Love Black Magic Spells

Love Black Magic Spells

People often think that black magic has to do with death and with evil things. They also believe that it will bring pain to other people. The thing is this kind of magic can go from protection to love spells. Love spells are often done with black magic, but they can be hard because black magic doesn’t always work the way that people want it to.

Warnings of Black Magic

Black magic is also called dark magic and that is because it can be dark. This means it is a form of magic that can take the will that someone has and can override it. It can be manipulative, and it can cause harm to others. This is why it can be dangerous. If you want to try the spells, you have to be responsible for using black magic. You have to be responsible for the actions that you take.

We don’t encourage anyone to do black magic, but we don’t want to not tell you what black magic is or what it does. Some believe that black magic is dangerous because it doesn’t do anything that is good. People that have the power over others will not do anything good to people at the end of the day.

People that do black magic spells want to cause curses or seek revenge, usually, but sometimes there can be positive thoughts and intentions behind these kinds of spells.

Understanding Black Magic

Black magic might be seen as a hex or a jinx. These things are used by black magic to bring pain or revenge to other people. There are some kinds of black magic that are protective, and it will fight against anything negative that comes at them. You should always look for protective magic and not magic that is negative.

You can summon the spirits and do other dark things with this kind of magic, and it can cause chaos in your life. This kind of magic is meant to take away the free will of someone and that is why black magic is wrong.

Black Magic Spells

People will often use black magic to get love. If you use this kind of magic to get love, then you are going against what love really is. Whatever happens when you do a black magic love spell, you will force your love on someone else and this isn’t true love.

Black magic love spells are meant to force someone to fall in love with you and this is against the free will for that person. This is manipulative.

Why try to find love with someone that doesn’t want to love you back? How can you even think that this is love. The point behind love is that you should never have to manipulate someone to feel that for you. These kinds of spells will take the natural laws and will go against them.

People think that all magic is black magic but not all magic is. Some magic is there to bring love and peace and other magic is there to bring harm. That is the difference between white and black magic.

Lost Lover Black Magic Spell

If you aren’t sure that you can live without your ex and you really want them back, you can use the black magic to get them back. Make sure that you are sure that you are going to be happy with this person because this is a big spell, and it will make you more attractive to them.

If you want to have a lost love, come back and you want to fix your relationship, this kind of magic can make your lover’s heart open and can make them see the love that they used to have for you. Your lover will want you and they will suffer when they aren’t with you.

The energies of this kind of spell will go into your partners mind and it will reach their souls. They will come into your life, and it will fulfill what you want.

Ingredients for a Lost Lover Black Magic Spell

  • Chicken wing that is organic.
  • Red candle.
  • Sterile needle.
  • 3 drops of blood.
  • Yarn.
  • Wooden matches.
  • Large sheet of parchment paper.

Casting a Lost Lover Black Magic Spell

Start by lighting the red candle with the match. Use the organic chicken wing and write the name of your ex on the paper. You won’t see the name that you wrote but it is okay. Next, write your name on top of their name with the chicken. Drop 7 drops of wax on the paper with the candle.

Take the needle and prick your finger and get 3 drops of blood and drip them on the paper. Focus on what you want the relationship to be like and how you want your partner to come back to you. Build up as much energies as you can.

Blow out the candle and say, “Salima Ratika Bustako.” Wrap the chicken with the paper and then tie the yarn around it. Take it out that same day and bury it. ON the next full moon, light the candle until it totally burns out.

Break Up Black Magic Spell

These are spells that are strong enough to break up a relationship and never see that relationship working again. When you have a loved one that is married or in a relationship, what do you do if you find true love elsewhere? You don’t want to stop true love from coming to you so black magic can help to get rid of the competition of your love. You must be mentally determined to make this spell work.

Ingredients for a Break Up Black Magic Spell

  • Sea salt.
  • Clove oil.
  • Black candle.
  • White candle.
  • Knife or pin.
  • White clothes.
  • Vinegar.
  • Black paper.
  • Picture of the couple you want to break up with.
  • Sterile needle.
  • Ripe lemon.
  • Black string.
  • 7 nails.
  • Do this spell on the night of a Full Moon.

Casting a Break Up Magic Spell

Wear something white such as a white t-shirt. Cast your circle using sea salt and then use the knife to carve the Symbol of the Algiz Rune into the wax of the candle. Anoint the white candle with clove oil because it will help to protect you. Light the candle and think how important fire is in the spiritual world.

Anoint the black candle with vinegar and light it. Cut out the pictures where only the faces are still there and put paper out and rub vinegar on the lemon and cut it in half using the knife. Put some sea salt and vinegar on the outside of the lemon.

Prick your finger and drip one drop of blood on each picture and take one picture and put it on half of the lemon with the face, facing the flesh of the lemon, put the lemon together with a nail. Do the same thing with the other picture and the other half of the lemon.

Put the lemons before you and drip wax from the black candle on each half of the lemon. Imagine what you want the spell to do for you. Get all the negative feelings that you can get towards the couple and think about how ugly their breakup will be. Think of them fighting and breaking up. Build as much energy as you can and keep dripping wax on the lemon. Once you finish, you will know when to stop, say 3 times:

“The power of my mind, I’m not being kind, I send a wave of evil energy to cause you pain, permanently. I give you only pain, you cannot sustain your love. With the power of my bloody fingertip, destroy this relationship. With the power of my bloody fingertip, destroy this relationship. With the power of my bloody fingertip, destroy this relationship.”

Put down the candle, put the lemon back together and clip it together with the nails. Tie up the lemon with the black string, wrap them in black paper and put them under the bed for one night.

Snuff out the black candle and then the white candle and then the next day, bury the package and the black candle in a place where there is no sun. In the evening, light the white candle and let it burn completely out on its own.

Spell for Unconditional Love

Everyone wants to find someone that is going to love them unconditionally. You can try to use black magic to make this happen for you. It will give you unconditional love and if it is done right, it can give you just what you are asking for. This spell can get your lover to think that you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to them. They will feel that their life is not going to be nearly as good without you in it.

Your lover will give you unconditional love and will only love you. They will be loyal, and they will figure out who you really are. They will love you and cherish you as long as you love them as much as you want to be loved.

Ingredients for a Spell for Unconditional Love

  • Red candle.
  • Black candle.
  • Purple candle.
  • Clove incense.
  • Myrrh oil.
  • Cinnamon oil.
  • Calamus oil.
  • 13 rose petals, black or red, dried out.
  • Strands of your hair.
  • Semen on a cotton ball, 14 days before the spell (if a man).
  • Vaginal mucus on a cotton ball, 14 days before the spell (if a woman).
  • Picture of you.
  • Picture of your lover.
  • Sterile needle.
  • 2 cotton balls.
  • Red string.
  • Fireproof pot.
  • Something that belongs to your loved one or something that makes you think of them.
  • Cast the spell during a Full moon, at night.

Casting a Spell for Unconditional Love

Get all of your ingredients, cast your circle, and light the clove incense. This will protect you. Start by anointing the black, red, and purple candles with cinnamon, calamus and myrrh oil and put them on the altar and light them.

Put the pictures in front of you and with the red candle, drop 7 drops of wax on the picture of yourself, then on the picture of your loved one. Do this and think about what you want the spell to do for you and build up your energy as much as you can. Do this again with the black and purple candle. Make sure you build up a lot of energy.

Put the pictures on top of each other face to face and use the string to put them together. Roll them up or fold them, however you want as long as they touch each other. Put them into the fireproof pot and say, “Your love is so strong and is mine forever. It’s a bond so strong no one can break it.” Put a drop of calamus oil on each of the 13 rose petals as you chant.

Prick your finger and put 3 drops of blood on a cotton ball and add it to the fireproof pot. Put the semen or vaginal mucus on the other cotton ball that you prepared and add it to the fireproof pot. Add your hair and the item that belongs to your loved one.

Add oils to the fireproof pot and drip wax from the 3 candles into it and focus on the love that you want to get. Then chant, “Your love is so strong and is mine forever. It’s a bond so strong no one can break it.”

Now set all the contents into the fire and let this release energies into the universe to help your loved one give unconditional love. Burn this stuff in a place that is safe, the best place is outside. After it has cooled, bury it along with the candle by a tree. The black magic is now working.

Can Magic Be Destructive?

Black magic can be destructive and here is how:

  • The metabolism has destructive, and the creation of cells called anabolism and catabolism.
  • Breathing involves inhaling and exhaling.
  • The life cycle is both being born and dying.
  • Blood circulates from the heart and through all parts of the body.
  • The body generates and energy and consumes food.
  • The sun burns itself out.

Destruction and Creation

There are different opposites that seem to work together such as the Yin-Yang symbols and how there is creation and destruction. Here are some others:

  • Cold and hot.
  • Male and female.
  • Old and young.
  • Wet and dry.
  • Black and white.
  • Soft and hard.
  • Temporary and eternal.

All of these work well with the universe.

How Can Black Magic Help?

When something dies, it can be hard to make the mission happen, but it still can. Here are some examples:

  • If your inner self resists love, you have to let this part of you die before you can ever accept love.
  • If your inner self resists love, then can it really love?
  • What has to get out of your life before you can reach love?
  • What issues cause fights in your relationship that take away your peace?

Black magic can help with these things but there can’t be two feelings that are conflicting with each other at the same time. If you want to make things better, you have to make room for love.

Strong Changes

There are some changes that can happen fast with this kind of magic. You might think that this kind of magic is subtle, but the truth is that there can be some powerful changes that happen fast. The changes that happen fast though can bring pain.

Look at what is going on and see if the changes are coming that seem to bring pain. This kind of magic is not for someone that is weak. If you want excitement and peace, this kind of magic will not help you with this. You have to prepare yourself for whatever black magic can bring into your life.

How Love Spells Can Help You

The Black magic love spells can help you in your life if you want to break someone up or if you want to stop a relationship from forming. Black magic is very powerful and when you use it, you need to notice what consequences can happen with this kind of magic. This magic can happen and whatever comes with it can be devastating, prepare for that.

You should never do black magic even on someone that you hate because it can come back to hurt you. If you have someone in your life that you love and they aren’t giving you love back, you might feel that black magic is the last thing that you can do. You should first try Voodoo love magic or white magic to see if it can get you what you want before resorting to black magic.

Black magic can end up hurting you more than you ever thought that it could.