Love Spells that Work

Love Spells that Work

There are all different kinds of love spells and some have to have all kinds of different materials, while others have small and easy materials.  Some can be done without using any ingredients.  When there is a larger loves spell that needs done, it will need all kinds of different ingredients such as herbs and candles, but the easy love spells can come in handy.

Ever since old times, spell casters have cast spells.  Some only use the universe and the good spirits while others use demons and other evil spirits.  There are some that use white and dark powers.  Most spells use different ingredients, but some don’t even use things as simple as candles.

The love spells can work in different ways, depending on what ingredients you use.


You can even imagine and get a love spell to work.  It is that easy.  You don’t even have to visualize something physical; you can imagine different colors or sounds.  Even imagining a concept can work out for you.  You have to be very specific or else your spell will not work.  When you put more effort in your imaginative spell, it will get better results for you.


You can do spells with your emotions.  Use the spell and bind what you are feeling.  Take your emotional powers an strengthen them.  There is cautions behind this because you must have a very strong emotion in order to make it work.  If you want to cast a spell to be happy, you have to strongly feel happiness.

If you want to cast a spell to make someone fall in love with you but you are not certain about the person, then your spell won’t work.  You have to bind them, and this kind of smell is one that you don’t have a lot of control over so you must be careful.  These are unpredictable spells.

Enchanting Spells

You can use enchanting to do any kind of spell.  There are different ways to do it and some are easy.  The spell works best if you hold an object and you look at it until the item changes.  The spell will work if you have an object with an intention in your mind.  If you want to be beautiful, hold a mirror.  If you want to travel, hold a map.  The objects don’t have to be exactly related but the closer you can associate them the better the spell will be.

Verbal and Written Spells

Many casters use verbal and written spells because they are good with their words.  The spells need to be fast and you can do things like rhythmic chanting.

You can use words in a conversation such as an interview like talk.  You can add magic in your talking and talk about your dreams.  Remember, do not phrase a spell negatively.  If you do this then your spell will not work or will send up mixed messages.  You might end up with a terrible thing if you cast a spell negatively.  Focus on what you want.

The key to doing any spell is to have willpower and positivity.  On top of it, you have to have faith and be positive.  You need to keep in your mind that you should not cast a love spell unless you are sure of your motive and you have a pure heart.  There are some spells that you can use that don’t need any tools.

Love Spells

A spell that is a love spell doesn’t need anything but you to focus.  Think on the situation and think about the person you want to cast the spell on.  Imagine them for a few seconds, thinking of their face.  Imagine that you can only see their face and tell them what you want them to know and feel.  Tell them that you want a relationship with them in the future.  You don’t even have to chant, just use your mind.

After you have said all that your heart wanted to share, you can bind the relationship.  Before you open your eyes, you need to ask the spirit guides for help.  Tell them thank you for what they have done and that they are doing the spell the way that you want it to be.

Another Love Spell

This next spell is easier and you don’t have to have a lot of time.  Make a heart shape with your hands and be nonchalant and think about who you want to love you.  Repeat, “bring me love that I need.”  The spell is done.

Third Spell

This third love spell doesn’t need any ingredients or tools.  You can get fast results.  If you want someone to attract to you, take a picture of them and put it in your rum or on a table.  This has to be a good quality photo.

When you wake up each day, look in the eyes of the picture and offer them gifts.  Before you go to bed, tell them goodnight and then good morning when you wake up.

Do this for a month and you will see that the person is more present with you.  Sit in front of the picture each day and take it seriously.  Chant and say, “You live near me and you have a place in my heart.  Come to me so I can take care of you and love you and feed you.  You are who I am waiting for.”

Throat Singing Spell

The throat singing spell was used in ancient times.  You need no tools and all you have to do is rest for five days and fast for three days.  Take one day to cast the spell to the person who you want the spell to reach.  Sit down and relax and close your eyes and sing to your love.  Repeat their name multiple times and ask them to hear you.  Ask them to love you and keep saying their name.  Seal your magic by telling them to obey you.

Sealing your magic is always important.


Love spells can be used with ingredients and without.  Once they reach your chakras, they will develop.  The spells need to have your full heart and your head and throat chakra in order to work.  Most people don’t know what their chakras are, and they don’t cleanse their chakras or take care of them.

If you have a blockage in your chakra, it can cause you to not have the magic that you need.  You can be successful in casting spells without tools if you have the right heart.  These things can give you results right away and can make you successful in your spells.


  1. Intriguing article on love spells. However, the efficacy of such practices is deeply subjective and relies heavily on personal belief.

    • Agreed Fury. The psychological aspect of believing in these spells can sometimes produce the desired effect, but it’s more about one’s mindset.

  2. Throat singing as a method for casting love spells sounds intriguing, yet challenging. The commitment to fasting and rest seems quite rigorous.

  3. It’s interesting that different love spells require various materials. Some people might find it confusing without a clear instructions.

    • True, Kirsten. The process needs to be simplified for those new to the practice, especially in understanding the role of ingredients and intention.

  4. The article suggests that using one’s own emotions and imaginative power can be effective for casting spells. This make sense from a psychologic perspective, though I wonder about the long-term effects.

  5. Love spells, whether simple or complex, seem to underline the importance of focusing energies and emotions. However, it raises ethical questions about manipulating others feelings.

    • Good point, Buffalo. Ethical considerations are vital when dealing with any form of manipulation, even if it’s for love.

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