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How To Make a Love Drawing Sachet

Love drawing and romance spells are the most commonly requested kinds of spell work. Virtually everypsychic reader, palm reader, and tarot card reader understands the need their clients have for love, and certainly every spiritual practitioner who performs altar work with prayers, does candles spell magic, makes mojo bags for …

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Casting the Love Guidance Spell

 The first thing you do when making magic, is to have an intention, you decide what it is you want, create a vivid image in your mind’s eye and trust your intuition. It helps if you absolutely believe in what you are doing and the powers that you are working …

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Charmed Fruit Love Spell

You will need the following items for this spell: Pomegranate Your energy Sun energy Moon energy This spell puts a charm on this fruit so you can break up,love,and get beauty I can guarantee that this works 99.99% of the chance it was given to me through a spirit during …

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How To Cast a Close Relationship Spell

Be very careful with love spells. Part of your oath to the craft is to harm none, and that includes taking away a person’s free will. Always double check your wording and intent to make sure you are not trying to rule another person or their feelings with your magick. …

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How To Cast The Energy Love Spell

These types of love spells are cast using your positive energy you still have for the relationship and fuel that energy with the power necessary to rekindle that same feeling you share into your lover. You will need the following items for this spell: 1 red (possibly cinnamon) candle 1 …

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