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Casting the Love Guidance Spell

 images (38)The first thing you do when making magic, is to have an intention, you decide what it is you want, create a vivid image in your mind’s eye and trust your intuition. It helps if you absolutely believe in what you are doing and the powers that you are working with. Try to begin with a positive frame of mind and a belief in your abilities, there is a degree of trust and a great deal of faith that is at the core of magic. Calming essential oils create an ambient setting, try lavender, rose, jasmine or gardenia.

images (36)You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Full Moon
  • Blood
  • Clear skies
A spell to help you find your love, the spell is bound to the cycle of the moon and lasts until the next one 😉

Casting Instructions for ‘Love Guidance spell Spell’

 Go outside at night when the moon is full and the sky clear, prick your finger and scatter a few drops of blood around, chant these words

images (39)O sacred moon
Watch over me from above
Accept this offering
And may your light guide me to
My one true love

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