How to Make Moon Water for Spells

Moon Water for Spells

The full moon means a lot from healing to yoga. You might be someone that loves crystals or someone that loves magic. The moon is strong, and it has emotional power and helps to increase your intuition. There are many rituals that people can do with the moon and twice a month one thing that you can do is to make moon water.

Moon water is great to make when the moon is full, and you can make it and utilize its energies.

Understanding Moon Water

Moon water is something that many people don’t understand but according to astrology, there is power in the moon. The moon changes the tides, and it has energy with water that is strong. It works with the Cancer sign, and it can cause the water to hold the energy of the moon.

Moon water is something that the moon powers. This is energy that comes when the moon is full. The water will get the light of the moon when it is in the full moon phase, and it can help you to be able to make your magic work.

Making Moon Water

You have to have a full or new moon to make moon water. Its easy and all you have to do is put the moon in a bowl or another container and put it directly into the moon light. People that live in the city and can’t see the moon can put the water on the windowsill and the powerful energy of the moon can still go in it.

You can cleanse your water by adding crystals or by adding salt to the water.

Charging Your Water

A lunar event will affect the way that your moon water turns out. You might not want to put your water out when there is an eclipse because they have so much power in them that it can be hard to use it after you make it. You might also want to avoid making moon water when Mercury retrograde is happening.

It is best to choose a new moon or a full moon when you want to make moon water. There are things that the moon water can do for you such as Pisces can be grounded, the Taurus can be sensual, Virgo’s might use this to control their emotions and so on.

Making moon water is a positive thing and no matter what zodiac sign you are, the moon water can help you to have abundance and to manifest things into your life. The water that you make can make your relationships more loving and it can also increase your intuition. It is important to use intuition when you make water and if you feel that you are not in your best mindset, you might want to wait.

You can make moon water when you are out of town and in a place that isn’t your home. You might use ocean water for different practices that you do.

Why Make Moon Water?

Moon water can be used for many things, and it can give its energy to whatever you choose to use it on. Once you make your moon water, use it for these things:

  • To keep your plants watered.
  • Drinking it.
  • Washing your hair with it.
  • Bathing with it.
  • Using it to cleanse your home.

If you have people living in your home, you can use this as a spray to make sure that your home is full of good energy. Use it as a spritz.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you choose to use your moon water for, make sure that you set your intentions before you use it. You might want to increase your positivity; think of what negative energy you need to get rid of first. You can also create a positive affirmation to help you make your moon water stronger.