Making Magic Work


People often think that magic is about summonsing demons or about pentagrams and magic wands. Magic has been around for centuries and there are people that practice different magic such as Voodoo in Western Africa, ying-yang in China, Vudun in Japan and many more. There is magic around the world and some people think that it is superstitious to believe in magic, but others disagree.

How to Make a Spell Work

There are different things that can be used to make a spell work such as:

  • Moon

The moon has many phases, and the phases of the moon can help to make your magic stronger. Do you ever notice that people talk about the “crazies” coming out during a full moon? This happens because the power of the full moon can be very strong.

The full moon is a time that the supernatural world is stronger, and it is a time that people do spells and rituals. Summonsing spirits during this time is the best time.

Don’t try to get rid of curses or do exorcism during a full moon because this can cause energies that are not perfect, and it can end up messing up your ceremony. Doing spells can use the timing of the moon though.

  • Energy of Magic

No matter what kind of magic that you want to  do, you need to make sure that you are bringing energy into the magic. Chi or the life energy in the Chinese tradition shows you that you can direct your energy to be more powerful. This is something that you can learn. This is needed to do magic.

Make sure that you are in the right state of mind when you are doing a spell. If you want to do a love spell, you need to be positive. If you want to do a curse, you will need negative energy to help you.

Always clear your mind and imagine the negative energies leaving you. Once they are gone, start doing your magic. This is a positive way that you can use your inner being to help you. It is important that you do actions when you use magic and that you aren’t lacking your spiritual will.

  • Waiting for the Spell to Work

The magic doesn’t always work right away. When you do a spell, it can take even months to see it work. You have to believe in the spell no matter how long it takes and not to get discouraged. Once the spell takes effect, chances are you won’t even remember why you cast it.

Always be positive when you are waiting for you spell to work for you. The heart, the mind and the spirit requires exercises to make sure that you are being positive. You will see that you will be able to do better magic when you are in the right state of mind. If you don’t feel like you are, see a professional spell caster to help you.

  • Materials for Magic

Magic is something that you need to do right. It won’t work or there could be consequences if you spell it wrong. You have to have different materials and tools for different spells. Some need candles, seeds, herbs, and other things.

Why Are Materials Important?

Using the right materials is what makes magic work. There are elements of magic that have-to-have certain things to have the right outcome. The elements that are needed are in your control while others aren’t. Some spells will need candles or other things, but you also have to have strong intentions about the spell. There are specific materials that you need, and you need to follow them.

The materials need to be just how the spell asks. If you are required to have a yellow candle, don’t replace it with orange unless the spell says you can. The spell can turn into something that you didn’t want to happen if you substitute on your own.

  • Candles

Candles are one of the most known materials in a spell. They symbolize different things based on their color and sometimes even their shape or size. When you are doing a spell and it says to let it burn out on it’s own, do that. Most people don’t realize that they are doing magic when they make a wish and blow out the candles on their birthday cake, but they are.

Magic works with candles and intent. You need to make sure that you have energy behind the spell even if you have a certain ingredient.

  • Incense

Incense is another thing that is often used in rituals and has been used for years. This can help to manifest the power that you need and can be potent to make a spell work. Incense is normally burned on something like charcoal. Incense sticks can also be used, and it is up to you what kind you want.

Incense uses the air element for the spell. It can give you the right energy that is needed to make your spell work. Follow the instructions of the spell carefully and don’t make substitutions unless you know what you are doing or unless you are told that you can in the spell.

  • Oils

There is energy in oils and some oils can be made and others can be bought. These are magical oils, and they have a certain intention with a spell. They will bring energy into the spell from the outside. If you want to have a positive result, use the magic oils that the spell calls for.

Other Ingredients

There are other ingredients such as herbs, crystals and other things that can be asked for in a spell. Keep the right ingredients and tools close to you so that the spell works.

  • Mind of the Spell Caster

There are different things that are called for in a spell and the most important though is where your mind is during the ritual. This is important when you are doing a spell or getting rid of a curse or other things. If you are in a bad mood, the spell likely won’t work right. Some people do magic and aren’t effective because they try to prove it to be false. They are just proving that they aren’t in the right mental state and that they aren’t believing.

  • Emotions of the Spell Caster

Emotions are another thing that can mess with the spell casting. When you do a spell, you need to have emotions behind it. If you want to cast a love spell, you need to feel the emotions of love and you need to feel the romance surrounding you. The feeling of love around you is important to make the spell work.

If you are obsessed with someone or with love, you might have someone that is stalking you and it can be dangerous for you in the long run. The mental and emotional part of you doing the spell casting can determine a safe or unsafe spell.

When you are looking for fortune, you need to make sure that you are putting positive emotions into the spell and that you don’t have bad feelings about money. Some people want to do these spells, but they hate money because they are in debt, and they are negative about it. Keep your emotions right before casting a spell.

  • Believing

The biggest key to your emotions is that you believe in good results. If you manifest something and you want it to work, you have to believe in it. If you don’t put your emotions into the spell, then chances are it will not work for you. This probably means that you don’t believe it.

This has to do with both white magic and dark magic.

  • Your Strong Emotions

Your emotions need to be controlled. Make sure that you aren’t going into a spell with out-of-control emotions. The feelings that you have before you cast a spell can determine if the spell is going to work or not. If you are being negative and not thinking positively then the spell likely won’t manifest for you.

  • The Universe

The universe is there to help you, and this is where the time restraints often come from. You might have to wait for a spell to work because the timing of magic has to do with the universe. The universe will decide how long it takes for the spell to work.

Those that have good track records in casting spells that work fast are probably close to the universe and the universe is sensitive to that person. This can be the power that the person has in the elements and in their own thoughts.

Manifesting Spells

Magic is not scientific, and it works with the will of the universe. There are different ideas on why some spells work and why some take so long. Some think that you don’t get your spell met because you aren’t believing, and others think it is all about power.

Some have been doing spells for years and they still have delays sometimes. Those that believe in their magic will see more positive outcomes than those that have doubt.

When you do a spell, your subconscious mind is working, and you are bringing in different feelings and different emotions. These are needed to cast a spell or even a curse. Nothing says that your spell will work fast or that it will take a long time. There are different things that you need to focus on such as the timing of the spell, your intentions, the place and how positive you are.

Chasing After Magic

People that first start doing magic often think that there are problems with their results. This is because they can come to a point where they aren’t sure that they did something right. This can be a problem with the universe. If you are trying to make magic manifest and you are using different patterns, you will probably not see your magic manifest very fast.

If you are looking for new manifestations, then you are probably going to miss out on your true magic. You should never chase after magic because the universe has the final say in it.

Desired End

Don’t get frustrated when your magic takes longer than you think it should. Even if it has been a year, there is nothing that you can do. You need to wait, be patient and focus on what the magic has for you. Let the spell come as it is willed.

Changing your mental pattern to something negative will affect your outcome and the universe is in tune with your emotions. It will happen at just the right time.

The will of the universe will show you the right time for something to manifest rather you like to wait or not. When you take spells seriously and you let them work at their time, you will see that it works out just the way that it’s meant to.


People that practice magic have different experiences. This is just like a regular job. Some have more skills at their job than others. It takes time and patience to learn new skills and to get good at spell casting. Be patient with yourself and focus on the energies of the magic instead of focusing just on the end.

As magic comes to you and you grow your inner being, you will see that you can experience magic that is strong.

Starting Out as a Spell Caster

You have to start somewhere if you are going to be a spell caster. Even the most experienced people have started as a beginner. As they researched the occult and as they kept trying different spells, they find that they are becoming more knowing of what the spells can show them.

They learn the new techniques and the practices, and some will even go under the teaching of others to start becoming more powerful. You might want to start as an experienced spell caster, but this isn’t reality. You have to practice casting the perfect spell.

Don’t skip out on the experience. If you want to get good, you need to practice and you need to make sure that you are doing spells until you get them right. Don’t give up when one doesn’t work and then just keep manifesting until the magic works to its fullest.

Even small spells can turn out badly and if you don’t research and practice then you are playing a dangerous game.


Researching is very important when you want to do magic. This means you read, look at groups online, visit forums and other things to get all of the information that you can about magic and about the occult. Once you do this, you will see that your research can give you secrets about spell casting.

You need to decide that if you want to be a spell caster that you are going to research and be involved in learning. Find someone that will take you under their wing and work with them.


Some people are able to find someone that will teach them the tricks of magic. They will help you to experience new things and show you how to be successful. You will still have to have your own experience and you will still have to have strong emotions and positivity, things you can’t learn from others. But at the same time, you can learn different skills and focus your skills on things that you learn.

When you find someone that is experienced, they can teach you the tricks of different spells and help you to get stronger in what you are doing. This can help you to be stronger in your emotions and to focus on things that can prepare you to do your magic.

Magical Energies

The energy behind magic is very important. You need to build up your energy by doing rituals and by making sure that you are reaching your deepest power. You need to make sure that you are protecting your magic and that you are safe. This will help you to enjoy your magic, build up your aura and live a better life. Let your life force go into your spells and you will see that they will be more powerful.

Experience and Power

You will have more power as you get more experiences. This will mean that you have done different spells and different rituals. This can build up your energies and it can help you to increase your magic. You can put power behind your spells. Your magic needs to be able to face those that are stronger and those that are against your magic. You need the power.

Rituals and Energies

There are different energies and rituals that you can do to make your energy stronger and to protect your magic. You can build up your energy against people that want to harm you. These are rituals that use psychic gifts and help you to reach the spiritual world when doing spells.

There are rituals that can use your magic and can help you to put power behind it. Once you do this you will see that you can achieve just what you are desiring.

Personal Energies

You have to work hard to have the energy that you need in a spell. You won’t be able to have this the first time that you ever do a spell because you need experience. As you keep doing your magic, you will build skills and there will be less of a chance of the spell backfiring on you.

You can use the spells that help you to do more magic and then you will feel better in your practice. You will feel that things are going your way. This happens because you are doing rituals and spells that are making your life and the life of others better.

As you practice these rituals, you will see that you are being strong, and you won’t give up. Rituals that build up your energies, the right materials and performing the spell correctly can make you be more successful.

When doing a ritual, make sure that you know it will affect your life both in the spirit and your personal life. Make sure nothing is going to go wrong. You need to make sure that you reverse a spell if you did something wrong or it went wrong. This can be hard, and you might need to talk to someone that can help you with this.

Casting the Correct Spells

Choosing the right spelling is part of your energy. You will need other elements, ingredients, materials and will need to say the right things. You will sometimes find that your spell doesn’t work, and this might make you worried. You can make sure that you cast the proper spell each time and that it doesn’t cause your magic not to work.

Don’t forget that your magic won’t work when you want it to. You have to let the universe work with the spell to see it manifest. Just wait and stay positive and patient even if the spell doesn’t happen when you want it to.

Write it Down

Take time to write down the spells you do and how they worked. This would allow you to see if you used the wrong ingredient or if you used something wrong. This can sometimes cause your spelling to not work.

Make sure that you look closely at the ingredients and that you are getting things that aren’t fake. Sometimes buying magic supplies online aren’t real and they can make your spell go wrong.

Keep your journal and make sure that you get the items that are needed. Make sure that you say the right words and that you are able to see if there were issues in your spell casting.

Research the Spells

Research isn’t just reading an article. This is also talking to an elder, a witch or someone else. You can cast spells for people or for yourself that go wrong and this can happen because you don’t have the right things. This is why doing research is important and that way you don’t get the spelling wrong.

Experience is Important

You will need to have experience to really be able to do great spell casting. The more experience that you have the better the outcome will be. You will be able to choose the spell that is right and then make sure that you have the right energy and the right elements.

You will see that casting the right spell is something that takes time to learn. As you keep doing it, you will see that this can work great for you. Once you figure out how to avoid casting spells that are wrong spells, you will see that you can be in tune with your magic and in tune with the universe. You will want to practice the magic that works for you, and this includes picking spells that you can be successful casting.

Believing in Yourself

Believing in your magic is not just something that should or shouldn’t happen. It is so important that if you doubt it at all then you don’t need to be messing with magic. Some people will say that magic isn’t real, and they won’t believe in it. They will try to manifest things but since they don’t believe, they won’t get what they want.

When you believe, you will be strong. If you aren’t sure what you believe, then you need to take time to study the occult before you ever start any magic work.

Believing to Make Magic Stronger

When you believe in your magic then you will see that you will be successful. This happens because as you believe, you put more willpower into your magic. This makes the spells more powerful.

This is the same as using your personal strength to set a goal and make sure that you reach it. When you do magic and there is disbelief inside of you, then you won’t be able to make the spell work.

Disbelieving the Magic

If you are someone that has a hard time believing in magic, you need to not mess with it. If you don’t have an open heart and mind and you aren’t working to make your psychic energies stronger then attempting to do magic is going to fail.

When you only believe that magic is real when the spells work then you will see that there is more to magic than that. When your mind isn’t open to the magic, you won’t be able to do it right and this will leave you feeling useless and upset.

Opening to the Energies

You might wonder if you should believe in magic and if you do believe, how do you believe with your whole heart? You have to believe in your magic if you want to see it work for you. When there is doubt, you will not have the energies that you need to make the spells work for you. You need to keep your aura strong and make sure that you are only doing magic that you believe in.

When believing in your magic, you will see that the magic will flow to you and the energies of the magic will be potent and strong inside of you. You will also see that you are more open to the practices that you do. There will be new things that come to you when you are open, and you don’t have to bring any negative energies to you, and you can keep your energy strong and your aura healthy.

You will see that you will be successful in both your life and your magic if you do the magic that you want to do.