Love Spells

Love Spells

There are some love spells that make people fall in love with you and can make you very happy or make your dreams happen. Everyone is looking for someone to love them and for those people that have not found anyone to love them, they are looking for a faithful partner that will love them and understand them. They want someone that will be loyal and often times, people fear that this will never happen for them.

They wonder if it is possible to do a love spell that can make their crush fall in love with them. You can do spells that can bring you the right person in your life but make sure that you know that most of the work is on you. When it comes to using magic and love, you still have to work hard to make the person that you are interested in to fall in love with you.

Some believe that magic is only part of the imagination and that it is a choice to be happy in life but that means they probably have not tried to cast a magic spell to make someone like them. According to ancient times, spells can be done to make people do acts of love and can influence the connection between people.

Some spells can be cast to make people fall in love with you, while some are even more powerful than that.

Casting a Love Spell

Using a ring that symbolizes eternity can help you to cast your spell better. This kind of ring can help you connect with your crush and that is why wedding rings are so popular, because they connect the bride and groom.

When you do magic, you need to have a glass of water and a ring, a mirror and a candle that is white. You can do the spell at midnight and do it with the white candle in front of the mirror. Fill up a glass part way with water and put the ring into the water while counting the beats. Do one beat per year of your age and when your crush falls in love with you, remove it from the cup and look at the mirror. The image of your crush should appear in the mirror where the candle is, according to tales.

Casting a Spell

When you cast a love spell, there are some things you should do or not do such as:

  • Using the spell to hurt others.
  • Have good intentions.
  • Make sure that you are trying to help and not hurt.
  • Have an open mind.
  • Speak positive things.
  • Be ready to make another move.
  • Wait for your crush to fall deeply in love with you.


When you cast a love spell, you have to cast it and be ready to see what happens next. Do not rush into things and let the universe help you to make your match.