Love Spells and Affirmations that Work

Love Spells and Affirmations that Work

Some people think that love spells are bad, and many people want to know how a love spell really works.  The truth is a love spell is not bad if you are doing one that is safe and that does not bring harm to other people.  If you do the opposite, you will be plagued by karma and it will come back to you.

When you want to know about love and romance, there are spells that are affirmations that can be given to you.  Sometimes a love spell will work when you are doing it for your husband or for your lover.  If you don’t like love spells, you can do the Ultimate Love Affirmation without having to do an actual spell.

You can crate your own spell when you find one that works and then you can pass it on to others.  If you love someone, you deserve to be loved.  You want to find this love.  It is important to understand how love spells work.

Casting Spells

When you are interested in casting spells, the first thing that you need to do is to be able to understand what you are doing and the technical terms.  If you are a witch or a wiccan, you might already know these things and you can skip these things.

  • Have a sacred space-this means that you have sanctified your area where you are going to cast the spell.
  • Casting circle-this is when you put holy water in a circle and read different rites.
  • Grounding-this is when you connect to the energies of the universe so that you can tap into higher power.
  • Raising energy-this means that you will do a prayer or a dance or chant to get energy from the universe.

One thing that you need to know is that you have to have a desire to do the spell.  Never let someone else cast a spell for you because no one will love that person more than you do.

You cannot really get a love spell wrong and you cannot mess it up.  If you have a friend that can help you to make your space sacred, let them work with you.  You don’t need someone but sometimes you might want someone to be with you.

Write It Down

One of the first things that you have to do is to write down your desires.  Here is what you should write down:

  • Your core values
  • Your spiritual values
  • Your political values
  • What makes you laugh
  • Are you responsible?
  • Can you communicate well?
  • Do you respect the person that you want to love you?
  • Do you respect your intelligence?

Don’t write too many things down because the longer your list is the harder it will be for the universe to give you what you want.  Keep it at like 10 things.

Look over the list and write down each one and ask if there are any things on the list that will be a deal breaker for you.

If you want someone that is religious, will this be a deal breaker if they aren’t?

Never be too specific because if you are, it will be hard for things to work out.  Leave out things such as:

  • Race
  • Religion specifics
  • Hobbies
  • Physical looks

If you ask to find someone that is 6 foot 10 inches, you will have a hard time finding someone and making the universe find the perfect person for you.  Don’t be specific in looks but be specific in things such as love and respect.

Wish List

You can use a wish list which will give you things that you want but can make the spell be slower than you want it to be.

The ultimate love spell is powerful, and you have to wait a few months before you use it.  Make sure it is what you really want.

Ultimate Love Affirmation Spell

The Ultimate Love Affirmation Spell can cause your relationship with who you are with stronger or it will make you ese your partner not as someone you want to be with.  Be prepared for either thing to happen.

If you have a partner or you don’t, it will cause you to have changes in your life and will open you up to finding the perfect person. This will cause you to grow as a person and you should only use this if you want to accept love and find happiness.  This can bring challenges to your present relationship.

You can use this affirmation by accepting that your heart and mind are open.  If you have a relationship and put a lot into it, this will be work and you will grow in your relationship.

You will be fulfilled in different levels and if you come together in the right place then you will see that the relationship will last over time.

Using Affirmation

Write things down and put it where you will see it every day.  Make many copies and place them wherever you go.

Say the affirmations out loud in your voice.  Use energy behind it.

Know what you are saying is true and say it at least once a day.


You don’t have to use the Ultimate Love Affirmation as a spell because it will work just as an affirmation, but it doesn’t hurt to use it as a spell.

This spell is simple and just uses a candle.  You will need to follow the instructions.  Here is what you will need:

  • Pink candle
  • Paper and pen
  • Ultimate Love Affirmation
  • Matches or a lighter to light the candle

You can also have:

  • Incense
  • Flowers
  • Dove’s blood ink
  • Quill pen
  • Pink paper
  • Drum
  • Pink quartz

How to Do the Spell

  • Go to a quiet place to do the spell when it is a full moon. Make sure you won’t be interrupted.
  • Set up a space for your alter and casting your spell. Put the candle on the alter and the pink quartz close to it.
  • Ground your area.
  • Have a sacred space.
  • Talk to the spirit guides.
  • Focus on who you want to love.
  • Write the Ultimate Lover Affirmations down.
  • Read them out loud.
  • Put them under the candle.
  • Sing or dance or chant.
  • Have strong energy and send it to the candle.
  • Accept your love.
  • Thank the spirit guides.
  • Release your space and ground yourself.
  • Let the candle burn.
  • In one day, find our true love and put an action behind it.
  • Do your Ultimate Love Affirmation daily.

Take Action

After you do the spell, you have to do a n action.  When you do an action, the spell will work.  The biggest reason a spell does not work is because there is no action behind it.

Most witches have a love spell but will lecture you if you ask for them.  Most people who use a love spell have a certain person in mind when they do it.

It is not healthy to do a love spell and can backfire on you.  It is not ethical to cast a love spell.

The love spell that is done on a certain person can create a stalker or abusive relationships.

Everyone has free will and you want to do what is best for people.

Particular Person Spell

When you do a love spell on someone that you have in mind, it will not change that they have free will.  They will maybe fall in love with you and if they do, they might feel driven to have your love.  They might get jealous of your other friends.

You might find that you don’t actually want this person after all and find that they are not right for you.

If this happens, the spell will still be there, and you will create a problem.

Ethical Love Spell

An ethical love spell happens when you don’t focus on a specific person.  Instead, you trust the universe to send you the right person.  You do not manipulate a spell and it does not force anyone to love you.  An ethical spell will focus your energy to the universe and not a specific person.

Uncasting a Spell

You can cast a spell easily but uncasting a spell is hard.  Once you have put the energy into the universe, it is out there and in full cycle.  This could take a while to disperse but once it does, it will be there, and it will happen.

If it happens to the wrong person then you will have this energy in the air for years and it can cause you to be in a manipulative relationship.  A spell can be undone but not very easily.

Will You Know if They Love You?

You will never know if a person really loves you when you cast a love spell on them.  If you want to be loved, you need to figure out what you want in your life and try to meet someone that will love you for who you are.

Real Relationship

A real relationship is not about having sex, it is about having someone that makes you feel that you are loved.  Being loved can be wonderful and you need to go about it in a healthy way.

This is not about getting sex, this is fun and should be fun for both of you, but it is about having a true relationship that brings communication and trust.  You should be in a relationship that brings you joy and shares goals and interests with this person.

Perfect Match

Everyone has a perfect match and it is a matter of finding them.  This can take time but if you do a spell or not, you have a match and you can wait for that person to find you.  When they do, it will be a perfect union.

If the universe has what is best for you in mind, you will find the person that fits perfectly in your world and they will eventually come to you and bring you happiness.