Charmed Fruit Love Spell


You will need the following items for this spell:

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  • Pomegranate
  • Your energy
  • Sun energy
  • Moon energy
This spell puts a charm on this fruit so you can break up,love,and get beauty I can guarantee that this works 99.99% of the chance it was given to me through a spirit during my meditation.
woman-eating-pommegranatemagic heartCasting Instructions for ‘Charmed fruit:love Spell’
First get a fresh pomegranate, start to put your energy in it,

NOTE*** you’ll start to feel tired
Put it in sun light and the moon light to absorb there energy
After you do all this
On a waxing crescent moon eat two seeds to get beauty or get your lover to eat one and you eat one and you guys will start to be even deeper in love

NOTE*** if you don’t want them to be with you no more
On a waning crescent moon eat one then you have the lover eat one and you guys will drift even further apart.