Love Spells to Bring Back Your Ex

Bring Back Your Ex

Using a black magic spell can force someone to do something that they might not want to do. You can use this when you want to bring an ex back or a lost lover. People that have been through a breakup often have heartbreak and they will do whatever it takes, even manipulate someone, to get them back.

This kind of spell is going to be manipulative and will take away the free will of someone. Before you ever choose to use this, make sure you really want to and that you are ready to face the negative consequences. You cannot reverse this spell. There are white magic spells that you can use, and you should consider before using the black magic.

Spells that will bring back an ex will open up their heart and soul and make them love you again. The past negative feelings will go away and the reason behind the separation will leave. There will be a new bond between you and your ex, and it won’t ever leave again. This spell will last forever.

Ingredients for Black Magic Love Spell to Bring Back an Ex

• Sage.
• 1 raw chicken wing.
• Bayberry oil.
• Pink candle.
• Sterile needle.
• String.
• Matches.
• Piece of paper.
• Do this spell during the full moon.

Casting a Black Magic Love Spell to Bring Back an Ex

Cleanse your candle and burn sage to protect you. Engrave the Sigil of Demon Anael into the pink candle. She is the one that rules over lust and love, and she will help you with her powers.

Anoint the candle with Bayberry oil because you want to have controlled powers. Light the pink candle. Put the parchment paper out and put the raw chicken wing and draw your lovers name on the parchment paper. Even though you can’t see the name, it is there.

Draw your own name on top of your lovers name with the chicken.

Black Magic Chant

Say this with the candle in your right hand and repeat it 6 times:

“Salima Ratiki Bustako.” Drip 6 drops of wax on the paper. Lift the candle with your right hand and say, “Salima Ratiki Bustako.”

Put another 6 drops of wax on the paper. Put the candle down and prick your index finger and drop 3 drops of blood on the paper. Imagine the lover coming back to you and build up your energies.

Snuff out the candles, wrap everything in the paper and tie it with a string. On the same day, go bury that in a sunny spot next to a tree or burn it outside and throw the ashes in the air.

Light the candle on the following full moon until it totally burns out.

Tips to Make This Spell Work

  • If you don’t have parchment paper, use baking paper or a brown paper bag.
  • Use a pink candle but you can use black if you need to substitute.
  • If an animal digs up the package after you bury it, that’s ok. The package was buried and that is all that matters.
  • If you are new to doing spells, try a white magic spell first.
  • You can cast the spell at any time day or night, but it works best during the night of a full moon.
  • You can replace bayberry oil but only with bergamot, cedar, or oak oil.