Knowing What Your Heart Wants

Knowing What Your Heart Wants

Witchcraft has been around for a long time and people are intrigued by it even today. This is a cultural thing that has been in movies, in articles and is even known through the Salem Witch Trials.

As children and teenagers, many were members of Wicca privately and they would try to do witchcraft, have sleepovers with Ouija boards and do “light as a feather, stiff as a board,” and other witchy games.

Once these people became tired of doing chants, they would take their witchcraft more seriously and they would figure out what they believed in and what they wanted to do. There was a power of different insecurities and often times they would sit around a circle, talking and thinking about what the future would hold for them.

No one was really sure where the future would go but when there was chaos and darkness it would be upsetting and it would bring confusion and hurt. Some witches would use voodoo dolls that would help them to feel better.

Years Ago

In the past, people would practice witchcraft. These practices were done on farms and the landowners were often wealthy. Even women would be accused of crimes of sorcery, witchcraft or even shouting out curses to their neighbors.

In the 17th century, when someone would wish a person dead, if the person died they would be held accountable for this. There were transcripts, confessions, pardons and more. Witches would admit understanding spirits and they would confess things. The Bible was totally against witches and witches were not given a voice to defend themselves.

Most of the time those that were said to be witches were poor and they weren’t able to have lawyers. Medicine is something that uses things like apothecaries and this is a wise thing that allowed people to move forward. There were remedies for sick people and witches knew the proper methods to practice things.

Catholics were considered bad by King James I and doctors would have duties like midwives and were thought to heal the sick and bring people to life. No one would use pitchforks at them or accuse them of witchcraft.

As different battles were fought against magic, the world of witches was about white and black magic and energies. This is something from tarot cards to meditation and more. The spell book is still used by witches and many still do tarot readings and believe in the stars and the planets.

There is a sense of fate when looking at positive energy and creating your own goals. Modern witchcraft has a lot to do with making wishes, setting desires, and putting out goals.