Love Spells that Work with the Heart

Love Spells

Most people don’t realize it, but they do believe in magic more than they realize. Sometimes they don’t know that they believe but anytime they are making a wish or blowing a flower for “wishes,” they are actually doing magic spells. Love spells are there to help people rekindle or make love stronger, sometimes even to just find love.

Love is all around you and even when you say the name of someone you like, you are manifesting love from them in your life. Just talking about love can end up being a magic spell. The love rituals don’t always have to have ingredients and if they do, often times you have these right in your own kitchen. You can even call on a full moon to get the love spell going.

If you feel nervous about things in your life or you are worried about there being dangers of doing a love spell, the truth is that spells that are for love should be full of white magic and that means that they aren’t meant to hurt anyone but are full of good intentions.

Free will is something everyone has, and love spells are just there to encourage people to notice you more or to love you more than they already do. Not all love spells are going to work the way that you want them to, and this will depend on your own vibrations and on your own thoughts and beliefs.

If you are looking for a soulmate or to find your twin flame, doing a love spell can help you to find this love or to know when it is close.

Fast Working Love Spells

Here are some of the fastest working love spells:

1) Honey Jar Love Spell

You can always catch more flies with honey, meaning that if you are being sweet, you will get your way faster than when you are pushy or rude. This spell is there to help you to have a sweeter relationship with someone that already loves you and not to meet someone new.


  • Pen or pencil.
  • Paper.
  • Jar of honey.

Casting the Honey Jar Love Spell

Start by writing the name of your partner on paper 3 times. Write down what you want out of the spell and what you want it to do for you. Fold the paper 3 times so that it will fit into the jar of honey.

Put a little bit of the honey in a cup of tea and then say, “I take this tea, so be sweet to me.” Drink the tea and when you finish drinking it, put the lid on the honey and bury it somewhere that no one will find it. The best place is to put it by a flowering plant so that the love can “grow.”

2) Full Moon Love Spell

This spell is meant to help you find the perfect person for you. This can be used if you want to find a soulmate or if you want to use the Law of Attraction to help you. The energy that you put into this spell will come back to you and so you need to have a strong desire.


  • Rose petals.
  • A full moon.

Casting the Full Moon Love Spell

Write down what kind of traits that you want from a partner. Be detailed and make sure that you are doing this when the moon is full.

After you write down what you want, fold the paper, and put it close to your heart. Go outside of your home and sprinkle rose petals while you say, “Love, come to me, I’m ready for you.”

3) Candle Spell

You can do this candle spell for almost anything you want. Here is a list of colors and what the colored candles mean:

  • White: Means peace and balance.
  • Red: Means sex and passion.
  • Blue: Means healing and harmony.
  • Black: Means protection.
  • Purple: Means self-confidence.
  • Pink: Means love and compassion.


  • Any color candle.

Casting the Candle Spell

You can cast the candle spell by lighting the color candle that you chose. Say, “Love is strong.” Let the candle burn until it is completely burnt out and the spell will be complete.

4) Saffron Spell

This spell can help to make your sex life better. You can boost your sex life and by using saffron, the herb can make your love hot. If you want to attract a new sex mate or you want to make your romance stronger with your partner, do this spell.


  • Sachet.
  • Red candle.
  • Saffron.
  • Pillow.

Casting a Saffron Spell

You can cast a saffron spell first, doing this spell at midnight. Turn off the lights and light your red candle. Meditate and think of your favorite sexual encounter. Think of the best times that you have had in bed and have had during sex.

After you are done thinking about this, put the saffron in the sachet and put it in your underwear drawer or under your pillow.

4) Get Your Ex-Back Spell

This spell can help you if you have broken up with your ex and you think you want them back.


  • A picture of yourself.
  • A picture of your ex.
  • Rose oil.
  • Red candle.

Casting the Get Your Ex-Back Spell

You can cast this spell in the morning. Put rose oil on your red candle and then put the picture of you and the picture of your ex together. Put them under the thing that is holding your candle.

Imagine the memories that you have had with your ex. Make sure that you are only thinking of good things. Set the intention and light the candle. Let the candle burn all day.

When the day is over, turn the candle over and pour wax on your ex’s picture. Put your picture on top of their picture so that they stick together. Put them in an envelope and then keep them until your ex comes to you.