Should You Be Labeling Your Magic?


It can be hard to find the right kind of magic for yourself and it is something that witches have struggled with for years. Even though it is hard to find the right kind of magic sometimes, the length of time that you have been practicing can help you to know what level you want to be on and how to move on to the next level in your crafting.

A Year of Less

People that are brand new witches, meaning one year of practicing or less, know that they have so much to learn that they might have a hard time knowing what kind of magic they want to do. There is so much that they have already learned but there is so much more to go. There are thousands of different kinds of magic and there are hundreds that are practiced right in North America.

People that are at their early stage need to focus on the basics. They need to learn as much of the different magic that they can. They need to learn theories of magic and what kind of tools you can use. This is magic that will give you a different taste of all the other magics. This is a time where most witches will buy a bunch of stuff, but they will only use or read a portion of it, and they feel bad after doing this.

When you think of the beginning phase, you need to see that you need to try different things. This is often called the buffet stage because you don’t want to fill your plate up with only one kind of food, but you want to try out many. This is the same way with your magic. You want to see enough different kinds so you can explore them and look at what they all mean.

You will want to look at them and get an idea of all the magic that is available to you and even if you don’t ever finish one kind, that is okay.

This is one of the most exciting parts of being a witch because you are excited and discovering all kinds of new things. You will enjoy these times and you will muster the courage to make sure that you try out everything. Read all you can read and practice all you can all while having fun.

Once you learn about new things, you can try to go to different places such as the library to find books. Find things that are new to you and get familiar with them. Look for different books that have different subjects that you can learn a little bit about and then find something new to read. Get books that you might read and some that you might not. Skim through them and find things that you see that are exciting. If something doesn’t get you interested or excited, move on and find something else.

Semi New or 1-3 Years of Magic

Someone that is in their semi-new stage have probably learned a bunch of different things, but you don’t really know what you know. This is a time where you need to start narrowing down what you want to learn and focus more on what you want to know more about.

Some people in this stage are still new to different ideas and this is a place where you are still learning but you are learning about things in more detail. You might love plant magic so you get books on herbs and plants, and this can help you to learn magic along the way.

People that go to this stage need to spend at least half of their time learning like they did in the first parts of their learning where they learn all different things and then spend the other half learning on things and focusing on things that you like. Some of the books that you just skimmed through are books you need to take back out and read. These are things you need to pay attention to and focus on so that you can learn more about them.

Once you look at books on herbal magic, for example, find more things on herbal magic such as spell books or medicine books. When you finish a few of these books, find books on something else such as on ancestral connections or spirit books. Try different things and find out what you can learn. Find things that interest you and go with those things. You will want to read about things that you find exciting and as you go deeper into your learning, you will want to go back to those resources that you have tried.

This is also a time where some will find out what works for them as a witch and what things do not work well. Some people will like things and these things will work good for them but if they do not resonate inside of them then they will probably never learn much about it.

Middle Ways or 3-5 Years of Practice

A person that is a middle of the way witch will be one that will know what they do and don’t like. They will know what they are good at and what they need to work on. They will have a direction in what kind of magic that they want to focus on. They will have studied different crafts and will find things that they really love.

These are kinds of magic that you will be interested in, and they are things that you will be able to put your energy in. You will be at a point in this phase that you really want to dig deep into certain subjects, and you will do this and get obsessed with certain things.

You have to know that everyone goes through the different stages, and they are important to each and everyone’s growth. This is a time where things will be different depending on who you are. You might find that you want to keep researching a certain subject or you might want to try different things. Try a different subject every couple of months and see if you can find as many resources as you can get your hands on. Focus on that kind of magic for a while and see where it takes you. There are so many subjects that you will love, and you will want to go back to them year after year and learn other styles along the way.

Remember that this is not something that has to be done one certain way. Some people will go back to learning the buffet style because they love all of the different things that they can learn, and some people will want to focus on one thing entirely. This is completely up to you.

This is a stage where you should start using labels. Labels are there to help you to know what kind of stage you are in and what kind of magic you like. Once you get to this level, you will know what you are good at and what kind of interests you have. This will be a time where you can look at your practice and you can learn to label it and explain it to yourself and others. You will be able to use the labels to say what you are practicing but not to define your practice.

Advanced Magic with 6 or More Years

Someone that has 6 or more years is considered an experienced witch. This is where every witch wishes to be. This is the point where you know what you want and who you are. You will know what kind of magic works for you and what kind doesn’t. You will see that depending on what is going on in your life, that you will have different labels that you use.

Labels at this stage are there to help you and they are not always saying what your practice is, but they are a part of who you are.

It is common for people to say that they are a witch at this level but when they are asked what kind of witch they are, they will look at their different beliefs and the way that they practice so that they can figure out what works best for them. They usually do not have a single label but many that show the overall who they are.

When you label your witch crafting, you need to focus on what your magic does for you. Focus on what you do and what interests you have. You can learn anything you want, and you can become better at your magic. Witchcraft is not just about finding out who you are, but it is about fitting in with yourself and your magic. It is about using your magic to make your life better and happier. It is when you can use your magic above everything else and you can learn faster and better than you ever imagined. This is a time where you are learning even faster than you can label what you are doing.