There are spells that can bring hope to your life and help you to be warmer as the winter sets in.

Bond Spells

Winter is a time of cold nights, and the days are shorter, and some people struggle during these times. The bond spell can help you to have stronger relationshi8ps and help you to find the support you need to be happy during the cold months.


The Imbolc is on February 2nd and marks the midway point of winter. This is a sabot that means “in the belly” because it is a time that the sheep get pregnant. This sabot represents birth, fertility, and happiness.

Imbolc is from the goddess Brigid who was the maiden of fertility, and this is a celebration on the sun wheel to celebrate how life continues on.

The sabbat is a time to clean your house and to get rid of clutter. Make sure that you start your sabot fresh and that you use different tools to rejuvenate the home.

Get rid of physical clutter out of your home but also take time to get rid of negative thinking and to let go of energy that no longer serves you.

Celebrating Imbolc

Imbolc means a fresh start in the middle of winter and is a time to think about growth and about focusing on the future. This is a time to renew your mind and body and to grow.


During the winter, the sheep often get pregnant, and they will give birth in the spring. Since this is part of the celebration, this is a time to see the different energies being born within and a time to look at new beginnings and ideas for yourself.

This is a time to spring up new things and to let spring come to your life.


The winter is a time to be creative and to find out what we love and what we have meaning with. We can reflect on our life and as the light begins to get longer, we can take on new projects.


People that love to have more sunshine will look forward to the cold of winter going away. There will be new life and the spring will bring on new things.


Imbolc is a time to renew your mind and your body and to make sure things in your home and your life are clean and decluttered.

Symbols of Imbolc

One symbol of Imbolc is the Brigid’s cross. This is a symbol of the goddess Brigid and is a cross of Ireland. This is sometimes called a solar cross because it can have 3 or 4 arms. This is made of rushes but can be made for the top of the door or for your altar.


Sheep are a big symbol of the Imbolc because this is a time that they will be successful to get pregnant and later give birth. This is a sign of prosperity and truth.

Sun Wheel

The sun wheel is an armed cross that is inside of the circle. This is a symbol that represents the sun and fire that brings hope to your life.

Flowers that are White

Snowdrops are often used because these white flowers bloom during the spring. They are a hope of warmth and love to come.

Colors of Imbolc

There are many colors that represent Imbolc such as:


This color is a color that shows us that warmth is coming from the sun soon. You can use red candles to burn when you celebrate.


White is a symbol of hope and rebirth. This means that life can have prosperity and that you can use these in your home or on the altar.


Yellow represents celebrating and the idea that winter is almost over.

Foods of the Imbolc

When celebrating, there are foods that are used during the sabbat Imbolc such as:


Since winter is a cold time, using vegetables to eat can be added to your feast to represent that spring is coming.


Seeds will be planted when the temperatures get warmer, and you can start your own seedlings on Imbolc.

Milk Cheese

Sheep are a big symbol of Imbolc, and it is important to eat sheep’s milk cheese during this time.


Blackberries are sacred and are part of healing and manifesting things into your life.


The sunflower is a symbolic flower that represents things warming up. You can eat the seeds, or you can plant these during the feast.


Cinnamon is used during this time to do spells and to make foods sweeter.


Ginger is used to bring light and can be used in teas and foods.

What to Do During the Imbolc

There are things that are special that you can do during the Imbolc such as:

Baking Bread

Take time to bake bread to say goodbye to the days that are dark and hello to the light that is coming.

Cleaning and Decluttering

Take time during this season to declutter and clean your home and your office. This is a way to start new and to bring light into your life.


Burn candles and make sure that you use them to honor the return of the sun.

Brigid’s Cross

You can make a Brigid’s cross out of grass, or you can make other symbolic things that represent the sun coming and the winter ending.


Take time to have a feast to honor Brigid and to make sure that you honor the cycle of the sun.

Spells of Imbolc

There are some spells that work especially well during Imbolc:

Blessing Spell

Do a blessing spell on your family to help them get ahead during the winter and into the spring.

Cleansing Spell

Do a cleansing spell on your home to help you to focus and to help you to move forward in the moment.

Protection Spell

A protection spell can be used to protect your energy.

Wishing Spell

A wishing spell is important to give you the desires that you have in your heart. You can use a candle during this, and it is best to use a white one.


Ostara happens around March 21st and is the time that there is both light and darkness. This is a time that was named after the goddess Eostre and is a time that brings fertility to people and is the new idea of rebirth.

The two main symbols of this sabot are the eggs and the hare. The eggs mean that there is beginning of life and the hare is the idea of fertility and many blessings. These are part of the universe and shows that life brings balance.

During this time, there is equal light and darkness, and the days are getting longer than the night. Nature is starting to show, and it is a time where winter is almost over.

Ostara is the time where Easter came along and where the tradition of the easter bunny happened. This is a time of rebirth and is a pagan tradition.

Celebrating Ostara

There is a time to celebrate the abundance that Ostara will bring you. This is a time to manifest things into your life and to see growth and prosperity happen.


Balance has to happen during this time and since the light and dark are balanced, it is a time to allow growth to come and to let new things happen.


This is the cycle of nature and is the beginning of birth and since it happens once each year, it means that you are to go with the flow.


As the seeds begin to grow, there is a birth of new life. This is a time where you can manifest things into your life and into your soul.

New Life

New life will come because it is early spring and a time where things grow. You will see the growth all around you.

Symbols of the Ostara

There are different symbols of the Ostara such as the butterfly. This is a symbol of letting the darker months go and a new transformation to take place. The butterfly will emerge from a caterpillar and will show new beauty.

Eggs and Hares

The eggs and hares are found to help the spring celebration.  This is a time that the snow leaves and that eggs and hares are everywhere.


The seeds will bring new life and will show that there is a promise of life all around you and nature. This is a time to celebrate life.


Flowers such as wildflowers will grow, and this will be a symbol of life. This is a time where the sun will come out and a time to celebrate.

Colors of the Ostara

There are different colors that represent the Ostara such as:


This is the color of things flowering and sprouting. This is a color of abundance and new life.


Pink is the color that shows that summer is coming.


White means that things will be clean, and things will start new.


This means that things will become more intense each day.

Foods of the Ostara

There are many foods that can be made to celebrate this sabbat including:


Acorns are the idea behind the oak trees and is a very enjoyable things to see. This means that things will spring up and that new crops will come out.


Honey is a symbol of bees and germination, and this is a time of new life.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are the things that bring balance to your day. This sweet treat brings peace and happiness during the spring equinox.

What to Do During Ostara

One thing that you can do during Ostara is to color eggs. This is a tradition and a way to celebrate. Always use natural dye coloring.

Seed Planting

Take time during this sabbat to plant seeds and be ready to see life springing up around you.

Do Something New

Do something new during this time. Give yourself something fun to do and start a new hobby.

Nature Walking

Walk in nature and get closer to nature. Be quiet and see what the world has to show you.

Spells for Ostara

Here are some special spells that you can do during Ostara:

Balancing Spell

This is a time to balance your energies and to bring hope to your day.

Fertility Spell

This is a time of growth and a time to start something new. Use the energy of your spell to bring conception and fertility.


The Ostara is a time of growth and a time to face challenges. This is the equinox and helps you to have power and to have growth.


Let the gods and the goddesses of fertility come to you and let your desire to grow do so. Learn to look around you and use the natural energy to reach your sexual desires and your love life.


Beltane happens on May 1st and is a time between spring and summer. This is when there is a lot of passion and where life is full. This is a time where the light is strong and a time to not be worried or stressed but to have fun.

Beltane is a time where people are fertile and where love and sexuality are embraced. This is a time to have love embraces and to bind with someone that you care about. This is a time of commitment.

One big tradition during this time is to have a bonfire to celebrate. When you jump over the fire, it can bring blessings to your life and can help you to give your love to someone else. You can also send your animals through the smoke so that they will be safe and protected. As the night ends, this is a time where people will take some of the flame and will go and light their own fire.

Maypole is recognized during this sabbat, and it is decorated with bright ribbons and with greenery. This is a pole that is made that people dance around and even homes are decorated the same way. This helps people that are couples and wandering in the woods to have passions in their life.

Themes Behind Beltane

The Beltane is a time of life and fertility. This is a time where plants are growing, and your intentions are strongest.


Love is strong during this season, and it will bloom and bring energy to your life. This is a time to build powerful relationships.


Find your passions and your sexuality and be excited both in the bed and outside of it. Activate your body and your mind and find activities that make you feel good.

Symbols of the Beltane

Do a bonfire to represent the Beltane. Celebrate with a big bonfire and let everyone take the flame with them.


Fire is a common theme because it means the warmth of the sun. Light candles or light a bonfire.


Use flowers to decorate and celebrate Mother Earth.


Decorate yourself and your home with garland and use flowers and other things that show your connection with Mother nature.


Decorate the maypole and let people dance around it. This is a masculine time and is part of the relationship between the Green Man of the Forest and Mother Nature and the idea of bringing life.

Colors of the Beltane

Green represents things blooming and you can put green candles on your altars.


This means that there will be peace and harmony in your life.


This is the color to honor the brightness and growth of new life.

Foods of the Beltane

Bread is used to symbolize Beltane and can be enjoyed during this time.


Make salads with fresh greens and give thanks to the earth for what it provided.


Drink milk and other dairy to show that things grow and live during this time.


The Hawthorn tree will bloom, and it will make flowers that you can wear on your head as a crown.


This is a fresh food that is yummy and can be used as a celebration during this time.


Drink wine and celebrate this historical festival.

Things to Do During Beltane

Have a bonfire during this time and make sure that you are safe.


Move your body around and let the spell work become part of you and who you are.

Have Fun

Have fun during this time and enjoy the world around you.


This is when two people come together to bond or to get married. You can use old traditions or make your own.

Flower Crowns

Make flower crowns to wear so that you can feel free and alive.


Go outside to nature and enjoy the things that Mother Earth gave you.

Spells to Do During Beltane

Creative spells can help you to do things in your life that you want to do. Work hard and focus on things that you desire.

Fertility Spell

This spell can help you to be fertile and to celebrate new life.


Do a prosperity spell in order to see growth and to see your energy take off.

Love Spells

Do love spells in order to feel alive. Find ways to make you feel happy about who you are and what you want in your life.


Litha is a time that happens during the first day of summer. This is often on June 21st and is celebrating the longest day of light. This is a special time to have fun and to work harder but it is also a day that marks the ending of the days getting longer.

This is a sabbat that allows the goddess to be pregnant with the sun god and to celebrate the rebirth of the Yule. This is also a day that the Oak King will give power to the twin brother, the Holly King and this is where the nature will cycle again.

Bonfires are often done during the Litha in order to have people stay up all night to see the sunrise and to celebrate the strength that the sun has. This is often a bonfire that uses oak.

When you want to celebrate joy and love, this is a perfect time to do that. This is a time to self-reflect and see all of the great things that you had done this year. This is also a time to give power to the moon.

Themes Behind Litha

The idea of Litha is that there is abundance of animals, food, and seeds that spring up. This is a time to have abundance and growth in your life.


Celebrate during the summer solstice so that you can gather with people that you love and see life everywhere.


This is a time of fulfillment in your life and a time to be happy. Learn to see all of your hard work and how it paid off to you.


Celebrate light and the summer solstice. Know that there is light everywhere and that this is an exciting time for you.


Nothing is better than being happy and you can be nothing but happy during these warm and friendly days.

Symbols of Litha

Fire is a symbol of Litha that means that the summer was hot and brought lots of abundance to your life. This is a tradition during the sabot and represents the god of the forest.


Flowers are used to show beauty and abundance in your life. You can use them to decorate your hair or your home.


Use oak to show stability and to honor Holly King during the solstice.


The sun is at its peak, and it is a time to celebrate what it represents and gives to you.

Colors of the Litha

Blue is an important color because it means peace and prosperity.


Gold is powerful and represents the rays of the sun.


Green means full bloom and nurturing things.


This represents warmth and is a color that means life.

Foods of the Litha

This is a time to drink wine and to enjoy the abundance of the jovial libation. Be responsible during this time.


Apples are a way to celebrate the harvest. Pick them and eat them or put them on the altar.


Honey is life and this is something that has been around for years and years.

Ice Cream

Celebrate with ice cream by having fun and knowing that it has been around for generations.


Lavender is one herb that is a great plant to bake with or to use as decorations for your altar. You can use this in your bath to help you relax.


Lemons can be used during the summer and represent the sun because they are so bright.


Use summer fruit that is ripened and enjoy it from what the universe gives you.

Things to Do During Litha

Bonfires are one thing that you can do that are safe and will give you strength. If you cannot do a bonfire, burn candles instead.


Handfasting will be something that you can do to tie together your relationship with someone that you love. Learn to honor those around you even if you don’t marry them.


Have a feast to honor the sabbat and eat fruits and vegetables with family and friends.


Take time to watch the sunrise by staying up all night and honoring the longest day of the year.

Spells to Do During Litha

A happiness spell can help you to have joy during this time. Surround yourself with peace and joy and do spell work and make magic happen.


A health spell will give you energy and will help you to be healthy and to improve your overall wellness.

Love Spells

Do love spells so that you can fall in love, and you can commit to those that you want to be with. This energy will give you an advantage in your life.


Lughnasadh is the midway between summer and fall and is celebrated in August 1sth. This is a time that the summer season is coming to an end, and you have to begin to prepare for winter.

The name of this sabbat comes from the Celtic god Lugh and is a holiday that is meant to celebrate mother Tailtiu. This is a time to have bonfires, dancing and to eat well.

Lammas are part of the first harvest of the year and is made up of grains and other farming crops. The first fruits are meant to be given to the gods and goddesses to thank them for what they gave to you the year before.

There is a sheaf of grain that is the last sheaf that is to be cut and kept until the following harvest year. This will be put back into the earth and will bless the gods from one harvest to the next harvest. Sometimes this grain is not cut at all and is just left in the field until the next harvest.

Themes of the Lughnasadh

Gather as much as you can and think of the abundance of things that have come to your life this year.


Embrace change and know that change is coming. Allow change to be a good thing in your life.


Remember the harvest and have good things come to your life.


This is a time to have much of things and to get the things that you want and need in your life.

Symbols of Lughnasadh

One symbol is the corn dollies. This represents growth and change and abundance.


Use the cauldron for life and death and know that you can mix in it and you can achieve a purpose by using the cauldron.


Corn is a harvest food and shows you that nature is there to give you what you need.


This is a symbol of the harvest and a time of abundance in your life.


Use this to cut down the harvest and to cut out any negativity in your life.


This is a mighty flower that is tall and full of life.

Colors of Lughnasadh


Bronze is an important color of Mabon because it represents the colors that the leaves change to.


Green is the honoring of the earth and nature and the goddess and the things that she has given you.


Yellow represents summer and the sun and intensity that you have in your life.


This is a color of life and a color of the changing leaves.


Gold represents harvest and abundance.

Foods of Lughnasadh

Apples are a symbol of Mabon because they are sweet and celebrated.


Celebrate corn and the abundance of it. Know that the universe will give you what you need.


Berries represent differences and love. They can be added to different foods to make them brighter and sweeter.


Bread is part of the harvest and is something that you can enjoy from your hard work.


Grains can be used from the harvest to grow things and represent strength and life.


Honey is representative of bees and new life.


This is a sweet plant that means cleanliness and peace.


Nuts are part of the harvest and can be used to make delicious foods.


Poppy seeds represent happiness and joy and the love of your harvest.


Potatoes are new life and they come in abundance.

Things to Do During Lughnasadh

You can bake bread to enjoy the hard work that you did during the harvest.


Have bonfires and do this with family and friends to enjoy light and the idea of darkness that will come with winter.


Take time to listen to music and to dance and get rid of anything negative holding on.


Have a feast and invite family and friends that you have missed and that you wish to see again.

Spells to Do During Lughnasadh

Do a generosity spell in order to bring abundance to your life and to help you manifest things.


Do a luck spell so that you can bring luck to your day, and you can prosper and meet people that will bring you newness.


A prosperity spell can help you to have what you need in order to get the things that you want and to do the things that you are destined to do in your life.


Mabon is part of the autumn equinox and happens around September 21st. This is when the days and nights are equal, and this is a time to bring balance to your life. You will be getting to a place where it is getting darker for longer and the nights will begin to get longer from this day forward.

This is the second harvest of the year and is a time to celebrate all of the things that have been given to you. This will be a harvest of vegetables and fruits and it will be a time to have a big feast.

This is a sabbat that is a time to find hope and to make plans for the next year. This is where you should end your projects that you are doing, and you should work towards the harvest. You should take time to enjoy this part of the year before the winter comes back.

This is a festival about hope and giving thanks for what you have had this year and what you achieved in your life. This is a time to get ideas for a new project and for what you will do during the winter months.

Themes of the Mabon

Balance is important during the autumn equinox and is a time where the day and night are equally balanced. This is when the days will begin to get shorter and a celebration of the sun god dying after blessing the world with warmth and hope.


Having a second harvest is important because it can help you to store things up that will last through winter. You will need to remember to store things such as hope and love and remember what you had during the season.


Be thankful for the things that you have had and gained over the past year. Look at the new things that you have done and learned in your life.


Take time to harvest during this equinox and to look at your own intentions and energies. Learn to celebrate the things that you have accomplished.


Take time during this sabot to relax and enjoy the hard work that you have done.

Symbols of Mabon

Apples are a symbol of Mabon because they are sweet and celebrated.


Celebrate corn and the abundance of it. Know that the universe will give you what you need.


This is a symbol of the harvest and the abundance that you gain from the seeds that you have planted.


Make an altar with leaves that have fallen off of trees. Remember the energies of the fall and the winter and remember that the leaves that have fallen remind you of change.


Acorns will be lost as the trees prepare for the winter months. This is a symbol of the start of the process of spring.

Colors of Mabon

Bronze is an important color of Mabon because it represents the colors that the leaves change to.


Green is the honoring of the earth and nature and the goddess and the things that she has given you.


Yellow represents summer and the sun and intensity that you have in your life.

Foods of Mabon

Acorns can be used that have fallen from oak trees. This is a season change and a great way to decorate.


Use apples as a last harvest and make food and drinks with them.


Bake some bread and use the grains from the season to make something good to eat.


Carrots are root vegetables and celebrate the earth and the harvest.


Make cider because it is cooling, and it is a part of life. Let it help you to reconnect with your past life.


Cinnamon is used to bake bread and to roast different kinds of meats.


Pine is the idea behind deep coloring and green things. This is a reminder that winter will come but brighter things will come soon after.

Things to Do During Mabon

One great thing to do is to make bread. This is a way to say goodbye to spring and to welcome in winter.


Take time to get rid of clutter out of your life and to make sure that you are keeping your home and your energies clean and strong.


Have a Mabon feast to celebrate the second harvest. Eat good foods and bring in family to celebrate with.

Nature Walk

Take time to walk through nature and see all the colors and changes around you. Pay attention to the air and how it makes you feel.

Spells to Do During Mabon

Do a spell of balance because this is a time of balance.


Be confident in your spellcasting and know that you are brave and strong.


Take time to bring abundance to your life and to manifest what you want. This will be a season of magic for you.


This is a time to look at the past year and see what you have done. Look and see if you can be clear minded and meditate in your days.


Samhain is on October 31st or Halloween. This is a time where the spirit world is the closest to you and where you celebrate things that have been lost. This is the final harvest of the year and a time to prepare for winter to come.

There should be a feast during this time and during the feast you should talk to your ancestors. Talk about those people that have died and passed on and the memories that they have left you. This should be a time where you bring many people to celebrate with you.

As the ancestors pass onto the other side, you need to learn to let things pass. Do not travel alone during this time of the year and do not let the wild hunt take over you. Going out on your own can make you encounter the souls of the dead.

This is the witch’s new year and is a time to renew the Wheel of the Year. It is a time to let go of things in the past and to work on the harvest. Winter is coming soon.

Themes of the Samhain

Ancestors are important during this time, and you should look at the Celtic customs. Have your ancestors dine with you during the feast and invite the spirits to come to you.


Death is something that is tradition and means full of life. This is not something to be afraid of but a way to celebrate the new life that comes.

Inner Looking

Take time to look deep inside and see the different lessons that you have learned over time. The lessons can help you to live a better life.


This is when the veil between the spirit world and the natural world is the thinnest.

Symbols of Samhain

One symbol of Samhain is the bats. This is meant to mean the change between summer and winter.

Black Cats

Black cats symbolize the love of the Celtic Fairy Cat Sith and is a blessing to those around them. This is a time to put out warm milk for the cats to come to your home and drink from.


Cauldrons can hold life and death, and this is something that represents the womb of the goddess.


Use pumpkins but make it your own meaning because this is something that has no real representation of Samhain.

Colors of Samhain

The most seen color during this time is black. This represents the darker times of the year and the idea of death. There are many purposes of the color black such as protection from the spirit world and the color of rituals.


Orange is an important color of fall and the changes of the leaves.


This color is associated with a psychic connection and psychic giftings.

Foods of Samhain

Make apples during this time and remember that they represent the final harvest.


Making cider for enjoyment and to honor growth and death during this time.


This spice is important to bring magic to your rituals during Samhain.


Use pumpkins to celebrate Halloween.


Rosemary can be used to keep you safe when the spirits come.

Things to Do During Samhain

You can always make a bonfire during this time and use a cauldron to light your fire in.

Walk in Nature

Take time to honor nature and to go for a walk in the woods. Feel whatever the earth is trying to show you and tell you and let the energy of the nature fill you.

Feast of the Dead

You can honor your dead ancestors by having a feast. Leave a seat open for them and share memories and stories about them.

Celebrate Ancestors

Take time to make an altar for your ancestors by putting special items that they loved on the altar to honor them.

Spells to Do During Samhain

Do a banishing spell to get rid of negative energies.

Faerie Magic

There is a thin veil, and this is a time to use the power of the faeries to help you.

Contact Spirit Spells

Use spells to contact the spirit world and to get the spirits to help you along your journey.